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The publications listed below are for information purposes only. To obtain copies contact the publisher. The entries in this section are listed free of charge and are limited to material published in Canada and by Canadian authors. Publishers and organizations wishing to enter their publications are advised to provide a telephone number. (AIF=available in French: E/F=English and French)

Wellbeing thru inclusion socially and economically: policies of exclusion, poverty and health: http://www.

Liability insurance and the voluntary sector--framing the issues: findings of regional consultations and on-line survey, August 2004 The Voluntary Sector Forum www.

International suicide rates and prevention strategies. Diego De Leo, Russell Evans, editors. Toronto : Hogrefe & Huber. ISBN 0-88937-288-8 $34.95 (U.S.)

Gay male pornography: an issue of sex discrimination. Christopher N. Kendall. Vancouver: UBC Press. ISBN 0-7748-1076-9

Dare to climb the pinnacle: the struggles of a hard-of-hearing man. Kung Wah Lee, Lawrence Lee; editors, Ah Nong, Lily Chan; translators, Valerie Kwong, Lorraine Chan. Vancouver : S.U.C.C.E.S.S. ISBN 1-896148-32-8 $10.00

Early Learning and care in the city : a new blueprint for Ontario, OISE/ University of Toronto.

Mad cows and mother's milk: the perils of poor risk communication. William Leiss and Douglas Powell. Montreal: McGill-Queen's University Press. ISBN 0-7735-2817-2

Community lost & found: a conversation between two dreamers. Art Lockhart, Michael Clarke. Toronto. Inclusion Press. ISBN 1-895418-52-6 $25.00

The philanthropic spirit in Canada: motivations and barriers. Canadian Centre for Philanthropy, Toronto, ON.

Inequality, poverty, and neoliberal governance : activist ethnography in the homeless sheltering industry. Vincent Lyon-Callo. Peterborough, ON. Broadview Press. ISBN 1-55111-603-0 $27.95

Contention et isolement, normes et indicateurs de la qualite des soins et services. Genevieve Menard, Raymond Grenier. Mont-Royal, Quebec : Decarie. ISBN 2-89137-082-1 60,00 $

Les maisons d'hebergement pour femmes victimes de violence conjugal: une ressource a decouvrir ou a developper pour les femmes agees. Lyse Montminy, Christine Drouin. Montreal: CRI-VIFF ISBN 2-921768-51-8 10,00 $

Love her as she is: lessons from a daughter stolen by addictions. Patricia Morgan; with Kelly Morgan. Calgary: Light Hearted Concepts. ISBN 0-9684585-3-X $21.95

Incorrigible, Velma Demerson. Wilfred Laurier University Press, Waterloo ON. ISBN 0-88920-444-6 $24.95

Postpartum depression and anxiety: a reference manual for telephone support volunteers. Vancouver : Pacific Post Partum Support Society. ISBN 0-9692983-5-8 $55.00

Psychologie des entrevues d'enquete: de la recherche d la pratique. Collectif sous la direction de Michel St-Yves et Jacques Landry. Cowansville, Quebec, Editions Y. Blais.

ISBN 2-89451-770-X 59,95 $

L'efficacite des consortiums locaux: le defi du leadership. Julie-Anne Risler et Camil Bouchard. Montreal: GRAVE-ARDEC. ISBN 2-922996-09-3 10,00 $

Soins aux enfants et pluralisme culturel. Sous la direction de Sylvaine De Plaen. Montreal: Editions de l'Hopital Sainte-Justine. ISBN 2-922770-99-0

Chedoke: more than a sanatorium. Ralph H. Wilson. Hamilton, ON : Hamilton Health Sciences. ISBN 0-9699735-3-5 : $35.00

Canadian criminology today: theories and applications. Frank Schmalleger, Rebecca Volk. Toronto : Prentice Hall. ISBN 0-13-123791-8 $79.95

Speaking of abuse: violence against aboriginal women in relationships : information about a woman's rights. [revision, Camille Callison et al. Vancouver : Legal Services Society of British Columbia. Also available in Chinese, Farsi, French, Punjabi, Russian, Spanish and Vietnamese. ISBN 0-7726-5153-1

The road to inclusivity: an action plan for York Region. Human Services Planning Coalition, York Region.

Strengthening the Government-Sector Relationship--Report from the May 19th session, Ottawa. Prepared by: Andree Bergeron, Voluntary Sector Initiative, Ottawa,/

Crystal meth and other amphetamines: an integrated B.C. strategy, British Columbia Ministry of Health. Victoria. http://www.

The volunteer spirit in Canada: motivations and barriers, Canadian Centre for Philanthropy, Toronto, ON

Where it is needed, when it is needed: building better collaborations to deliver comprehensive services to community mental health and addiction consumers, clients, and caregivers in Ontario's communities--a discussion paper. Ontario Federation of Community Mental Health & Addiction Programs, Toronto.

Evidence-based standards for measuring nurse staffing and performance. Linda O'Brien-Pallas, Donna Thomson, Linda McGillis Hall, George Pink, Mickey Kerr, Sping Wang, Xiaoqiang Li, and Raquel Meyerm. Canadian Health Resources Foundation, Ottawa.

Listening for Direction II: a national consultation on health services and policy issues.

Report from the workshop during the Canadian Institutes of Health Research, Institute of Health Services and Policy Research Symposium, Ottawa.

Breaking the silence: best practices for responding to the abuse of older adults. Family Services Association of Toronto.

Literacy scores, human capital and growth across fourteen OECD countries. Serge Coulombe, Jean-Francois Tremblay and Sylvie Marchand. Ottawa, Statistics Canada. AIF Co-published by: National Literacy Secretariat. ISBN 0-660-19325-6

The effect of literacy on immigrant earnings. Ana Ferrer; David A. Green, and W. Craig Riddell. Ottawa: Statistics Canada. AIF Co-published by: Human Resources Development Canada. ISBN 0-660-19354-X

Hear me out: true stories of teens confronting homophobia. Teens Educating and Confronting Homophobia (T.E.A.C.H.), Toronto : Second Story Press. ISBN 1-896764-87-8: $12.95

A holistic framework for Aboriginal policy research. Carolyn Kenny. Ottawa: Status of Women Canada. E/F ISBN 0-662-68372-2

Famille et societe. Marie-Therese Lacourse. Montreal: Cheneliere/McGraw-Hill. ISBN 2-7651-0252-X 36,95 $

Gender in Canada. Adie Nelson. Toronto: Pearson Prentice Hall. ISBN 0-13-124862-6 $64.95

Profiling Canada's families III. Ottawa : Vanier Institute of the Family. AIF ISBN 0-919520-75-8: $35.00

Sexualite et prevention: une etude aupres des jeunes d'origine haitienne. Chantal Robillard ... et at. Montreal: Editions Saint-Martin. ISBN 2-89035-387-7

Superior seniors: beyond 65 and fully alive. Editor: Zoe Stronge; Richmond, B.C.: V.J. Lee. ISBN 0-9735877-0-9 $24.00

Comprendre la famille: actes du 7e Symposium quebecois de recherche sur la famille. Sous la direction de Carl Lacharite et Gilles Pronovost avec la collaboration de Elizabeth Coutu. Sainte-Foy: Presses de l'Universite du Quebec. ISBN 2-7605-1296-7

Dancing backwards: a social history of Canadian women in politics. Sharon Carstairs and Tim Higgins. Winnipeg: Heartland Associates. ISBN 1-896150-07-1 $26.95

Advocacy groups. Lisa Young and Joanna Everitt. Vancouver: UBC Press. ISBN 0-7748-1110-2

Working for change: Canada's child care workforce: labour market update. Main report--Jane Beach ... [et al.]. Ottawa: Child Care Human Resources Sector Council. AIF ISBN 0-9683704-3-8

Adding feminism to law: the contributions of Justice Claire L'Heureux-Dube. Edited by Elizabeth Sheehy. Toronto: Irwin Law. ISBN 1-55221-085-5 $85.00

Vers l'indifference des sexes: mariage homosexuel et filiation. Marie-Blanche Tahon. Montreal: Boreal. ISBN 2-7646-0348-7

The Refugee Convention: a compendium of Canadian and American cases. Pia Zambelli. Toronto: Carswell. ISBN 0-459-24163-X $65.00

A mother's love: the story of my son, Billy. Dawn Beaulieu. Victoria, B.C.: Billy B. Pub. ISBN 0-9736235-0-0

Down to this: squalor and splendour in a big-city shantytown. Shaughnessy Bishop-Stall. Toronto : Vintage Canada. ISBN 0-679-31228-5 $22.00

Canadian social welfare. General Editors, Joanne C. Turner, Francis J. Turner. Toronto : Allyn and Bacon. ISBN 0-205-42863-0 $69.95

Safe and healthy children's environments. Ingrid Crowther. Toronto : Pearson Prentice Hall. ISBN 0-13-177638-X $61.95

Private healthcare in the OECD: a Canadian perspective. Philippe Cyrenne; with Marian Shanahan. Toronto: University of Toronto, Centre for Public Management.

HIV/AIDS, stigma, and discrimination: a plan of action. Theodore De Bruyn. Montreal: Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network. E/F ISBN 1-896735-47-9

If I had a million dollars--I'd ease the pain of HIV/AIDS in Africa : a how--to manual for individuals and groups wishing to make a positive response to the HIV/AIDS pandemic in Africa.

Stephen Douglas. Toronto: York Region Committee in support of the Stephen Lewis Foundation in association with Natural Heritage. ISBN 1-897045-02-6 $15.00

The brow of dawn: one women's journey with MS. Catherine Edward. Charlottetown, P.E.I.: Acorn Press. ISBN 1-894838-14-9 $19.95

A good life: for you and your relative with a disability. A. Etmanski. Surrey, B.C.: Orwell Cove and Planned Lifetime Advocacy Network, 2004. ISBN 0-9680462-2-3 $39.95

Waddie Welcome and the beloved community. Tom Kohler and Susan Earle. Toronto: Inclusion Press. ISBN 1-895418-54-2 $25.00

Management of volunteer services in Canada: the text edited by Ginette Johnstone; with contributions by Nicole Dufresne Baker ... [et al.]. Kemptville, Ont.: Johnstone Training and Consultation. ISBN 1-895271-35-5 $69.50

Pour la liberte d'etre: reflexions d'une infirmiere en CHSLD. Marguerite Merette. Outremont, Quebec: Editions Logiques. ISBN 2-89381-919-2 19,95 $

The long trip, with love and agony. Arlene Catherine Onyskiw. Leduc, Alta.: A.C. Onyskiw. ISBN 0-9736472-0-5 $19.95
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