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Puddle of thud.

My BFF and I were mountain biking together when we spotted two cute boys. As we passed them, my friend ran over a rock and fell into a big mud puddle. Then my bike ran over her wheel, and I flew over the handlebars, straight into the puddle next to her! Both boys laughed (but they helped us out).

My class went on a field trip to a bird exhibit. My friend and I were sitting up front, and the lady had just finished feeding a bird. Suddenly, the bird threw up ... all over me and my friend! We had to walk around like that for the rest of the day.

My dad, my brother and I were waiting in line for clubs at the miniature-golf course. I hit my dad on the butt to get him to move ahead, but the guy who turned around was not my dad!

My friend dared me to climb into the baby swing at the park and yell, "Push me! Push me!" A lady came over and pushed the swing for me, and I told her I wanted to stop. She slowed the swing down, and I tried to get out ... but I was stuck! People crowded around, and some guy grabbed my arms while the lady pulled my legs. When I finally got out, I vowed to never swing again!

I was eating at a pizza place when this cute guy sat next to me. I offered him some Parmesan cheese, and shook it over his slice. But the top fell off and all the cheese dumped onto his pizza! He said, "OK, that's good."

I was at my brother's basketball game with my BFF, and we were on the bleachers eating skittles. We rolled candy pieces across the court while the game was going on. We thought it was really funny until one hit the referee's foot. The ref stopped the game and asked who was throwing candy across the court. A lady in the bleachers yelled, "It was them two!" Everyone stared at us, and the ref made us leave.

My BFF and I were looking for her two cats. I walked into her living room and saw one eat sitting on top of the couch, staring at me. I made weird faces at it but, all of a sudden, felt like I was being watched by someone other than the cat. I realized my BFF's cute brother was sitting in a chair next to the couch!

My bra straps were digging into my skin one morning, so I cut them off. Later, while running a relay race, my friends couldn't stop laughing. When I finished, I realized my bra had slipped down to my waist!

My friend and I were outside our cabin, practicing a song for our camp talent show. I noticed my crush standing nearby, so I wanted to show off. When my solo came, I really belted out, but when I did, my voice cracked!

I was swimming in the wave pool at a water park. I dove under a wave and popped back up ... inside someone else's inner tube. I looked up into the face of a really cute guy. I took a deep breath, plunged down to the bottom, and swam away.

I was shopping for a bra with my aunt, and I saw my crush coming so I hid behind her. She leaned over to feel the material on this one bra, when the whole rack fell down, taking her with it. I was left standing, horrified.
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Title Annotation:And How Was Your Day?; ebarrassing moments recalled
Publication:Girls' Life
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Date:Jun 1, 2004
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