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Pulitzer party.

David Moats's editorials in favor of civil unions cost the Rutland [Vt.] Herald some advertisers and subscribers last year. But any hits the 22,000-circulation paper took in 2000 seemed ever so minor after April 16, when Moats was awarded journalism's most prestigious award, the Pulitzer Prize. A first for the state of Vermont, the Pulitzer honored Moats for the role he played in the civil rights battle.

"There's been a huge surge of good feeling about the Herald," Moats said. "It's really good for Rutland and really good for Vermont."

Moats cut through the caustic rhetoric to champion civil unions beginning in December 1990, when the state supreme court ruled that same-sex couples deserve the same legal benefits that straight couples enjoy. Although still controversial, civil unions became state law last year. Moats won for a selection of 10 of the more than 20 editorials he wrote on the topic.

Speaking to The Advocate from Rutland, a working-class town not too far from Vermont's Killington ski area, Moats said he is thrilled by the overwhelming support now heading his way. He's received E-mails from as far away as Australia. One note from a man in Louisiana thanked him for "making the world a safer place to be gay."

"The effect has been amazing," Moats said. "I mean, I'm just a guy sitting here alone in this little office. I had no idea I'd reach so many people."

Find links to the full text of Moats's Pulitzer Prize--winning civil union editorials at
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Title Annotation:David Moats wins the prize for his work with Rutland Herald
Author:Stefanakos, Victoria Scanlan
Publication:The Advocate (The national gay & lesbian newsmagazine)
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Date:May 22, 2001
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