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An expanded International Scene column in this issue features brief reports on developments in the United Kingdom, France, Sweden, Brazil, the Philippines and Australia. Here is a sampling of some of them:

* Sweden and Australia are dose to completing product liability legislation that mirrors the European Community's directive,

* claims, as a result of natural disasters, are producing record losses for insurers the world over,

* arson in the United Kingdom has risen to such a degree that an arson prevention bureau has been formed; and

* insurer mergers continue to spread throughout Europe. In France, for example, German based Allianz and Swiss-based Zunch have acquired French companies, and France's UAP has acquired Royal Belge of Belgium.

These reports were provided by members of the International Federation of Risk and Insurance Management Associations, a network of 20 risk management associations that represent the industrial and commercial base of the world economy. Its mission is to advance risk management principles worldwide by encouraging loss prevention and safety standards and the most efficient method to compensate for loss.

To that end, IFRIMA is working to develop common risk management practices, a goal it recently came one step closer to achieving. Its Education Liaison Committee, working with Professor Gordon Dickson of Glasgow College, Scotland, has published the "Guide to Risk Management Studies." Essentally a syllabus of appropriate risk management subject matter, it is designed to help faculty enhance existing programs and encourage the development of risk management study where it does not exist on a stand-alone basis. In a related move, the European Association of Risk Managers has formed a worlking group consisting of academics and risk managers to formulate a core risk management syllabus.

Other important educational sources are conferences and seminars aimed at risk managers. Here people can share ideas, raise questions and concerns and update themselves on technical and market developments.

IFRIMA members are moving forward in this area too. For example, conferences were held this spring by risk management associations in the Philippines and the United Kingdom, the Indian, Mexican and Australian organizations will hold conferences in August, September and November, respectively, and RIMS and AEAI will hold their sixth joint "Risk Management Forum" in Monte Carlo on Oct. 13-16.

Recently, risk management conferences also took place in Taiwan and Tanzania, where risk management organizations are under formation. As for seminars, they are proliferating throughout Europe and elsewhere, covering topics ranging from captives to environmental issues to directors' and officers' liability.

What does all this activity mean? It indicates that there is interest in risk management, that there is inherent value in protecting people and property so the production of goods and the delivery of services can proceed without disruption. For this is, after all, the value of risk management.
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Author:Epstein, Rita
Publication:Risk Management
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Date:Jul 1, 1991
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