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Marguerite Rigoglioso, WHERE TO PUBLISH ARTICLES ON WOMEN'S STUDIES, FEMINIST RELIGIOUS STUDIES, AND FEMINIST/WOMANIST TOPICS: LISTINGS AND SUBMISSIONS GUIDELINES FOR SCHOLARS AND WRITERS. Kentfield, CA: Mother Mystery Press, 2008. 97p. $23.00. Note: This title may only be purchased directly through Mother Mystery Press. Request ordering information by email:

Reviewed by Stacy Russo

Rigoglioso, an instructor specializing in female divinities and women's spiritual leadership at Dominica University in California, has created a useful and moderately priced guide for reference collections and the personal bookshelves of women's studies librarians and scholars. This 2008 updated and expanded edition is organized into the following major categories: "General Lists," "Submissions Guidelines--Selected Publications," "Other Journals and Commercial Publications," "Organizations and Resources," and "Helpful Books and Periodicals." The scope is international, with publications in Germany, Iran, Argentina, Lebanon, Australia, Italy, Croatia, Lithuania, South Africa, and other regions represented. The General Lists include nearly three hundred titles; submission guidelines are provided for sixty of them. Subcategories of the "Submissions Guidelines--Selected Publications" section include "U.S.-Based Women's Studies Journals," "International Women's Studies Journals," "Women of Color/Ethnic Journals," "Scholarly Journals in Women and Religion," and "Other Publications on Women and Religion and Feminist Topics."

There are a few issues to point out. Rigoglioso's list of thirty-nine "Women-Focused Consumer Magazines" within the "General Lists" section is surprising. Found here along with Ms. Magazine are such titles as Bridal Guide, Good Housekeeping, Ladies' Home Journal, and Redbook Magazine. A better title for this list might be "Women-Targeted Consumer Magazines," but one has to question whether some of the titles should even be included. In defense of Rigoglioso, she only provides submission information for one magazine (Ms. Magazine) from this list. The placement of certain titles in the "Women-Focused Scholarly Journals" category under "General Lists" is also something to consider. For example, SageWoman: Celebrating the Goddess in Every Woman, Moonflow Magazine, and Goddess Alive! Goddess Celebration and Research are important contributions to the study of women's spirituality that should be included somewhere in this guide, but classifying them as scholarly in this initial list is a point of debate. If Rigoglioso had provided a definition of scholarly, it might be easier to understand why certain titles were placed in this category.

Even with these issues, Where To Publish is highly recommended. The guidelines provided are often extensive, including information on prizes and awards and requirements for different types of submissions, such as book reviews, creative writing, and art. Not only is the information helpful for locating a suitable place of publication for one's work, but browsing through the volume has the potential to inspire a scholarly or creative project. For this latter reason alone, I plan to purchase my own copy.


[Stacy Russo is the coordinator of information & reference services for Chapman University's Leatherby Libraries, where she serves as the subject liaison for education, peace studies, political science, and women's studies.]
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Title Annotation:Where to Publish Articles on Women's Studies, Feminist Religious Studies and Feminist/Womanist Topics: Listings and Submissions Guidelines for Scholars and Writers
Author:Russo, Stacy
Publication:Feminist Collections: A Quarterly of Women's Studies Resources
Article Type:Book review
Date:Mar 22, 2009
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