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Publisher combines blanket advanced renewal campaign with professional discount offer. (Promotion).

Last issue of NL/NL, in his DM Notebook column, Fred Goss discussed the basics and some variations on the quick in-quick out "professional discount" offer. Issue before that, Goss recounted the many advantages of a blanket advanced renewal campaign, commonly referred to as The Advanced Renewal National Bank, for the "future" money it typically brings publishers today.

Now, Lee Bellinger of The American Sentinel (taglined, "Blowing the lid off the Liberal Left's most closely guarded secrets") has combined these two techniques in a bold promotion.

Bold, but also inexpensively executed. It consists almost solely (*) of the 5 x 81/2" card pictured above, which was enclosed in his current issue. That's the inexpensive advanced renewal part of the campaign.

(*) Bellinger also mentions the offer in the text of his newsletter: "SAVE LOTS OF MONEY: The post office is ONCE AGAIN raising our rates! Sooner or later this will force us to hike renewal fees. So use the enclosed order form to get a 2-for-1 renewal--you'll save BIG money on the renewal because I won't have to mail you a notice for 2 more years. This win-win offer is for a limited-time only, so act today!

The bold part is the offer: a two-year renewal for the price of one--$89 for 24 issues of the monthly.

Bellinger also abides by two "rules" of an advanced renewal campaign:

* Put a deadline on the offer. In this case, it's, "Please reply by 02/28/02" for an offer received the first week of February.

* Do not accept bill-me's. Goss wrote: "The whole point is to get money in the house. This is one time when a renewal definitely is not a renewal until you get a check."

Stay tuned: we'll check in with Lee Bellinger after his deadline has passed.
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Publication:The Newsletter on Newsletters
Date:Feb 21, 2002
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