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Pulse Introduces Full Line of 50/60 Hz Power Transformers for Industrial Applications.

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SAN DIEGO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Sept. 24, 2003

Seven Models with over 500 Configurations (1 VA to 175 VA) and an

Environmentally Resistant Finish

Pulse, a Technitrol (NYSE:TNL) Company, today announced a line of 50/60 Hz power transformers comprising six distinct series with more than 500 power, current, and voltage combinations in both chassis and PC board plug-in mounting configurations. The PC board plug-in series (the LP, 14A, PC-10, and ST) feature a baked-resin finish that will withstand PCB-washing systems. Designed for maximum efficiency and high reliability, these products carry UL, TUV, and CSA approvals. Some also carry the CE mark. These products are used in power supplies of a wide variety of electronic and electrical equipment such as medical products, security systems and industrial controls.

Technical Information:

The Low Profile Plug-in (LP) Series is available in three sizes from 2 volt amps (VA) to 12 VA in 14 output voltages ranging from 10 volts center tap (VCT) to 230 VCT, providing semi-toroidal construction for reduced electromagnetic interference (EMI) with a minimum of 1,500 volts isolation. Encapsulated, hermetically sealed models are available.

The Pulse International PC Plug-in (14A) Series is available in six sizes from 2.5 VA to 56 VA in seven output voltages ranging from 10 VCT to 36 VCT, featuring double reinforced insulation. This dual-bobbin design provides a high primary to secondary isolation of 4,000 volts.

The Chassis Tran, Channel Frame-mount (241) Series is available in six sizes, both single and dual primary, from 2.4 VA to 100 VA in 10 output voltages ranging from 10 VCT to 120 VCT. They have a high isolation of 2,500 volts to eliminate electrostatic shielding (ESS) with an asymmetric design. The quick-connect terminals are also suitable for hard wiring.

The International High Power (A41) Series is available in five sizes from 25 VA to 175 VA in eight output voltages from 10 VCT to 230 VCT. The chassis-mount design features a dual bobbin with a high 4,000 volts, primary to secondary isolation.

Pulse's Concentric Vertical Mount PC Plug-in (PC-10) Series is available in five sizes, both single and dual primary from 1 VA to 24 VA with 11 output voltages ranging from 10 VCT to 230 VCT, offering 1,500 volts isolation between primary and secondary. These transformers are compatible with industry-standard footprints.

The Split-Bobbin, Horizontal Plug-in (ST) Series is available in six sizes with both single and dual primary from 1.1 VA to 36 VA and 10 output voltages ranging from 10 VCT to 120 VCT, including a high-isolation, 2,500 volt model. With industry-standard footprints, they require no additional mounting hardware due to their rugged construction.

Pricing and Availability

The new line of 50/60 Hz power transformers are available through distribution in moderate quantities, (100 to 249 pieces). Production lead-time is four to six weeks. Volume discounts are available. Each series' pricing varies according to configuration. Component pricing starts at $4.92 to $9.50 for the LP Series (, $4.46 to $9.53 for the 14A Series (, $3.86 to $11.98 for the 241 Series (, $7.25 to $19.64 for the A41 Series (, $3.42 to $6.60 for the PC-10 Series ( and $3.69 to $7.03 for the ST Series ( Contact Pulse directly for samples. Refer to the referenced data sheets on the Pulse Web site.

About Pulse

With headquarters in San Diego, Pulse, a Technitrol Company, is one of the largest magnetic component manufacturers in the world. Pulse primarily serves original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) in the data networking, telecommunications, high-speed Internet access, power conversion, military/aerospace and consumer electronics industries. Recognized as experts in interference (noise) reduction, miniaturization, power management and signal conversion, Pulse offers an extensive line of custom and standard passive magnetic solutions for OEMs in commercial as well as consumer industries.

An ISO 9000 registered manufacturer, Pulse is fully engaged in joint development programs with key customers to ensure they receive high-performance, high-quality, and high-reliability products at competitive prices. Pulse is a member of, and actively participates in IEEE, ANSI, T1/E1 and the DSL Forum.

In North America, contact Pulse's worldwide headquarters in the United States at 858-674-8100. The Pulse European offices are located in the United Kingdom and may be reached at +44-1483-401700, and its Asian offices in Singapore can be reached at +65-6287-8998. For more information, visit the Pulse Web site at

Cautionary Note: This message contains "forward-looking statements" within the meaning of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. Actual results may differ materially. This release should be read in conjunction with the factors set forth in Technitrol's report on Form 10-Q for the quarter ended June 27, 2003 in Item 2 under the caption "Factors that May Affect Our Future Results (Cautionary Statements for Purposes of the 'Safe Harbor' Provisions of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995)."

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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Sep 24, 2003
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