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Pull my finger.

Guys, you might want to wear mittens to your next job interview. According to an online report, Dutch researchers at the University of Leuven discovered that men with more testosterone displayed worse judgment in a financial game than other men--especially after ogling pictures of eye-candy women. (After hearing this news, Warren Buffett is said to have joined a rugby club and begun changing the oil in his yachts himself--and hired Clay Aiken to manage his investments.) And how did the researchers suss out the high-octane Harrys? Did they ask the men to drive a stick-shift, fix a garbage disposal, or disembowel a life-sized Andrea Bocelli mannequin using only a paper clip while bellowing the Marine Corps Hymn? Actually, no; they used findings from previous researchers that in men, increased ring-finger length in comparison to the index finger is associated with increased testosterone levels. (If both fingers are completely obscured by a carpet of body hair, that's also a good sign.) Maybe if Joe Six-Pack hears this, the one-finger salute will switch to the ring finger--a feat that's a lot harder to pull off. Especially when driving a stick-shift and listening to Johnny Cash.

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Title Annotation:Indications; testosterone
Author:Bell, John R.
Publication:Family Practice News
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Date:Jun 1, 2006
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