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Publishers: Crowd-Source Your Content With Helium Marketplace.

More Than 69,000 Freelancers at Your Fingertips

ANDOVER, Mass. -- Helium (, a directory of real-world knowledge is revolutionizing publishing with Helium Marketplace, putting tens of thousands of writers at the fingertips of print and online publishers of all sizes. Because millions of people are now writing online every day, the dynamic of publishing has shifted. Savvy publishers can now take advantage of the citizen journalism trend with Helium Marketplace. Helium has attracted more than 69,000 active writers in just nine months - with thousands joining weekly - making it a natural catalyst to unite publishers with writers.

Helium Marketplace takes the work out of managing the freelance and contract writer process, and caters to publishers in every genre. Writers flock to Helium to write about everything from personal finance to pet care, based on their experience and insight. The result is a community of real-life experts. Helium is a content-creation engine that publishers can take advantage of to harness the power of user-contributed content.

The innovative program benefits both the publisher and the writer. Publishers submit article titles fitting their editorial needs at Helium ( and also include a potential payout to the writer if their work is selected. Then, hundreds of Helium members write articles to the suggested titles. Through the wisdom of many, every article gets rated and the highest quality submitted work rises to the top. Publishers then hand-pick the articles they want to feature from a rank-ordered list.

"Helium is a prime example of crowd-sourcing," said Mark Ranalli, president and CEO of Helium. "Helium Marketplace gives print and online publishers the opportunity to field content from a community of more than 69,000 writers - a pool that is growing every day. There's no work involved for the editor, and writers get recognition both at Helium and in the publication."

Because so many people find their niche writing online, web 2.0 is here to stay. Helium is a leader in the user-generated content revolution, and is quickly redefining how people find, and ultimately contribute, information. With Helium Marketplace, every writer, whether novice or a seasoned professional, has the opportunity to be recognized and published. To learn more about Helium Marketplace, go to

About Helium

Helium is a directory of real-world knowledge, powered by people like you. Helium goes beyond search, bringing together real advice from real people on a wide variety of topics. Helium combines user-created content with a simple yet highly effective peer-rating process which pushes the best content to the top, whether there are 5 or 500 articles on a topic. Described as "About, Yahoo Answers and Wikipedia all rolled into one," by Search Engine Journal. Helium is a fun place for people who are passionate about a topic to write and be heard. Helium is a community where you can read, write and rate articles and be rewarded for your efforts. Try it now at
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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Aug 21, 2007
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