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Publishing and editorial changes. (An Executive Note).

Published in 135 issues since August 1965, Baptist History and Heritage will experience major publishing and editorial changes in 2003.

It has a new publishing arrangement, a new editor, and a new book review editor. Let me cite a little history. Three organizations have served as publishers or copublishers of the journal: the Historical Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention, 1965-97; the Southern Baptist Historical Society (renamed Baptist History and Heritage Society in 2001), 1965-2003; and the Center for Baptist Studies at Carson-Newman College, 1999-2003.

Four persons have served as editor: Davis C. Woolley, 1965-71; Lynn E. May Jr., 1971-95; Slayden A. Yarbrough, 1995-98; and Merrill M. Hawkins Jr., 1999-2003.

Six persons have had other key roles: Lynn E. May Jr., associate editor, 1965-71; A. Ronald Tonks, associate editor, 1972-90; Charles W. Deweese, associate editor, 1974-79, managing editor, 1980-92, and publications director, 1991-94; Carol Woodfin, managing editor, 1991-93; James E. Taulman, managing editor, 1995-2003; and Glenn Jonas, book review editor, 1999-2003.

Several key points of continuity emerge from these facts. Only the BH&HS (formerly SBHS) has been a publisher without interruption during the journal's thirty-eight years. Lynn May served for thirty years as associate editor and editor. I have been related to the publication in various capacities for twenty-six years. Jim Taulman has served as managing editor for almost nine years and will continue in that role on a contract basis following his official retirement from the BH&HS staff on June 15, 2003.

Three important changes took place in early 2003: Carson-Newman College's Center for Baptist Studies announced its intention to discontinue serving as a copublisher of the journal in 2003; Mel Hawkins resigned as editor; and Glenn Jonas resigned as book review editor--all for positive reasons. The BH&HS and all journal readers owe a massive debt to the Center for Baptist Studies, Mel, and Glenn for their excellent contributions to the journal during a five-year period of key transition for the BH&HS.

The BH&HS views Baptist History and Heritage as its signature publication. Therefore, it deserves our best as we move into the future. Four steps have been taken to preserve and enhance the quality and integrity of the journal:

* Beginning with the Summer/Fall 2003 issue, the BH&HS will become the sole publisher and will coordinate all editorial operations from its offices.

* The BH&HS Board of Directors, upon my recommendation, has named Pamela R. Durso as the new editor effective June 16, 2003, the same date that she will become the new associate director of the BH&HS.

* The BH&HS Board of Directors, upon my recommendation, has named Michael E. Williams Sr. as the new book review editor. Mike, Dean of Humanities & Social Sciences at Dallas Baptist University, skillfully chaired the BH&HS Long-range Planning Committee in 2001-02.

* When the journal's editorial board meets in May 2003, it will discuss creative ways to enhance the roles of board members as advisors and assistants in journal developments.

Pam Durso, upon learning that the BH&HS Board of Directors had named her editor, wrote: "I am excited about this opportunity, and I have so many ideas and thoughts. I think all these things have worked together at the right time for a new start for the journal and for me." And Mike Williams wrote: "After much thought and some prayer, I have decided to accept the position of book review editor." The journal is in good hands. God is at work!
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Author:Deweese, Charles W.
Publication:Baptist History and Heritage
Date:Mar 22, 2003
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