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The publications listed below are for information purposes only. To obtain copies contact the publisher. The entries in this section are listed free of charge and are limited to material published in Canada and by Canadian authors. Publishers and organizations wishing to enter their publications are advised to provide a telephone number. (AFI=available in French: E/F=English and French)

A la decouverte de la diversite quebecoise : repertoire des organismes ethnoculturels du Quebec. Sainte-Foy, Publications du Quebec. ISBN 2-551-19595-0 34,95 $

Just married: gay marriage and the expansion of human rights. Kevin Bourassa and Joe Vamell. Toronto: Anchor Canada. AIF ISBN 0-385-65896-6 $22.95

Comment animer un groupe. Michel Quaranta. Outremont, Quebec, Quebecor. ISBN 2-7640-0648-9 19,95 $

Transcending violence. Tod Schneider. Victoria, B.C.: Trafford. ISBN 1-55395-289-8

Studies in political economy: developments in feminism. Edited by Caroline Andrew ... et al. Toronto: Women's Press. ISBN 0-88961-412-1 $39.95

Vieillissement et evolution demographique au Canada / sous la direction de David Cheal. Montreal: Presses de l'Universite de Montreal. ISBN 2-7606-1853-6

The review of economic performance and social progress 2002 : towards a social understanding of productivity, edited by Andrew Sharpe, France St-Hilaire and Keith Banting. Montreal: Institute for Research on Public Policy. (Nexus) Co published by: Centre for the Study of Living Standards. ISBN 0-88645-198-1

Adult guardianship & elder law issues: materials prepared for the Continuing Legal Education seminar, Adult Guardianship and Elder Law Issues, held in Vancouver, B.C. on November 8, 2002. Vancouver: Continuing Legal Education Society of British Columbia. ISBN 1-55258-252-3

Guide to powers of attorney. M. Jasmine Sweatman. Toronto: Canada Law Book. ISBN 0-88804-388-0

Workers' compensation, advanced issues: materials prepared for the Continuing Legal Education seminar, Workers' Compensation 301, held in Vancouver, B.C. on November 15, 2002. Vancouver: Continuing Legal Education Society of British Columbia. ISBN 1-55258-254-X

Workers' compensation, the basics: materials prepared for the Continuing Legal Education seminar, Workers' Compensation 101, held in Vancouver, B.C. on November 14, 2002. Vancouver: Continuing Legal Education Society of British Columbia. ISBN 1-55258-253-1

British Columbia Housing Management Commission operational records classification system. Victoria: Province of British Columbia, Information and Data Management Branch. ISBN 0-7726-4002-5

Autism spectrum disorder provincial resource directory. 2001. Victoria, B.C., Ministry for Children and Families, Annual. Developed by the Ministry for Children and Families in collaboration with the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Health, Province of British Columbia. ISSN 1702-9600

Social welfare in Canada revisited: a new century, an uncertain future. Andrew Armitage. Don Mills, ON, Oxford University Press. lSBN 0-19-541783-6 $35.95

Monitoring the early childhood development initiative: a tool for assessing child care/ECD programs. Mary Anne Burke. Toronto: Roeher Institute. ISBN 1-896989-73-X $5.00

Canadian social policy. Edited by Anne Westhues. Waterloo, ON, Wilfrid Lauder University Press. ISBN 0-88920-405-5 $32.95

Genetic discrimination: looking back to the future? Audrey D. Cole. Toronto, Roeher Institute. ISBN 1-896989-76-4 $5.00

Into the house of old: a history of residential care in British Columbia, Megan J. Davies. Montreal, McGill-Queen's University Press. (McGillQueen's/Associated Medical Services. (Hannah Institute).

Beyond conception: our children's children. Martha Kent Denniston. Victoria, B.C.: Trafford. ISBN 1-55395-228-6

I call my new lung Tina: inspiration from a transplant survivor. Shirley E. Jewett. Victoria, B.C., Trafford. ISBN 1-55395-270-7

Person-centered planning with MAPS and PATH: a workbook for facilitators. John O'Brien & Jack Pearpoint; with contributions by Marsha Forest ... et al. Toronto. Inclusion Press. ISBN 1-895418-46-1 $25.00

Caring for lesbian and gay people: a clinical guide. Allan Peterkin, Cathy Risdon. ISBN 0-8020-8379-X

Nova Scotia student drug use 2002: highlights report principal investigator, Christiane Poulin. Halifax, Addictions Services, Nova Scotia Health. Co-published by Dalhousie University, Community Health and Epidemiology. ISBN 0-7703-1250-0

Nova Scotia student drug use 2002: technical report Principal investigator, Christiane Poulin. Halifax: Addictions Services, Nova Scotia Dept. of Health. Includes abstract in French. Co-published by Dalhousie University, Community Health and Epidemiology. ISBN 0-7703-1248-9

Responses to terrorism: an analysis, a reader. Catherine Morris ... et al. Victoria, B.C.: University of Victoria, Division of Continuing Studies. University of Victoria, Public Issues Community Forum, Spring 2002. ISBN 1-55058-263-1 $19.26

Tu vaincras, moa fils!: temoignage. Johanne Sirois. Cacouna, Quebec. La Petite maison bleue. ISBN 2-922655-17-2 15,00 $

Changing paths: a literacy and life skills program for women in conflict with the law. Bev Sochatsky, Sarah Stewart. Edmonton, Elizabeth Fry Society of Edmonton. Co-published by: Learning at the Centre Press. ISBN 0-9731470-5-9

Le travail social: theories et pratiquees, Adje Van de Sande, Michel-Andre Beauvolsk et Gilles Renault avec la collaboration de Anne-Marie David et Ginette Hubert. Boucherville, Quebec, G. Morin. ISBN 2-89105-810-O 37,00 $

Group treatment in social work: an integration of theory and practice. Edcil Wickham. Toronto. Thompson Educational Pub. ISBN 1-55077-134-5 $26.95

Locked out: inmate services and conditions of custody in Saskatchewan Correctional Centres. Regina, Ombudsman Saskatchewan. ISBN 0-9731972-0-X

L'evaluation des apprentissages: de l'evaluation formative a L'evaluation informative. Collectif dirige par Michel D. Lauder. Outremont, Que., Quebecor. ISBN 2-7640-0723-X 34,95 $

From lullabies to literacy: building foundations for learning: a curriculum for community agencies. Toronto : Macaulay Child Development Centre. ISBN 0-9696329-4-0

The Muslim veil in North America: issues and debates. Edited by Sajida Alvi, Homa Hoodfar and Sheila McDonough. Toronto, Women's Press. ISBN 0-88961-408-3 $39.95

Thumbs up! Inclusion, rights and equality as experienced by youth with disabilities. Catherine Frazee.

Hemispheric social inclusion index (HSII): the human services deficit and what can be done about it: benchmarking human services in the hemisphere. Daniel Drache and Malcolm J. Stewart.

Rechinking the very essence of social inclusion and things provate Projects of the Robarts Centre for Canadian Studies. York University, Toronto.

Effective consultation in school psychology. E. Cole and J.A. Siegel. Toronto, Hogrefe & Huber Publishers, Inc. ISBN 0-88937-252-7
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Publication:Community Action
Date:Feb 17, 2003
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