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Puig's hopes high for Banderas scent.

NEW YORK -- A few years ago the Barcelona, Spain-based fragrance maker Puig shook up the mass- and mid-market fragrance sectors here with products that bore the name of actor Antonio Banderas.

Since then a succession of fragrances bearing the Banderas label have hit the shelves of retail outlets, but the company is hoping that the latest, The Secret by Antonio Banderas, will ignite the men's fragrance category.

The brand debuted with Spirit by Antonio Banderas, followed by Antonio, Blue Seduction, Seduction in Black and Diavolo. Spirit and Blue Seduction are available in men's and women's varieties.

The company is touting the latest entry, slated to reach stores in August, as the most expensive and upscale product to bear the Banderas label. Executives say they are bringing to mass a fragrance that was originally conceived of as a prestige fragrance, reflected not only in its upmarket packaging but in its ingredients as well.

According to the company, the spicy oriental scent features top notes of mint and white grapefruit with middle notes of cinnamon, pepper and apple liqueur, while the base notes are tonka bean, woods, musk and leather.

Additionally, the entire Banderas line has been slightly updated with a newly designed logo.

In a published report, Didier Maine de Biran, vice president of Puig North America and general manager of Puig USA, said that American consumers coming out of the recession realize they can find prestige fragrances in mass market outlets at affordable prices.

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Title Annotation:Bath & Fragrance
Date:Jun 14, 2010
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