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Public service announcement.

Public Service Announcement

Another phone call last week came from a reader who wanted to warn fellow drivers of Suzuki's with chrome wheels purchased at One Moore Suzuki.

"I just don't want someone to be stranded somewhere with a flat tire or something," said the caller.

It seems the lug wrench supplied with the vehicle was the wrong size for the chrome wheels, which had been put on the car by an agent of Moore, not by Suzuki.

In a response letter to the Better Business Bureau last February, One Moore Suzuki says they searched for owners missing the proper wrench and supplies it (they found seven).

The caller thought we might reach a few more Suzuki-chrome wheel-drivers who were still unaware of the potential problem.
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Title Annotation:wrong size of lug wrench for chrome wheels purchased at One Moore Suzuki
Publication:Arkansas Business
Date:Feb 4, 1991
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