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Questions mount over Trump's treatment of presidential documents. Feb 11, 2022 613
Lawsuit claims San Jose mayor violated public records laws. Feb 4, 2022 585
Louisiana Attorney General Ordered to Release Public Records. Apr 1, 2021 298
Presidential Transitions: Government Records. Stuessy, Meghan M. Nov 1, 2020 1028
NDAA Policy Recommendations on Improving the Criminal Justice System. Bunk, Nelson O., Jr.; Russo, Frank Jul 1, 2020 1895
Marcoleta labels ABS-CBN reporter 'un-Filipino' for basing story on public records. Jun 8, 2020 490
Anger as nursery suddenly shuts down; public records show winding-up petition has been 'resolved'. ADAM MAIDMENT @AdamMaidment Mar 11, 2020 433
Group Sues California Commissioner over Public Records of Dealings with Insurance Executives. Don Jergler Feb 18, 2020 442
The Art of Access: Strategies for Acquiring Public Records, 2nd Edition. Book review Jan 1, 2020 228
What's your fraud IQ? Review how to use public records to uncover fraud. Wilder, Mason; McNeal, Andi Aug 1, 2019 1495
County Board Settles Lawsuit with Wisconsin Newspaper Over Records. Jul 1, 2019 112
Accounting firm data breaches: One state's records; Find out the most common types of breaches and how to guard against them all. Cheng, Christine; Flasher, Renee; Higgins, James P. Jun 1, 2019 3050
ACLU alleges Maricopa County Attorney illegally withholds public records. May 22, 2019 697
FIA wants same access to government records as NAB. Apr 10, 2019 828
FIA wants same access to government records as NAB. Apr 10, 2019 243
Sacramento Bee and Los Angeles Times Sue Sacramento Sheriff Department. Brief article Apr 1, 2019 129
HD Media and Washington Post Argue for the Release of Data. Brief article Apr 1, 2019 158
Statutory Interpretation Wisconsin's Public Records Law. Mar 12, 2019 197
Hobbs: Reagan staffers deleted public records. Feb 25, 2019 462
PUBLIC RECORDS. Jan 1, 2019 5152
Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooter Records Released to Public. Brief article Jan 1, 2019 148
GoLookUp Has Launched a New City-Base Public Records Search Service. Dec 4, 2018 351
The Florida Public Records Act in the Era of Modern Technology. DeMeo, Ralph A.; DeWeil, Lauren M. Nov 1, 2018 5173
Contractor can't block disclosure of bid documents containing trade secrets. Berkman, Eric T. Oct 4, 2018 1493
Fight for Your Right: Newspapers should invest more in First Amendment battles. Gallagher, Tim Oct 1, 2018 790
Public records at risk. Jul 2, 2018 479
Technology Tests Transparency: States are using technology to keep pace with the increasing volume and sophistication of requests for public records. Greenberg, Pam Jul 1, 2018 1994
L.A. County Has Repeatedly Violated State Open Records Laws, According to L.A. Times Lawsuit. Brief article Jun 1, 2018 162
SCLW to ask court to reconsider FOIA decision. Bantz, Phillip Mar 21, 2018 1149
Abuse of Discretion Disclosure of Public Records. Mar 20, 2018 198
UNC newspaper appeals denial of access to records. Chaney, Matt Mar 15, 2018 1082
Dismissal of Lawyers Weekly's public records suit affirmed. Bantz, Phillip Mar 14, 2018 531
Lawmakers kill Public Records Act: Local representatives Michael Steele, Cary Condotta, Senator Brad Hawkins vote in favor. Kelety, Josh Mar 1, 2018 810
Texting Bombshell: Tallahassee Democrat investigation leads to massive public records shift. Ruiz, Jesus A. Mar 1, 2018 468
AMERICA'S SECRET DEATH PENALTY DRUGS. Ciaramella, C.J. Feb 17, 2018 744
Tallassee Democrat Sue City Over Deleted Texts. Brief article Feb 1, 2018 116
State appoints public records law panelists. Jan 10, 2018 276
THE RIGHT TO KNOW MIGHT GET YOU SUED. Ciaramella, C.J. Dec 28, 2017 722
When is a public official entitled to prevailing party attorneys' fee reimbursement in Public Records Act cases? Eschenfelder, Robert Michael Jun 1, 2017 2904
Ky. wants 'in year of our lord' on documents. Brief article Jun 1, 2017 135
Preserving your legacy: by ignoring archives, news organizations put much at risk, miss rewards. DeRienzo, Matt Jun 1, 2017 799
Texas Senate unsticks proposals to plug public records "loopholes". May 11, 2017 1157
The opaque blue line. Ciaramella, C.J. May 1, 2017 439
When is a public official entitled to prevailing party attorneys' fee reimbursement in Public Records Act cases? Eschenfelder, Robert Michael May 1, 2017 4598
California Supreme Court Rules Government Officials Must Disclose Public Records Even In Private Accounts. Mar 3, 2017 491
Florida public records law: the battle over attorneys' fees. Taitt, Sarah Rissman Mar 1, 2017 3435
Views clash on whether social media entries are records. Brief article Mar 1, 2017 235
Indiana universities allowed to delete public records. Mar 1, 2017 359
State Supreme Court rules against Wyoming Tribune Eagle Lawsuit. Brief article Mar 1, 2017 107
Chicago Tribune files lawsuit against police department over emails. Brief article Feb 1, 2017 124
Going public: Arizona Republic creates website to make it simple for citizens to access public records. Stroh, Sean Website overview Dec 1, 2016 507
NJ may deny public records access, court says. Nov 1, 2016 538
Commercial Appeal sues city of Memphis over police documents. Brief article Sep 1, 2016 103
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel sues County over 911 recordings. Brief article Aug 1, 2016 125
Promoting access: shrinking newsrooms can fulfill mission to inform with shift to FOIA advocacy. DeRienzo, Matt Jun 1, 2016 798
Public records task force meeting at UO. May 8, 2016 494
Ontario: new fine for destroying govt. records. Brief article Mar 1, 2016 223
Wisconsin newspaper files open records lawsuit against city. Brief article Mar 1, 2016 122
Court: texts on public employee's phone are public records. Nov 1, 2015 450
California mayor sues Sacramento News and Review. Brief article Nov 1, 2015 111
Access to information requests often censored. Statistical data Sep 1, 2015 448
NARA develops e-mail retention schedule. Jul 1, 2015 350
Measure to curtail public records scams moves. Apr 15, 2015 417
Public records. Shakfeh, Abraham Letter to the editor Apr 1, 2015 459
High cost can discourage access to public records. Felberbaum, Michael Mar 16, 2015 1347
Public records. Redlich, Warren Letter to the editor Mar 1, 2015 390
Bill to curtail public records schemes moves. Feb 15, 2015 386
A new scam: public records shakedown: bills filed to prevent more abuses. Pudlow, Jan Feb 1, 2015 1123
New Zealand PM John Key Facing Probe For Deleting Text Messages: Opposition Alleges Destruction Of Public Records By PM. Dec 23, 2014 454
A tiger with no teeth: the case for fee shifting in state public records law. Hooper, Heath; Davis, Charles N. Sep 22, 2014 9358
Des Moines Register files lawsuit against state officials. Brief article Jun 1, 2014 192
Focusing on mug shot websites. Greenberg, Pam Brief article Apr 1, 2014 281
GOP chief challenges beebe on public records. Brief article Dec 9, 2013 205
Mass. lawmakers urged to fix 'time warp' on public records law. Salsberg, Bob Oct 20, 2013 458
Public records: government information relevant to business. Oct 1, 2013 4849
The Manual To Online Public Records, third edition. Book review Aug 1, 2013 148
Elizabeth Ross Johnson, great-granddaughter of Robert Wood Johnson, founder of the healthcare company Johnson & Johnson, has sold one of her penthouses on the 48th floor of Manhattan's Trump Tower for $21.85 million, according to public records. Jul 31, 2013 117
The controversial author James Frey has sold his Soho apartment for $3.9 million, according to public records. Mar 20, 2013 123
Ignoring the law; State police often don't comply with Public Records Law. Mar 10, 2013 1441
Pictures of pain: outcry against The Journal News' gun map paints hypocritical portrait of media critcs. Wolper, Allan Mar 1, 2013 1160
Capita Conference on Implementing the Public Records (Scotland) Act Announced - 24th April, 2013, Edinburgh. Conference news Feb 23, 2013 259
IRS transcripts - essential tool for tax practitioners: if you are encountering ACS and pains because the PIC in your BMF was caused by an FTD, maybe it's time to yell STAUP! Burquest, Patti; Villa, Mike Feb 1, 2013 3081
The Upper East Side carriage house at 117 East 83rd Street has been sold to David and Susan Edelstein for $14.9 million, according to public records. Jan 23, 2013 125
7 Open records. Brief article Jan 1, 2013 191
Can the states keep secrets from the federal government? Mikos, Robert A. Dec 1, 2012 4734
Can the states keep secrets from the federal government? Mikos, Robert A. Dec 1, 2012 8635
Can the states keep secrets from the federal government? Mikos, Robert A. Dec 1, 2012 20509
The effective Municipal Property Management in South-Eastern Cities - recording issues. The case of Bucharest Municipality. Constantin, Daniela-Luminita; Dragusin, Mariana; Iosif, Alina Elena; Petrescu, Raluca Mariana Report Dec 1, 2012 3639
U.S. records management directive sets lofty goals. Nov 1, 2012 407
Appeals court throws out Chicago Tribune lawsuit. Brief article Oct 1, 2012 119
Proving the details of the 9/11 terrorist attacks: the admissibility of the Kean Commission findings. Campbell, Richard P.; Guilfoyle, Kathleen M.; Howe, Christopher R. Jul 1, 2012 8840
-Local New Zealand government chooses CommVault Simpana Software to protect public records. Jun 20, 2012 219
-Local New Zealand government chooses CommVault Simpana Software to protect public records. Jun 20, 2012 209
Capita Announce Details of Their National Implementing the Public Records Scotland Act (PRSA) Conference. Conference news Jun 8, 2012 281
Public records. Kaimowitz, Gabe Letter to the editor Apr 15, 2012 455
Experian buys public records aggregator Court Ventures in US. Mar 9, 2012 126
Local studies in the Wentworth Library NSW: our sense of place. Watmuff, Leanne Report Mar 1, 2012 2492
Watchdogs: FOIA exemptions climb 33%. Mar 1, 2012 398
Britain won't give Germany Stasi piles. Mar 1, 2012 334
Dallas ends practice of criminals shredding sensitive records. Brief article Mar 1, 2012 293
After deleting e-mails, S.C. governor changes course. Mar 1, 2012 368
Treasury Dept. retools FOIA process. Brief article Mar 1, 2012 191
Penn State exempt from open records laws. Mar 1, 2012 316
A policy of lying: why does the most open and transparent administration in history lie about government records? Sullum, Jacob Jan 25, 2012 624
Bibliography. Serafino, Nina M.; Dale, Catherine; Towell, Pat Bibliography Jan 1, 2012 905
White House appeals ruling on visitor logs. Brief article Jan 1, 2012 190
Open meetings and public records. Branham, Jeb T. Letter to the editor Nov 1, 2011 493
New limitations on access to public records and meetings in government contracting. Cea, William J.; Stempler, Mark J. Sep 1, 2011 4264
Vermont overhauls public records law. Brief article Jul 1, 2011 179
From public records to open government: access to Massachusetts municipal geographic data. Goodspeed, Robert Report Jul 1, 2011 10382
Alaska must release Palin e-mails by May 31. Brief article May 1, 2011 172
The government in your Facebook: an examination of social networking sites and Florida's public records law. Mooney-Portale, Maggie D.; Hennessy, Kevin S. May 1, 2011 4291
Vermont to strengthen public records law. Mar 1, 2011 335
Attorney general suggests revising public records law. Jan 20, 2011 634
Pervasive image capture and the First Amendment: memory, discourse, and the right to record. Kreimer, Seth F. Jan 1, 2011 37862
WikiLeaks: an opportunity for RIM. Wiler, Vick Jan 1, 2011 573
FBI takes over sentinel project. Jan 1, 2011 411
5. Current Bills. Plumtree, Alexandra Brief article Dec 22, 2010 167
CREW: Bush White House unconcerned about e-mails. Nov 1, 2010 409
Boston: no charges in e-mail destruction case. Nov 1, 2010 411
Philly clerk allegedly sold city records. Brief article Nov 1, 2010 155
Making the most of your FOIA request: tips on using the Illinois Freedom of Information Act from a lawyer who has both sought information and served as a municipality's Freedom of Information officer. Nov 1, 2010 780
Copying tab is $90,450; Charlton public records request appealed to state. Aug 31, 2010 470
The art of access; strategies for acquiring public records. Book review Aug 1, 2010 173
Drafting a function-based file classification plan. van Houten, Gerry Jul 1, 2010 2706
Information Management: The Challenges of Managing Electronic Records. Testimony Before the Subcommittee on Information Policy, Census and National Archives, Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, House of Representatives. GAO-10-838T. Melvin, Valerie C. Author abstract Jun 17, 2010 215
UO office of public records is created. May 29, 2010 275
Documents Missing in Holyland Affair. Brief article Apr 18, 2010 81
E pluribus unum: data and operations integration in the California criminal justice system. Ball, W. David Mar 22, 2010 15862
Metadata is public record, says Arizona Supreme Court. Jan 1, 2010 515
White House preserves social media content. Jan 1, 2010 483
White House posts visitors log. Brief article Jan 1, 2010 156
Souter's records closed until 2059. Jan 1, 2010 325
Florida court records to go public. Brief article Jan 1, 2010 224
Boston attorney general investigates e-mail destruction. Jan 1, 2010 354
The private life of e-mail: the digital age has complicated the definition of what's a public document. Greenberg, Pam Jan 1, 2010 2406
Public records guide made available online. Dec 3, 2009 338
Public records request. Joanow, Olga J. Letter to the editor Dec 1, 2009 140
Public record office of Northern Ireland: recent accessions of interest to the social and economic historian, 2008-2009. Table Dec 1, 2009 772
Recent cyberattacks. Cetron, Marvin J.; Davies, Owen Brief article Sep 1, 2009 273
Oklahoma opts for open records. Brief article Sep 1, 2009 283
Swedish court: politicians' texts are public records. Brief article Sep 1, 2009 242
Obama keeps visitor logs under wraps. Sep 1, 2009 433
NPRC opens six million personnel records. Brief article Sep 1, 2009 270
Even After Lawsuit Victory, Wisconsin Paper Claims Stonewalling by State Agency. Sep 1, 2009 375
White House Denying Access to Visitor Records. Strupp, Joe Jun 16, 2009 410
UK's 30-year rule should be halved, inquiry finds. Brief article May 1, 2009 243
Obama Executive Order limits privilege for presidential records. Mar 1, 2009 463
NARA opens 9/11 commission records. Brief article Mar 1, 2009 224
Federal regulations available online. Brief article Mar 1, 2009 280
Federal Court sides with Cheney over retention of VP records. Brief article Mar 1, 2009 303
Ohio Supreme Court ruling: e-mails are public records. Brief article Mar 1, 2009 257
Bush gone, but e-mail problems linger. Mar 1, 2009 631
Outgoing NC Gov. decides e-mail should be saved. Mar 1, 2009 448
Rare letters of Weston Park aristocrat donated to public records. Nov 26, 2008 360
Social Security Numbers: Transfers and Sales of Public Records That May Contain Social Security Numbers (GAO-08-1004SP, September 2008), an E-supplement to GAO-08-1009R. Nov 1, 2008 281
Overly restrictive administrative records and the frustration of judicial review. Saul, James N. Sep 22, 2008 16026
Tenn. Gov. updates open-records law. Swartz, Nikki Brief article Sep 1, 2008 107
Parting the clouds: sun shining on states after new legislation. Coats, Breanne Sep 1, 2008 2457
Concealed weapons, concealed records? Coats, Breanne Sep 1, 2008 1542
Public information theft. Coats, Breanne Sep 1, 2008 858
Context clues: how text messages fit with FOIA. Coats, Breanne Sep 1, 2008 1588
Wrangle that wiggle room away from agencies. Lee, Jim Sep 1, 2008 679
Investigative insights. Marshall, Jon Sep 1, 2008 782
For additional reading. Sullivan, Mark P. List Aug 1, 2008 2841
New FOIA amendments speed records requests. Cuillier, David Aug 1, 2008 783
Who are they? What you should know about profiling your donors. Austin, Don Jul 15, 2008 1139
Public Records Law. Jun 15, 2008 158
Writing about denials: FOI news pegs and authoritative sources for stronger stories. Cuillier, David Jun 1, 2008 823
Public Records. Mar 1, 2008 125
NARA: Clinton records ready. Swartz, Nikki Mar 1, 2008 501
Secrecy still reigns: despite a few recent advances for open records, those who favor open government say there has been a sharp decrease in government transparency. Swartz, Nikki Mar 1, 2008 2540
'Tucson Citizen' Awarded $25,000 As Arizona Sheriff Loses Another Public Records Fight. Brief article Feb 12, 2008 198
Public and private, sunshine and reign. Jan 1, 2008 706
Washington DOC settles e-records suit. Swartz, Nikki Jan 1, 2008 465
Government records: it's the message, not the medium: governments--well, some anyway--are starting to figure out what records managers have known all along: Information pertaining to business is a record, whether it was created on or delivered to an office computer or a staff member's personal PDA. Swartz, Nikki Jan 1, 2008 2635
Restoring the attorney-client and work product privileges for government entities. Radson, Marion J. Jan 1, 2008 2907
Letter issued in opposition of open records law. Brief article Dec 1, 2007 220
Shame on them: five ways to use peer pressure to overcome public record denials. Cuillier, David Dec 1, 2007 698
Public record office of Northern Ireland: recent accessions of interest to the social and economic historian. Dec 1, 2007 561
For additional reading. Towell, Pat; Daggett, Stephen; Belasco, Amy Recommended readings Nov 1, 2007 892
Documents of death: five public records to identify failing infrastructure in your community. Cuillier, David Oct 1, 2007 655
Congressional investigations of the Department of Justice, 1920-2007: history, law, and practice. Rosenberg, Morton Oct 1, 2007 531
Introduction. Rosenberg, Morton Oct 1, 2007 1254
Democracy's backlog: the Electronic Freedom of Information Act ten years later. Ratish, Robert Sep 22, 2007 12057
Court decides for newspapers in open-records suit. Brief article Sep 1, 2007 105
Ten FOI stories you can start today. Campbell, Joel Sep 1, 2007 687
The fruits of public records. Marshall, Jon Sep 1, 2007 650
Secrecy costs $541,000 in WA. Swartz, Nikki Brief article Sep 1, 2007 200
Getting past 'no': responses to 10 common reasons for denying your public records request. Cuillier, David Aug 1, 2007 630
Attorney-Client Task Force sees more work to be done: 'it's not an issue that's going away'. Blankenship, Gary Aug 1, 2007 1030
Colorado reduces records fees. Swartz, Nikki Brief article Jul 1, 2007 98
HB 63--Public records. Brief article Jul 1, 2007 157
ORBAN CITES NEED FOR MORE RESOURCES. Brief article May 10, 2007 125
WWI British Army records online. Swartz, Nikki Brief article May 1, 2007 260
Texas AG issues records mandate. Swartz, Nikki May 1, 2007 641
Tenant screening thirty years later: a statutory proposal to protect public records. Kleysteuber, Rudy Apr 1, 2007 20426
Products available from SOI. Brief article Mar 22, 2007 101
Don't Miss Sunshine Activities this Month. Fitzgerald, Mark Mar 1, 2007 753
State-Administered Programs. Final Rule. Federal Register, Department of Education, 34 CFR Part 76. Author abstract Jan 25, 2007 235
D.C. business records a mess. Swartz, Nikki Brief article Jan 1, 2007 196
NARA declassification progresses. Swartz, Nikki Jan 1, 2007 486
Pricey public records. Swartz, Nikki Brief article Jan 1, 2007 246
Public Trusts Iraq Study Group More Than Bush on Iraq; Americans favor group's key recommendations. Newport, Frank Survey Dec 12, 2006 934
Court: Delaware must open public records. Swartz, Nikki Brief article Nov 1, 2006 213
Democrat, republican senators work together to reform FOIA. Leahy, Patrick; Cornyn, John Sep 1, 2006 1708
Use public records to cover candidates and contributors. Jones, Brea Sep 1, 2006 676
FOIA after forty: four decades after the federal open records law was signed, some say government is more secretive than ever. Jones, Brea Sep 1, 2006 1622
FOIA fruits: public records lead to jucy investigative stories. Marshall, Jon Sep 1, 2006 770
GRG 26/5/4 a remarkable photographic collection. Harris, Anthony F. Sep 1, 2006 3264
From promising candidate to dropout. Brief article Sep 1, 2006 254
How to crack the DNA code of public records. Adams, Joe Aug 1, 2006 848
Minnesota. Anderson, Teresa Jul 1, 2006 325
Open secrets: the widespread availability of information about the health and environmental effects of chemicals. Conrad, James W., Jr. Jun 22, 2006 12905
EU/US : NEW AIR PASSENGER DATA PACT IN THE OFFING. Brief article Jun 20, 2006 289
University's FOI project yields scary results. Reader, Bill May 1, 2006 799
PRIA: balance consumer privacy with business access to land records. Apr 1, 2006 495
Must information in the public record be disclosed to buyers of residential real property and may it be mispresented? Worsham, E. Lee Mar 1, 2006 6185
Public records unearth dangers with carnival rides. Davis, Charles Jan 1, 2006 870
Geocity--building Common ground. Gorecki, Richard C.; Coulter, Danielle City overview Jan 1, 2006 2733
GIS as a resource management tool. Ahner, Amy L.; Thomey, Thomas A. Jan 1, 2006 1688
Creating efficiencies in data availability. Palmer, Alison Report Jan 1, 2006 7015
Assessing the affordability of database development using cost benefit analysis. Adams, Douglas M.; Tirschman, Jeffrey A. County overview Jan 1, 2006 8716
Managing, collaborating, and building--the key ingredients to the success of GIS. Raney, Catherine County overview Jan 1, 2006 2192
No privacy in bankruptcy: data in the public record are there for anyone to see. Poznanski, Peter Nov 1, 2005 1736
Ohio paper wins suit on 'coingate' documents. Brief Article Sep 1, 2005 139
Mystery behind the meat: states are passing bills to limit disclosure of livestock records--including those revealing the origins of contaminated meat. Casacchia, Chris Sep 1, 2005 1663
Oregon chapter FOI campaign goes national. Neilson, Marta Sep 1, 2005 745
FTC: subject-line labeling ineffective against spam. Sep 1, 2005 301
Government secrecy reaches historic levels. Sep 1, 2005 609
Sunshine Laws should be updated for an e-world. Campbell, Joel Aug 1, 2005 848
Rights groups suing FBI to release records. Brief Article Jul 1, 2005 260
Delays, fees thwart Freedom of Information Act, critics say. Jablow, Valerie Jun 1, 2005 1892
Louisiana newspapers sue for access to 911 tape. Brief Article May 1, 2005 142
Bush, Clinton libraries release records. Swartz, Nikki Brief Article May 1, 2005 258
Stand & deliver: for records and information management professionals, now is the time for self-assessment, professional betterment, and business execution. Kahn, Randolph A. May 1, 2005 3117
Court rules 911 tapes can be copied. Brief Article Apr 1, 2005 140
South Dakota bill may restrict access to vital record. Swartz, Nikki Mar 1, 2005 353
Businesses, banks must protect consumer records, U.S. says. Swartz, Nikki Mar 1, 2005 386
Ohio government officials must comply with public records laws or face fine. Swartz, Nikki Brief Article Mar 1, 2005 142
Disclosure deadline passes as dispute over NHTSA data continues. Jablow, Valerie Dec 1, 2004 723
'Stray' archives. Barber, Amanda Brief Article Dec 1, 2004 286
Survey reveals openness of candidates. Niederpruem, Kyle Elyse Oct 1, 2004 487
New York State court upholds public access. White, Davin Brief Article Sep 1, 2004 182
Access issues in Ohio: chapter helps out with statewide records audit. Hoke, Wendy Sep 1, 2004 652
Presidential records case thrown out. Brief Article Jun 1, 2004 251
Public employee's personnel record is also public, court holds. Porter, Rebecca May 1, 2004 575
National coalitions may help fight expanding secrecy: SPJ makes the rounds on its annual trip to D.C. Campbell, Joel May 1, 2004 982
Court overturns decision about meeting. Brief Article May 1, 2004 172
Anti-crime database losing support. Swartz, Nikki May 1, 2004 344
India loosening centuries-old grip on information. Swartz, Nikki May 1, 2004 425
Survey: records come slowly in Wisconsin. Brief Article Mar 1, 2004 176
Superintendent holds back public records. Brief Article Mar 1, 2004 171
It's not always about the money: why the state identity theft laws fail to adequately address criminal record identity theft. Perl, Michael W. Sep 22, 2003 20757
Missouri access to electronic information. Jul 1, 2003 939
Government online. (Stateline). Brief Article Jul 1, 2003 111
PUT ACCESS TO A VOTE. Jun 9, 2003 466
Seeking balance between public records and the need for secrecy. (On First Reading). Brief Article Mar 1, 2003 331
Cloudy decision. (Off the Record). Merrett, Tammy Feb 1, 2003 338
The case of the disappearing data. (Up front: news, trends & analysis). Swartz, Nikki Jan 1, 2003 374
Let the sun shine. (Off the Record). Merrett, Tammy Brief Article Jan 1, 2003 241
New Congress threatens public records: a GOP-controlled legislature may be bad news for open government. (From the President). Leger, Robert Dec 1, 2002 859
VOTING FOR SUNSHINE. Fitzgerald, Mark Nov 18, 2002 479
Justice in Guatemala. (Comment). Doyle, Kate Nov 4, 2002 928
Privacy test: medical records and the police. (Citings). Rimensnyder, Sara Oct 1, 2002 393
Red tape: a review and assessment of concepts and measures. (Articles). Pandey, Sanjay K.; Scott, Patrick G. Oct 1, 2002 11944
The public life of e-mail: states need to decide if lawmakers' e-mails constitute a public record. Court cases are forcing the issue. Greenberg, Pam Brief Article Sep 1, 2002 655
Battle cry: it's time for the news media to stand up to the assault on freedom of information. (From the Editor). Rieder, Rem Brief Article Sep 1, 2002 721
The information squeeze: openness in government is under assault throughout the United States--at every level. Can the news media, reluctant combatants thus far, mount a successful counterattack? Layton, Charles Sep 1, 2002 6967
We should be our own best advocates: 'Open Doors' is aimed at helping journalists help themselves. (Annual FOI Issue). Marquand, Ian Sep 1, 2002 4038
Public or private? Advocates and government officials search for a balance between public records and personal information. (Annual FOI Issue). Schwartz, Susan Sep 1, 2002 1647
Access wins in N.J. -- after a long fight: new state legislation opens records to the public, despite the governor's last-minute attempt to fill it with loopholes. (Annual FOI Issue). Lehmert, Amanda Sep 1, 2002 1647
Share the importance of open government: 'Open doors' project illustrates how often news relies on FOI. (Collecting Information). Marquand, Ian Brief Article Jul 1, 2002 740
Government juggles access, security. (In-Brief). Brief Article Jul 1, 2002 379
Records: FBI harassed faculty, students. (In-Brief). Brief Article Jul 1, 2002 255
Reporter keep silent on 'Deep Throat'. (In-Brief). Brief Article Jul 1, 2002 280
Report: college goes easy on indicted staff. Brief Article Jun 24, 2002 364
Openness erodes in pieces. (Editors Note). Semion, Kay Brief Article Jun 22, 2002 472
Florida editors unite to protect Sunshine Law. Brief Article Jun 22, 2002 227
Horse manure and the Cheney Test: survey shows access is not a concern just for journalists. Naughton, James M. Brief Article Jun 22, 2002 625
Excerpts from Sunshine Sunday editorials, all published March 10. Herald, Bradenton Editorial Jun 22, 2002 1808
The legislative assault: proposed Sunshine exemptions protect special interests, not citizens. Petersen, Barbara A. Brief Article Jun 22, 2002 404
Courts key to strength of Florida's Sunshine Law. Kaney, Jon Brief Article Jun 22, 2002 983
Building and validating an administrative records database for the United States. Farber, James; Leggieri, Charlene Jun 1, 2002 793
General Register Office for Scotland turns to Borland to post historical documents online. Brief Article Apr 5, 2002 126
Public records. (State Legislation). Anderson, Teresa Brief Article Apr 1, 2002 114
Discovery of public records in capital cases. Eaton, O.H., Jr. Apr 1, 2002 4894
Challenging administration's secrecy. Brief Article Mar 15, 2002 926
New Jersey gets new public records law. (In-Brief). Brief Article Mar 1, 2002 211

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