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Women's Health Journal

In 1985, a year after it was founded, the Latin American and Caribbean Women's Health Network began to publish a Spanish-language newsletter, which was shortly followed by a version in English. In 1990, both publications became full-fledged magazines: the Revista de la Red de Salud de las Mujeres Latinoamericanas y del Caribe and the Women's Health Journal. When LACWHN became independent in 1995, the publication was reformatted to become the Revista Salud Mujer and the Women's Health Journal as they appear today, high-quality journals that provide up-to-date information on women's comprehensive health with a gender perspective and special emphasis on the experiences, research and current news of member groups in Latin America and the Caribbean. Since 2008, the Women's Health Journal has been available strictly as a virtual publication, with the full content online in PDF format.

Women's Health Collection

Since 1996, the annual publications of the Cuadernos Mujer Salud and Women's Health Collection have been dedicated to the in-depth analysis of a single, priority issue in women's health through contributions by LACWHN members--groups and individual researchers--and other collaborators who work in the area of focus and share LACWHN's mission and objectives. Some of the topics addressed include: women, health and work; gender-based violence; HIV/AIDS; sexualities; humanized childbirth; mental health; and indigenous and African-descendant women's issues. Since 2008, the Women's Health Collection has been available in a abridged version and online only, in PDF format.

Boletina Mujer SaludHable

This monthly virtual newsletter has been published since 2002. It addresses a current issue in women's health and related areas and is often used to share calls for solidarity or calls for action from LACWHN campaigns

LACWHN's institutional Website is constantly being updated and improved to meet the members' demands for information and has become one of the Network's primary communications resources. In addition to news on women's health and rights from throughout the region, the website also includes a database of LACWHN member groups.

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Publication:Women's Health Journal
Date:Oct 1, 2009
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