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The publications listed below are for information purposes only. To
obtain copies contact the publisher. The entries in this section are
listed free of charge and are limited to material published in Canada
and by Canadian authors. Publishers and organizations wishing to enter
their publications are advised to provide a telephone number.
(AIF = available in French: E/F = English and French)

An illustrated history of Illinois
public mental health services,
1847-2000. Joseph Mehr.
Victoria, B.C.: Trafford.
ISBN 1-55395-215-4

Methadone maintenance: a counsellor's
guide to treatment. Edited
by Garth Martin, Bruna Brands,
David Marsh. Toronto: Centre for
Addiction and Mental Health.
ISBN 0-88868-431-2 $59.95

Monitoring the early childhood
development initiative: a tool
for assessing child care/ECD
policy. The Roeher Institute,
Toronto. (Children and family
series) ISBN1-896989-78-0

Daycare centre business plan
guide. Catherine M. Pruissen.
Windsor, ON. CanDan Pub.
ISBN 0-9695362-6-7 $16.95

Outcomes evaluation program,
aggregate results for the year
2001. Family Service Canada,
Ottawa. Email

La peine des sans-voix: le deuil
chez les deficients intellectuels.
Marielle Robitaille. LacBeauport,
Quebec, Editions
Academie Impact.
ISBN 2-922762-37-8

Welfare in Saskatchewan. Chriss
Schafer and Jason Clemons.
Fraser Institute, Vancouver.
1.800.665.3558 x580 $5.00

L'aide aux conjoints violents
lors de l'arrestation et de la situation
de crise : recension des
ecrits. Gilles Rondeau,
Raymonde Boisvert, Annette
Fomey. Montreal: CRI-VIFF.
ISBN 2-921768-42-9 10,00 $

The current state of Canadian
family finances, 2002 Report.
Vanier Institute of the Family, 94
Centrepoint Drive, Ottawa,
K12G 6B1

Free trade, globalization and
capitalistocracy : the seige
against public healthcare in
Canadta H. Raymond Samuels II.
Kanata, ON, Agora Cosmopolitan.
ISBN 1-894934-23-7

The therapeutic community
treatment model: overview and
analysis of key themes and
issues. Prepared by the Social
Planning Department, City of
Vancouver and The John Volken
Society Social Inquest: a workbook
on qualitative methods for
injury, safety and social behaviour.
J. Peter Rothe. Edmomon,
Alberta Centre for Injury Control
& Research. Supplement to:
Undertaking qualitative research.
ISBN 0-9688631-4-0

Best practice guidelines for family
service Ontario agencies.
Family Service Ontario, Toronto.
416.231.6003 $50.00

Trisomie-21: une chance que
j't'ai, une chance qu'on s'a:
rapport d'activites.[sous la direction
de Sylvain Fortin].
Repentigny, Societe quebecoise
de la trisomie-21.
ISBN 2-9807797-0-9

Menya: an end of life story.
Moms Wolfe. Toronto,
Grubstreet Books.
ISBN 0-9689737-2-8 $19.95

Psychocriminologie: apports
psychanalytiques et applications
cliniques. Dianne Casoni, Louis
Brunet. Montreal : Presses de
l'Universite de Montreal.
ISBN 2-7606-1867-6

The rebel nurse: why nurses
quit. Teri Connors. Victoria, B.C.
Trafford. ISBN 1-55395-409-2

Resiliency and capacity building
in inner-city learning communities.
Editors, Dawn Sutherland,
Laura Sokal. Winnipeg, Portage
and Main Press.
ISBN 1-895411-95-5 $39.00

Finding peace. Jean Vanier.
Toronto, House of Anansi Press.
ISBN 0-88784-683-1 $14.95

What dying people want: practical
wisdom for the end of life.
David Kuhl. Toronto, Anchor
Canada. ISBN 0-385-65884-2

Grieving the unexpected: the suicide
of a son. Gary LeBlanc.
Belleville, ON, Essence
Publishing. ISBN 1-55306-448-8

Beyond the crazy house: changing
the future of madness. Pat
Capponi. Toronto, Penguin
Canada. ISBN 0-14-100510-6

Canada's everyday diabetes
choice recipes. Edited by
Katherine E. Younker. Toronto,
R. Rose. Published in cooperation
with Canadian Diabetes
ISBN 0-7788-0068-7 $19.95

St. John Ambulance home safe
kids: a guide to injury prevention.
Victoria Minnes. Ottawa,
St. John Ambulance.
ISBN 1-894070-39-9

Aboriginal leadership and management
professional development
needs assessment and
think tank: research report
and think tank proceedings.
Editor, Marilyn Willox. Banff
Centre, AB. ISBN 1-894773-00-4

Advancing the inclusion of persons
with disabilities. Dr.
Deborah Stienstra. Social Policy
Unit, Human Resources
Development Canada, Canadian
Centre on Disabilities Studies.

The Swedish health care system:
recent reforms, problems, and
opportunities. Ragnar Lofgren.
The Fraser Institute, Vancouver.
ISBN 1206-6257

Health care waiting list initiatives
in Sweden. Ragnar Lofgren.
The Fraser Institute, Vancouver.
iSBN 1206-6257

Matrimonial real property on
reserve. Indian and Northern
Affairs Canada, Women's Issues
and Gender Equality.
Tel. 819-997-8404

Life in the Family: A
Newcomer's Guide to
Parenting Issues in Canada -
Curriculum for ESL Classes.
BC Institute Against Family
Violence, Vancouver BC. Video
& Curriculum Guide:
ISBN 1-895553-47-4

No Hijab is permitted here: a
study on the experiences of
Muslim women wearing hijab
applying for work in the manufacturing,
sales and services
sectors. Citizen and Immigration
Canada, Ottawa.

Effective consultation in
school psychology. CCCE.
Cole and J.A. Siegel. Hogrefe
& Huber, Toronto.
ISBN 0-88937-252-7

Health status and health behaviour
among immigrants.
Statistics Canada, Ottawa.
Catalgue no. 82-003 SIE

Do the falling earnings of immigrants
apply to self-employed
immigrants? Statistics Canada,

Mental health of Canada's
immigrants. Statistics Canada,
Ottawa. Catalogue no. 82-003

Trends in mortality by
neighbourhood income in
urban Canadta Statistics
Canada, 1971-1996.
Catalogue no. 82-003 SIE

National longitudinal survey of
children and youth, special surveys
division. Client services.
Ottawa. 1-888-287-73

What is a Crime? Challenges
and Alternatives, Law
Commission of Canada:
Discussion Paper,
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