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Many ANIA-CARING members have written for the following two books:

Ball, M. J., Dulong, D., Douglas, J.V., Gugerty, B., Hannah, K.J., Newbold, S.K., Sensmeier, J., Skiba, D., Hinton-Walker, P. & Troseth, M. (Eds.), (2010). Nursing Informatics Where Technology and CARING Meet (4th Ed.). New York: Springer-Verlag.


Saba, V.K. and McCormick, K.A. (2011). Essentials of Computers for Nurses: Informatics for the New Millennium, 5th Ed., New York: McGraw-Hill.


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Martin, K.S., Monsen, K.A., Bowles KH. (January/February 2011). The Omaha System and meaningful use: Applications for practice, education, and research. CIN: Computers, Informatics, Nursing, 29(1), 52-58.

Newbold, S.K., Franklin, TN. HIMSS Tennessee Chapter Newsletter (2011). ANIA-CARING Spotlight. Winter 2010-2011.

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Title Annotation:MEMBER NEWS
Author:Newbold, Susan K.
Publication:CARING Newsletter
Date:Mar 22, 2011
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