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Publisher Promotion & Fulfillment, a division of EBSCO: outsourcing that builds profits and circulation.

Association publications can be not only important communication tools but also vital sources of revenue. Your editorial staff focuses on members' educational, legal, technical, or legislative concerns. But do you have the staff to facilitate subscriptions, renewals, and updates? You may have a membership office, but do you know how to build nonmember circulation? Unfortunately, many associations have limited expertise or staff hours to promote their publications, grow circulation, and build profits.

That's where Publisher Promotion & Fulfillment comes in. PP$F is a unique resource for your organization. Because our Profit-Builder Program is commission-based, we don't make money unless we make money for you. We have proved to more than 200 publications worldwide that our work can make a difference--building their subscription base and freeing them to concentrate on editorial and production concerns.

PP&F is into details. We adapt, fine-tune, and perfect the reports you require. And we handle all your subscription accounting, billing, and charge transactions.

PP&F is focused. We target the markets where our experience tells us we can be most successful. We promote your publication exclusively, never with those of another publisher.

PP&F is reliable. We offer the stability and resources of a large, international company (PP&F is a division of EBSCO Industries, Inc.), while guaranteeing personal responsiveness and attention to our clients.

PP&F is persuasive. We design promotions and direct mail pieces that are timely and effective in selling the benefits of your publication to current and potential subscribers. If mail fails, we telephone subscribers, gathering insights about non-renewals. We'll work your expired lists, too.

PP&F is personal. We assign an account manager and customer service representative to field all your subscribers' questions and, at our expense, create an exclusive toll-free number and a post office box specifically for your publication.

PP&F is selective. We know our niche. If our criteria do not mesh with your needs, we don't take on your account. If we do, you have no start-up costs.

Learn more about successfully outsourcing circulation and promotion with the PP&F Profit-Builder Program.


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Publication:Association Management
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Date:Dec 1, 2002
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