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Pulse Poll results: Readers evenly divided on possible Maryland pension divestment from Alabama.

Byline: Daily Record Staff

Respondents toThe Daily Record's Pulse Pollare evenly divided over the question of whether Maryland 's retirement system should divest from Alabama after the state enacted strict abortion limits.

Comptroller Peter Franchot said last week he wanted to investigate whether Maryland is "subsidizing this kind of extremism" through investments and contracts. Franchot, who is vice chairman of the state's retirement and pension system, called the Alabama law an "affront to "the dignity of women" around the country.

Should the Maryland Retirement and Pension System be used as a political tool to divest from states that enact strict abortion limits, such as Alabama?



Women need to make choices about their reproductive and medical care free from government intrusion.

Gary Solomon

I am totally against these anti-abortion laws; however, I don't think that companies/commercial businesses in the states that are adopting these laws are to blame for them and, therefore, they should not be penalized.

Suzanne Rotbert

This shouldn't just be about abortion. It should also include any state that enacts laws that are geared toward restricting the rights of any class of people.

Amy Chetelat

The fiduciary duty owed to the employees and other beneficiaries is to protect and grow the funds held in trust. Political and social agendas do not give guidance for protecting and growing those funds. Only sound financial bases should be used in managing those funds.

Tony Gorski

Disinvestment in companies with a presence in a state that enacts a law with which Maryland officials disagree is unfair secondary punishment. Carried much further, it likely also would be inconsistent the Comptroller's fiduciary responsibilities and thus end up punishing Maryland retirees and taxpayers.

Dennis Rice

I am prochoice and disagree strongly with the law that Alabama has passed. That said, I do not believe that politics should be involved with investments. If the money invested in Alabama is doing well, leave it there. If it isn't, remove it.

Ileen Greene

The constitutional foundation of our republic is to permit states to enact rules independent of one another. In that the Alabama law does not infringe on any rights of the individual, nor does it have any effect on MD sovereignty, it is not the responsibility of the MD administrative state to make moral decisions for it's citizens.

Joseph Lynch

Maryland elected officials should fix Baltimore City before they fix Alabama.

Richard Douglas

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Publication:Daily Record (Baltimore, MD)
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Date:May 23, 2019
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