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Will Biden be invited to Notre Dame's commencement? The controversial history of presidential invites to this Catholic university. White, Christopher Mar 19, 2021 1361
It takes courage and wisdom to go on facing the winds. Mar 5, 2021 1315
Humbled Trump seeks warmer welcome in Florida. Jan 17, 2021 805
Fresh calls for Trump to resign after Capitol violence. Jan 11, 2021 656
THE MOVEMENT, THE PARTY, AND THE PRESIDENT. Kuttner, Robert Jan 1, 2021 6844
Gregory expects 'honest' dialogue with President-elect Biden. Mcelwee, Joshua J. Dec 11, 2020 645
Pro-life should refer to all life: Progressive pro-lifers need to reengage with Demoratic leaders. Weiss, Rebecca Bratten Column Dec 11, 2020 1032
A post-Trump truth commission is needed. Editorial Dec 11, 2020 637
U.S. bishops discuss Joe Biden, Theodore McCarrick at annual meeting. White, Christopher Nov 27, 2020 1346
Arkansas Poll Looks Good For President and Cotton. Turner, Lance Nov 2, 2020 670
Despite himself, NY Times columnist finds many reasons President Trump should be optimistic. Andrusko, Dave Oct 15, 2020 762
Trump infection shows he did not take Covid seriously: New Yorkers. Oct 3, 2020 663
Political Polarization in the United States: The Infuences of Exceptionalism and Religion. Liu, Nelson Report Aug 1, 2020 7008
Catholic support for Trump a scandal. Jul 24, 2020 737
The political power of Gen Z. Larrazabal, Gregorio Column Jun 23, 2020 765
Hostile media can't fathom Trump's improving poll numbers. Andrusko, Dave Apr 1, 2020 511
Who holds the Catholic key to Florida's 2020 election? Feuerherd, Peter Mar 20, 2020 1485
Detroit suburb's parishioners talk presidential politics. Feuerherd, Peter Feb 7, 2020 1394
Differing Views On US Economy Ahead Of State Of The Union. Wesley Dockery Jan 28, 2020 457
Hold the Presses. NYTimes concedes Trump more popular than they let on. Aug 1, 2019 585
Could Hispanics Be Drifting Away From the Democrats? Mar 18, 2019 346
Poll names Walt Disney the top entertainer in Illinois history. Mar 3, 2019 156
News headlines or ideological beliefs: What affects readers' interpretations of news stories about immigration, killing in the name of religion and other topical issues? A cross-cultural analysis. Azeem, Anita A.; Hunter, John A.; Ruffman, Ted Report Mar 1, 2019 4479
Election 2018: What Voters Said. Nov 1, 2018 1900
More U.S. Voters Plan to Send Message About Trump This Fall. Jones, Jeffrey M. Survey Sep 27, 2018 775
Trump Rated Worse Than Other Modern-Day Presidents on Ethics. Brenan , Megan Survey Sep 13, 2018 830
Midterm Seat Loss Averages 37 for Unpopular Presidents. Jones, Jeffrey M. Survey Sep 12, 2018 719
Three in 10 Say Trump Acted Illegally During 2016 Campaign. Jones, Jeffrey M. Survey Sep 6, 2018 906
Poll names Walt Disney the top entertainer in Illinois history. Sep 5, 2018 234
Poll names Walt Disney the top entertainer in Illinois history. Sep 5, 2018 243
Snapshot: 4 in 10 Still Strongly Disapprove of Trump. Brenan, Megan Survey Aug 29, 2018 429
Economy a Strength for Trump; Russia, Environment Weaknesses. Jones, Jeffrey M. Survey Aug 16, 2018 839
Impeachment? A Public Opinion Update. Report Aug 1, 2018 1339
Intense Feelings about Donald Trump. Report Aug 1, 2018 508
Media loathing for President Trump leads them astray just as it did in 2016. Andrusko, Dave Essay Aug 1, 2018 722
Trump Administration Officials Get Low Marks on Ethics. Jones, Jeffrey M. Survey May 24, 2018 755
4 in 10 Strongly Disapprove of Trump Presidency. Norman, Jim Survey May 23, 2018 1012
Deconstructing Trump's Use of Twitter. Newport, Frank Survey May 16, 2018 901
Trump's Job Approval Best in a Year. Jones, Jeffrey M. May 8, 2018 409
Trump's Fifth-Quarter Job Approval Up; Still Historically Low. Jones, Jeffrey M. Survey Apr 24, 2018 949
Historic southern Illinois fort among top 10 buildings in poll. Apr 18, 2018 633
Historic fort among state's top 10 buildings in poll. Apr 18, 2018 633
Historic southern Illinois fort among state's top 10 buildings in poll. Apr 18, 2018 633
Trump Favorable Rating Dips. Norman, Jim Survey Apr 13, 2018 640
Americans Continue to Rate Trump Highest on Economy. McCarthy, Justin Survey Mar 30, 2018 667
The Democratic Emergency. Starr, Paul Essay Mar 22, 2018 1904
Why conservatism died in 2016--and how it was reborn in service to the nation: Conservatism: Trump and Beyond. Buckley, F.H. Essay Mar 22, 2018 3815
Trump Rated Best on Terrorism, the Economy; Better on Taxes. Saad, Lydia Survey Feb 22, 2018 623
Presidency Affects Americans' Lives in Many Ways. Norman, Jim Survey Feb 5, 2018 834
Snapshot: Trump Weekly Job Approval Edges Up to 40%. Newport, Frank Brief article Feb 5, 2018 286
Women in 2018. Survey Feb 1, 2018 2479
Americans' Take on 8 Themes in Trump's State of the Union. Brenan, Megan; Newport, Frank; Saad, Lydia Survey Jan 31, 2018 1934
Trump's Approval Highest in West Virginia, Lowest in Vermont. Saad, Lydia Survey Jan 30, 2018 564
Americans Assess State of Union as Trump Prepares Speech. Newport, Frank Survey Jan 29, 2018 1059
Catholics condemn Trump's reported 'racist' comments. Guidos, Rhina Jan 26, 2018 1042
Gender Gap on Trump Approval Bigger Than Predecessors'. Brenan, Megan Survey Jan 24, 2018 753
Outlook Grim in Latin America for Relations Under Trump. Keating, Elizabeth Survey Jan 23, 2018 629
Party, Ideology and Race Play Key Roles in Trump Approval. Dugan, Andrew Survey Jan 22, 2018 1170
Trump's First-Year Job Approval Worst by 10 Points. Jones, Jeffrey M. Survey Jan 22, 2018 732
Americans Mixed on Whether Trump Has Met Their Expectations. McCarthy, Justin Survey Jan 19, 2018 721
Countries Disapproving of U.S. Leadership Triples in 2017. Loschky, Jay Survey Jan 19, 2018 674
Obama Gets More Credit Than Trump for the Improved Economy. Norman, Jim Survey Jan 18, 2018 519
World's Approval of U.S. Leadership Drops to New Low. Ray, Julie Survey Jan 17, 2018 860
Trump Approval Lower Than U.S. Mood Might Predict. Saad, Lydia Survey Jan 16, 2018 770
Trump Approval Highest Among Mormons, Lowest Among Muslims. Newport, Frank Survey Jan 12, 2018 849
Concientization among People in Support and Opposition of President Trump. Sanchez, Damien M. Report Jan 1, 2018 6894
Majority of Americans Now View Melania Trump Favorably. Brenan, Megan Survey Dec 15, 2017 473
Snapshot: Trump Approval Ties Weekly Low, at 35%. Newport, Frank Survey Dec 4, 2017 336
Trump Rated Best on Economy, Weaker on Other Issues. Brenan, Megan Survey Nov 13, 2017 522
Women amplify their political voices. Araujo-Hawkins, Dawn Nov 3, 2017 1114
The Trump presidency and Europe's dilemma. Tarle, Antoine de Nov 3, 2017 996
Trump Job Approval Slips to 36.9% in His Third Quarter. Jones, Jeffrey M. Survey Oct 20, 2017 639
Trump Presidency Draws Strong Support, Stronger Opposition. Norman, Jim Survey Oct 9, 2017 555
Catholics swift to condemn decision to abandon Dreamers. Stockman, Dan Sep 22, 2017 1570
Paula White: 'Our president is not a racist'. Miller, Emily McFarlan Sep 22, 2017 716
WILL WOMEN TRUMP TRUMP? Brief article Sep 22, 2017 137
Nixon's White House Wars. Murphey, Dwight D. Sep 22, 2017 2448
Seven in 10 Dissatisfied With Way U.S. Is Being Governed. Newport, Frank Survey Sep 18, 2017 958
Slim Majority Approves of Trump's Handling of the Economy. Jones, Jeffrey M. Survey Sep 13, 2017 908
Trump's Job Approval Stabilizing at Lower Level. Jones, Jeffrey M. Survey Aug 30, 2017 992
Let's talk: tolerance and civility: the political Left prides itself on its "tolerance" and "civility," while almost across the board demonstrating hate, incivility, intolerance, and hypocrisy. Jasper, William F. Aug 21, 2017 820
Trump Still Scores Highest as Strong Leader, but Less So Now. Brenan, Megan Survey Aug 16, 2017 525
1 in 4 Americans Say Trump Acted Illegally With Russia. Jones, Jeffrey M. Survey Aug 9, 2017 986
Trump Has Averaged 50% or Higher Job Approval in 17 States. Jones, Jeffrey M. Survey Jul 24, 2017 545
Poll: Trump Most Unpopular US President in Last 70 Years. Jul 23, 2017 205
Trump's Stalwart Geopolitical Regions Are Religious, Rural. Chinni, Dante Survey Jul 13, 2017 531
Trump Disapproval Rooted in Character Concerns. Newport, Frank Survey Jul 13, 2017 937
Americans Remain Divided on Media's Coverage of Trump. Swift, Art Survey Jul 12, 2017 702
Editor's note. Ataman, Muhittin Jun 22, 2017 1601
The legitimacy crisis of the U.S. elite and the rise of Donald Trump. Parmar, Inderjeet Essay Jun 22, 2017 5540
Trump's Diplomatic Tour Not Lifting His Job Approval at Home. Saad, Lydia Survey May 25, 2017 618
Ivanka Trump Gets Less Negative Ratings Than Her Father. Reinhart, RJ Survey May 17, 2017 481
Majority Says Trump Not Making Progress in Changing D.C. Jones, Jeffrey M. Survey May 2, 2017 620
Near 100-Day Mark, Trump Approval Exposes Fragmented US. Chinni, Dante Survey Apr 28, 2017 1442
Trump Mostly Performing to Americans' Expectations. Saad, Lydia Survey Apr 27, 2017 613
Trump Gets Highest Rating for Keeping Manufacturing in US. Newport, Frank Survey Apr 26, 2017 811
Trump's Job Approval in First Quarter Lowest by 14 Points. Jones, Jeffrey M. Survey Apr 20, 2017 970
Majority in US No Longer Thinks Trump Keeps His Promises. Norman, Jim Survey Apr 17, 2017 666
Trump Family Leave, Infrastructure Proposals Widely Popular. Newport, Frank Survey Apr 7, 2017 1243
Democrats Say Their Leaders Should Not Compromise With Trump. Newport, Frank Survey Mar 31, 2017 745
Trump's Approval Rating Unusually Low, Unusually Early. Saad, Lydia Survey Mar 29, 2017 715
Gender Gap Shrinks as Trump Loses Support Among Men. Jones, Jeffrey M. Survey Mar 28, 2017 841
The entitled: why the Kremlin had such big expectations for a Trump presidency. Trudolyubov, Maxim Essay Mar 22, 2017 2282
Trump finds support in Britain's Brexit capital. Randall, Caitlin Essay Mar 22, 2017 2928
Feminist media antidote to fake news. Mitchell, Penni Column Mar 22, 2017 732
Women's march rallies on Washington: millions worldwide rally to protest Trump. Iyer, Niranjana Mar 22, 2017 1082
Shtunks, bawbags and shmegegges. Cockburn, Lyn Column Mar 22, 2017 718
Poll Indicates Americans Leery Of Giving President More Power. Mar 3, 2017 424
The Trump template: Who is "never Trump" now? Statistical data Mar 1, 2017 2369
Resist. Christina, Greta Column Jan 1, 2017 1240
The case for resistance: there is no common ground to be had with the Trump administration. Kennedy, Randall Essay Jan 1, 2017 1755
The Trump presidency: Change, change, change. Report Jan 1, 2017 2751
Control, accountability, and constraints: rethinking perceptions of presidential responsibility for the economy. Kane, John V. Report Jun 1, 2016 15203
Polls and elections: character and political time as sources of presidential greatness. Newman, Brian; Davis, Adrian Report Jun 1, 2016 11363
More Americans View Obama Positively on Key Issues. Norman, Jim Survey Mar 14, 2016 1129
Presidential attention focusing in the global arena: the impact of international travel on foreign publics. Cohen, Jeffrey E. Essay Mar 1, 2016 8588
Americans' Perceptions of Obama's World Standing Improve. McCarthy, Justin Survey Feb 24, 2016 829
The 2016 State of the Union: Considering the Public's Opinion. Saad, Lydia; Newport, Frank; Jones, Jeffrey M. Survey Jan 15, 2016 1678
Approval of Obama's Handling of Economy, Healthcare at 44%. McCarthy, Justin Survey Nov 16, 2015 856
Black Democrats' Life Ratings Slip in Obama's Second Term. Witters, Dan; Newport, Frank Survey Oct 29, 2015 1060
Obama Job Approval Steady in 27th Quarter at 45.9%. Jones, Jeffrey M. Survey Oct 23, 2015 786
Obama's Approval Rating Leveled Off at 46.1% in 26th Quarter. Jones, Jeffrey M. Jul 21, 2015 870
Tilting at windmills. Cooper, Matthew Jun 1, 2015 3634
Is Obama a lame duck? With less than two years left in office, President Obama is trying to defy those who insist his power is waning. Smith, Patricia Feb 23, 2015 966
Why does the public believe Obama is the worst president in nearly 70 years? Andrusko, Dave Jul 1, 2014 471
Hippie days are here again. Voegeli, William Essay Jun 22, 2014 6607
Americans' Ratings of President Obama's Image at New Lows; More view him unfavorably than favorably. Jones, Jeffrey M. Jun 12, 2014 846
The "Paradox" of President Obama? Andrusko, Dave Jun 1, 2014 748
Looking for an anchor: the Obama administration adrift. Andrusko, Dave May 1, 2014 749
Poll shows 53 percent think Obama administration incompetent. Feb 17, 2014 376
Obama's fascism by decree in state of the union. Newman, Alex Feb 17, 2014 773
Access, affordability, and success: how do America's colleges fare and what could it mean for the president's ratings plan? Rodriguez, Awilda; Kelly, Andrew P. Report Feb 1, 2014 3919
Young Americans to ObamaCare: not interested. Emord, Jonathan W. Feb 1, 2014 775
The Obama presidency thus far. Report Jan 1, 2014 1245
The president's handling of issues. Jan 1, 2014 426
Obama and his predecessors. Jan 1, 2014 366
Public opinion on taxes: 1937 to today. Report Apr 1, 2013 12353
George Bush's library. Carr, Matt Mar 22, 2013 1253
The public presidency and disciplinary presumptions. Jacobs, Lawrence R. Mar 1, 2013 9120
State of the Union Has Had Little Effect on Obama Approval; Has averaged one-percentage-point increase after State of Union addresses. Jones, Jeffrey M. Survey Feb 12, 2013 559
Hispanics' Approval of Obama 70%, Up 12 Pts. Since August; Approval up seven percentage points among all adults in same time span. Jones, Jeffrey M. Survey Feb 4, 2013 807
The state of our union. Survey Feb 1, 2013 773
Obama Gets Highest 2012 Job Approval in Hawaii, D.C. Utah and Wyoming give lowest approval ratings. Survey Jan 28, 2013 986
President Obama: looking back and looking ahead. Survey Jan 1, 2013 426
Our first gay Muslim Kenyan communist Lizard president ... and nearly every other conspiracy theory about Barack Obama. Suebsaeng, Asawin; Gilson, Dave Jan 1, 2013 1256
Obama Approval Up Slightly After Election; Recent successful incumbents have seen increases of four points on average. Jones, Jeffrey M. Survey Dec 13, 2012 718
The president's effect on Partisan attitudes. Jacobson, Gary C. Report Dec 1, 2012 11450
Snapshot: U.S. Leadership Unknown in Myanmar; Those with an opinion are more likely to approve than disapprove. Mendes, Elizabeth Survey Nov 19, 2012 475
In U.S., Views of Obama, Democrats Improve After Election; Favorable opinions of Obama highest in three years. Survey Nov 16, 2012 817
Economy, Entitlements, Iran Are Americans' Top Priorities; Partisans agree on many top goals, but disagree on taxes and immigration. Survey Nov 15, 2012 1068
Americans Assess What Obama Can Accomplish in Next Term; Americans generally less positive than in 2008. Survey Nov 15, 2012 1052
Obama Job Approval Up Slightly in 14th Quarter; Averages 46.8%, up from 45.9% in prior quarter. Jones, Jeffrey M. Survey Jul 23, 2012 918
Obama Rated Better on Environmental Than on Energy Policies; Americans' evaluations of Obama's performance are little changed from 2010. Saad, Lydia Survey Mar 26, 2012 1053
The incomplete greatness of Barack Obama: he's gotten more done in three years than any president in decades. Too bad the American public still thinks he hasn't accomplished anything. Glastris, Paul Mar 1, 2012 5864
Obama and his predecessors in February of their election years. Statistical data Feb 1, 2012 317
President Obama and the Republicans in Congress. Statistical data Feb 1, 2012 173
Obama Ratings Historically Polarized; Job approval 80% among Democrats, 12% among Republicans. Survey Jan 27, 2012 858
Obama: pass or fail? When a president runs for a second term, the election is usually about the job he's done so far. What grade will voters give President Obama? Sanger, David E. Cover story Jan 2, 2012 1841
Past presidents assess the State of the Union. Jan 1, 2012 1500
President Obama and his predecessors approach reelection. Statistical data Jan 1, 2012 280
Sundown: Are Jews Shorting Obama's Stock? Tracy, Marc Brief article Sep 26, 2011 123
Majority Rates Obama Same or Worse Compared With Bush; Half say Obama has been worse than Clinton. Jones, Jeffrey M. Survey Sep 23, 2011 959
Post-Loss, Pre-Holidays, Admin. Sells Itself. Tracy, Marc Sep 15, 2011 584
Americans Favor Obama Jobs Plan by 45% to 32%; Majority of those closely following news about it favor its passage. Newport, Frank Survey Sep 14, 2011 932
Obama's Weekly Job Approval at 40%, Lowest of Administration; Obama drops to 39% Aug. 11-13, lowest three-day average to date. Newport, Frank Survey Aug 15, 2011 871
Obama Weekly Approval at 42%; Liberal Support Remains High; Liberal Democrats give Obama 83% approval rating. Newport, Frank Survey Aug 1, 2011 871
Obama Approval Drops to New Low of 40%; Similar to his approval rating for handling the debt ceiling negotiations. Jones, Jeffrey M. Jul 29, 2011 776
Obama's Weekly Job Approval Ties Term Low of 43%; His rating is lower than Clinton's during budget crisis of 1995. Newport, Frank Jul 25, 2011 815
Sitting Duck. Klein, Dan Jul 14, 2011 694
New Poll Finds '1967' Speech Had No Impact. Tracy, Marc Jul 5, 2011 528
Obama Approval Rally Largely Over; Averaged 46% last week after averaging 50% for much of May. Jones, Jeffrey M. Survey Jun 15, 2011 698
Conservative Republicans Largely Abstain From Obama Rally; Their two-point approval increase is among lowest for key subgroups. Jones, Jeffrey M. Jun 3, 2011 691
Chewing Over Bin Laden. Klein, Dan Viewpoint essay May 4, 2011 1677
Obama Averages 46.7% Job Approval in Ninth Quarter; Improved from last two quarters, but still third lowest for Obama. Jones, Jeffrey M. Survey Apr 21, 2011 791
Obama Job Approval at 41%, Tying His Low; Independents' approval rating down to 35%. Jones, Jeffrey M. Survey Apr 15, 2011 752
Obama Still Fares Better on Foreign Than on Domestic Issues; Foreign affairs approval rating at 46%, economy at 39%. Survey Apr 1, 2011 994
Obama's Weekly Job Approval Retreats to 46%; Lowest weekly average since mid-December. Jones, Jeffrey M. Survey Mar 8, 2011 748
The contemporary presidency: the power and limitations of commissions: the Iraq Study Group, Bush, Obama, and Congress. Tama, Jordan Case study Mar 1, 2011 10738
William McKinley and the rhetorical presidency. Saldin, Robert P. Essay Feb 23, 2011 8181
Obama's Approval Ratings More Polarized in Year 2 Than Year 1; Ranks as fourth-most-polarized year for a president since 1953. Jones, Jeffrey M. Survey Feb 4, 2011 818
No SOTU Bump for Obama, but Approval Remains Higher; Obama averaged 50% for five days before and five days after State of the Union address. Newport, Frank Survey Jan 31, 2011 667
Americans Divided on Obama, Republican Spending Proposals; Obama's State of the Union speech rated positively. Jones, Jeffrey M. Survey Jan 28, 2011 808
The State of the Union Speech and Public Opinion; A public opinion review of 19 issues raised in President Obama's 2011 address. Newport, Frank Survey Jan 28, 2011 2671
Post-State of Union Obama Approval Uptick Would Be Atypical; Approval rating for Obama in past week was highest since May. Jones, Jeffery M. Survey Jan 25, 2011 626
Obama Job Approval Reaches 50% for First Time Since Spring; Returns to that level for first time since late May/early June 2010. Jones, Jeffrey M. Survey Jan 3, 2011 662
Americans See U.S. as Exceptional; 37% Doubt Obama Does; Majority believe U.S. at risk of losing status as greatest country in the world. Jones, Jeffrey M. Survey Dec 22, 2010 895
Obama's Overall Job Approval Steady at 46%; Dip in support from liberal Democrats offset by boost from moderate/liberal Republicans. Saad, Lydia Survey Dec 21, 2010 644
Obama Approval Slipping Among Liberal Democrats; Approval rating among this group dips below 80% for first time. Jones, Jeffrey M. Survey Dec 16, 2010 798
Obama Approval Rating Holding Steady Since Midterms; Averaged 46% approval in most recent week. Jones, Jeffrey M. Survey Dec 7, 2010 782
Obama Gets Lowest Marks on Deficit, Highest on Foreign Affairs; Ratings on Afghanistan up since the summer. Newport, Frank Survey Nov 30, 2010 863
Democrats, Republicans Differ in Views of Compromise in D.C. Democrats more likely to favor compromise; Republicans, holding firm to beliefs. Jones, Jeffrey M. Survey Nov 10, 2010 1046
Obama Approval Advances to 47%, Up From 43% Pre-Election; Weekly average of 45% and demographic support patterns are unchanged. Saad, Lydia Survey Nov 8, 2010 818
Obama's Approval Rating at New Low in Most Recent Quarter; His favorable rating and re-elect figures are also at new lows. Jones, Jeffrey M. Survey Oct 21, 2010 1001
Palin's Nod a Plus With Republicans, Minus With Independents; Negative impact on independents is less than Obama's. Morales, Lymari Survey Oct 20, 2010 783
Bill Clinton's Impact More Positive for Democrats Than Obama's; Obama's impact significantly more negative among independents. Newport, Frank Survey Oct 19, 2010 844
Republicans, Democrats Shift on Whether Gov't Is a Threat; Republicans more likely to view government as threat now, Democrats more likely in 2006. Jones, Jeffrey M. Survey Oct 18, 2010 706
Obama Performing Well Relative to Congress' Low Ratings; Obama's 26-point average lead in approval is high versus past presidents' margins. Saad, Lydia Survey Oct 15, 2010 748
On the cusp of a massive rejection. Andrusko, Dave Editorial Oct 1, 2010 704
U.S. Leadership Gains Approval in Parts of Asia; Afghanistan, Pakistan only countries where majorities disapprove. English, Cynthia; Srinivasan, Rajesh Survey Sep 20, 2010 807
Bush Still Takes Brunt of Blame for Economy vs. Obama; Obama sees more blame now than a year ago, but 51% assign him little to no blame. Saad, Lydia Survey Sep 16, 2010 601
Obama's Weekly Job Approval Average Improves to 46%; Highest since mid-July, up from lows recorded in August. Newport, Frank Survey Sep 14, 2010 708
Misrepresentations questioned. Brief article Sep 3, 2010 187
Obama Weekly Job Approval Average at New Low of 43%; Obama's ratings improved near end of week. Newport, Frank Survey Aug 23, 2010 598
Obama Sees New Lows in Job Approval; Weekly average of 44% and three-day average of 42% are lowest yet. Survey Aug 16, 2010 622
On the Issues, Obama Finds Majority Approval Elusive; Scores best on race relations, education. Jones, Jeffrey M. Survey Aug 11, 2010 887
Avg. Midterm Seat Loss 36 for Presidents Below 50% Approval; Presidents above 50% lose average of 14 House seats in midterm elections. Jones, Jeffrey M. Survey Aug 9, 2010 736
Bill Clinton More Popular Than Barack Obama; George W. Bush's favorable rating is up slightly. Saad, Lydia Survey Jul 21, 2010 692
Obama Averages 47.3% Approval in Sixth Quarter; New low for Obama ranks in bottom half of presidential sixth quarters historically. Jones, Jeffrey M. Survey Jul 20, 2010 613
Obama's Highest Half-Year Approval Ratings in D.C., Hawaii; Wyoming, Idaho, Utah, and West Virginia residents were least likely to approve. Jones, Jeffrey M. Survey Jul 19, 2010 736
A 'Turkey' of a Policy. Abrahamson, James L. Report Jun 21, 2010 305
Leniency offered to most 2009 Notre Dame protesters. Muth, Chaz May 14, 2010 413
Voters Currently Divided on Second Obama Term; Just under half say he deserves re-election. Jones, Jeffrey M. Survey Apr 16, 2010 489
Obama Weekly Approval at 47%, Lowest Yet by One Point; Latest three-day average shows a decline to 45% approval, 48% disapproval. Newport, Frank Survey Apr 12, 2010 675
Obama Approval on Healthcare Recovers to 42%; Ratings on economy, foreign affairs, deficit generally stable this year. Newport, Frank Survey Apr 5, 2010 460
Bin Laden Threat Over 9/11 Execution. Brief article Mar 29, 2010 211
Marketing is the new morality: why shouldn't a president who wants to change his country benefit from marketing as good as Starbucks and Nike? Every transformative movement in history has used strong graphic design, catchy slogans and, yes, fashion to build its base. Klein, Naomi Excerpt Mar 22, 2010 2346
U.S. Satisfaction Drops Below 20%; Gains made during early part of Obama presidency are essentially gone. Jones, Jeffrey M. Survey Mar 10, 2010 505
In U.S., 45% Favor, 48% Oppose Obama Healthcare Plan; Growing sentiment among opponents that bill would raise costs, not address real problems. Jones, Jeffrey M. Survey Mar 9, 2010 948
Obama Retains More Trust Than Congress on Healthcare; Confidence in Obama and Democrats down since June; trust highest in doctors and hospitals. Newport, Frank Survey Mar 5, 2010 857
Obama Approval: Among States, Hawaii Warmest to Obama; Wyoming the least approving of Obama in 2009. Saad, Lydia Survey Feb 5, 2010 923
Catholic Charities lauds Obama's focus on jobs, asks help for poor. Filteau, Jerry Feb 5, 2010 361
Afghans More Skeptical of U.S. Leadership, Troops in 2009; Image of United States also viewed less favorably. Ray, Julie; Srinivasan, Rajesh Survey Feb 3, 2010 700
Obama Approval Hits 50% After Stretch of Sub-50 Ratings; Average approval rating for week ending Jan. 31 is his lowest to date. Saad, Lydia Survey Feb 1, 2010 674
Americans With Postgraduate Education Still Back Obama; Whites show greater disparity in support by education than blacks do. Jones, Jeffrey M. Survey Jan 28, 2010 564
Americans on the State of the Nation: Better, but Not Great; Though up from January 2009, satisfaction with U.S. remains low. Saad, Lydia Survey Jan 27, 2010 719
President's Support Usually Unaffected by State of Union; Clinton's 1998 speech the exception to the rule. Jones, Jeffrey M. Survey Jan 26, 2010 781
Obama's Approval Most Polarized for First-Year President; Shows much greater party differences than approval for any prior first-year president. Jones, Jeffrey M. Survey Jan 25, 2010 660
Approval Typically Falls 5 Points in a President's Second Year; Only two of last eight presidents have avoided second-year slump in approval rating. Jones, Jeffrey M. Survey Jan 20, 2010 665
Obama Averages 57% Approval in First Year in Office; Third- and fourth-quarter slump drags average down after promising start. Jones, Jeffrey M. Survey Jan 18, 2010 561
Obama Starts 2010 With 50% Approval; More than 8 in 10 Democrats but less than half of independents approve. Saad, Lydia Survey Jan 6, 2010 799
Clinton Edges Out Palin as Most Admired Woman; Obama easily wins Most Admired Man title. Survey Dec 30, 2009 844
"Political Winners" Circle Filled by Figures Close to Obama; Americans divided in labeling Sarah Palin as a political winner or loser. Survey Dec 28, 2009 681
Palin's Favorable Up Slightly; Obama's Holds Steady; Obama (56%) more popular than Palin (44%). Survey Dec 17, 2009 804
After Brief Uptick, Obama Approval Slips to 47%; New low follows slight increase after announcement of Afghanistan policy. Survey Dec 7, 2009 699
Obama's Plan for Afghanistan Finds Bipartisan Support; Overall, 51% of Americans support the new policy, while 40% are opposed. Newport, Frank Survey Dec 3, 2009 1053
Obama Approval on Afghanistan, at 35%, Trails Other Issues; Decline from 49% in September far exceeds that for other issues and for approval more broadly. Jones, Jeffrey M. Survey Dec 1, 2009 630
U.S. Leadership, Obama Winning Favor in Latin America; Significantly more approve of U.S. leadership than in previous years. Brown, Ian T. Survey Dec 1, 2009 1022
Americans Still Leaning Against Healthcare Legislation; Majority disapprove of Obama's handling of the issue. Jones, Jeffrey M. Survey Nov 30, 2009 744
Obama's Approval Slide Finds Whites Down to 39%; Support has declined much more among whites than among nonwhites. Jones, Jeffrey M. Survey Nov 24, 2009 805
Obama Job Approval Down to 49%; President becomes fourth fastest to slip below the majority approval level. Jones, Jeffrey M. Survey Nov 20, 2009 799
Poll: Most Israelis Want Obama to 'Lay Off' Israel. Brief article Nov 19, 2009 88
Op-Ed Series on Obama: Part I. Brief article Nov 17, 2009 93
Americans Split on Afghanistan Troop Increase vs. Decrease; Thirty-five percent support Gen. McChrystal's recommendation for 40,000 additional troops. Jones, Jeffrey M. Survey Nov 12, 2009 742
U.S. Waiting for Race Relations to Improve Under Obama; Hope for long-term improvement still abounds. Saad, Lydia Survey Nov 9, 2009 940
In U.S., Majority Now Say Obama's Policies "Mostly Liberal"; Fewer than half believe he has kept his election promises. Saad, Lydia Survey Nov 4, 2009 964
One Year After Election, Americans Less Sure About Obama; Far fewer say he will be able to control federal spending or heal political divisions. Newport, Frank Survey Nov 3, 2009 1029
Little "Obama Effect" on Views About Race Relations; Attitudes toward race not significantly improved from previous years. Newport, Frank Survey Oct 29, 2009 1236
Americans See More Priorities Vying for Obama's Attention; Economy still top issue, but Iraq and Afghanistan, healthcare, deficit up. Jones, Jeffrey M. Survey Oct 28, 2009 776
On Healthcare, Americans Trust Obama More Than Congress; By 48% to 37%, more trust the Democrats than the Republicans in Congress. Saad, Lydia Survey Oct 28, 2009 648
Americans' Views on Obama and the Nobel Peace Prize; Majority say it is not deserved, although about half are glad Obama received it. Newport, Frank Survey Oct 23, 2009 891
Obama Quarterly Approval Average Slips Nine Points to 53%; Largest second- to third-quarter drop for an elected president. Jones, Jeffrey M. Survey Oct 21, 2009 561
Many Gun Owners Think Obama Will Try to Ban Gun Sales; Fifty-five percent of this group, and 41% of all Americans, hold this belief. Newport, Frank Survey Oct 20, 2009 774
U.S. Leadership Gets Approval Boost in Parts of Europe; Approval increased by a median of 40 percentage points in 7 of 8 countries surveyed. English, Cynthia Survey Oct 19, 2009 636
Obama Job Approval at 56% After Nobel Win; Highest rating in more than two months. Jones, Jeffrey M. Survey Oct 12, 2009 454
Obama's Nobel Prize: Public Opinion Context; Approval on foreign affairs similar to overall job approval rating; more perceive world respect. Newport, Frank Survey Oct 9, 2009 547
Obama's Leadership Qualities Stand Out to Americans; Seven in 10 say the president is willing to make hard decisions. Jones, Jeffrey M. Sep 21, 2009 687
Most Americans Still Credit Obama for Bipartisan Efforts; Six in 10 say he is making a sincere effort to work with Republicans. Jones, Jeffrey M. Survey Sep 18, 2009 626
Obama Gets Highest Approval on Iraq, Lowest on Deficit; Little change in Obama approval on economy, healthcare. Newport, Frank Survey Sep 17, 2009 884
Opinion formation, polarization, and presidential reelection. Burden, Barry C.; Hillygus, D. Sunshine Report Sep 1, 2009 7029
Presidential Approval and the Dow: No Clear Relationship; History suggests no clear pattern. Newport, Frank; Jones, Jeffrey M.; Saad, Lydia Aug 28, 2009 1895
Amid Debate, Obama Approval Rating on Healthcare Steady; Americans disapprove of his handling of the issue, by 49% to 43%. Survey Aug 12, 2009 523
Despite Obama's Stance, 70% of Americans See Israel as Ally. Brief article Aug 12, 2009 81
66 Percent of Jews: Our Sovereignty in Jerusalem is Indisputable. Brief article Aug 9, 2009 84
Views Mixed on Whether Obama Is Changing Washington; Increase since April in view that civility between Democrats and Republicans is getting worse. Jones, Jeffrey M. Survey Aug 6, 2009 891
Obama Job Approval Edges Up to 56%; Rating up from administration low point of 52% early last week. Newport, Frank Survey Aug 3, 2009 700
Obama Approval Slips Three Points in Past Week; His 56% weekly average rating for July 20-26 is lowest to date. Survey Jul 28, 2009 784
Poll: U.S. Image in Israel Suffers After Obama Cairo Speech. Brief article Jul 26, 2009 86
Obama Gets High Marks on Leadership, Empathy; Even after slight decline, two in three say he exhibits these characteristics. Jones, Jeffrey M. Survey Jul 24, 2009 579
Biden Favorability Trails Obama and Recent VPs; Favorable views of Biden have dropped from 59% to 48% since November. Saad, Lydia Survey Jul 23, 2009 927
More Disapprove Than Approve of Obama on Healthcare; President is rated higher on international than on domestic issues. Survey Jul 21, 2009 646
Obama Job Approval Trends Downward in Second Quarter; Overall 62% second-quarter average compares favorably to immediate predecessors. Survey Jul 20, 2009 643
Obama Honeymoon Continues; 7 Months Is Recent Average; Earlier honeymoons lasted an average of 26 months. Jones, Jeffrey M. Survey Jul 3, 2009 369
Obama Job Approval Slips to 58% for First Time; Lowest reading for Obama thus far in Gallup Poll Daily tracking. Saad, Lydia Survey Jun 19, 2009 536
Limbaugh, Gingrich, Cheney Seen as Speaking for GOP; Obama overwhelmingly seen as main person who speaks for Democrats. Newport, Frank Survey Jun 10, 2009 966
Obama Rated Highest as Person, Lowest on Deficit, Spending; Obama doing better than Bush and Clinton at similar points in their first year in office. Newport, Frank Survey Jun 8, 2009 931
Little Change in U.S. Obama Approval After Cairo Speech; Gallup Poll Daily tracking shows Obama approval at 62% for June 5-7. Newport, Frank Survey Jun 8, 2009 455
Among Workers, Service Employees Rate Obama Highest; Professionals give Obama higher approval than business owners. Saad, Lydia Survey Jun 1, 2009 886
Approval of U.S. Leadership Up in Some Arab Countries; Most remain low overall; more Palestinians disapprove than before. Ray, Julie; Younis, Mohamed Survey Jun 1, 2009 778
Obama Approval Compares Favorably to Prior Presidents; Only three presidents since Eisenhower have had higher May ratings. Jones, Jeffrey M. Survey May 29, 2009 770
Americans Green-Light Higher Fuel Efficiency Standards; Majority support spans political parties and demographics. Morales, Lymari Survey May 19, 2009 637
No Clamor for High Court Appointee to Be Woman, Minority; As in 2005, majority of Americans say gender, race, and ethnicity of appointee don't matter. Newport, Frank Survey May 13, 2009 841
Obama Approval Picks Up in May; Still, only 25% say they would definitely vote to re-elect him in 2012. Saad, Lydia Survey May 11, 2009 940
Americans' Satisfaction With U.S. Doubles Since January; At 34%, however, satisfaction is still low on an absolute basis. Newport, Frank Survey May 5, 2009 789
At 100 Days, Obama Approval Broad as Well as Deep; Solid majorities of everyone but Republicans and conservatives approve. Saad, Lydia Survey Apr 29, 2009 888
Obama Administration Gets High Marks on Swine Flu So Far; Roughly two-thirds approve across all regions and levels of worry. Morales, Lymari Survey Apr 29, 2009 531
In First 100 Days, Obama Meets or Exceeds Expectations; Praise for Obama on the economy, foreign policy; criticism on budgetary matters. Saad, Lydia Survey Apr 24, 2009 1168
In First 100 Days, Obama Seen as Making a Bipartisan Effort; Americans less likely to say Republicans, Democrats in Congress doing the same. Jones, Jeffrey M. Survey Apr 24, 2009 992
High Expectations for Obama on the Environment; Almost 8 in 10 Americans believe he will do good job of protecting environment. Newport, Frank Survey Apr 22, 2009 574
Obama Averages 63% Approval in His First Quarter; Highest first-quarter average since 1977. Jones, Jeffrey M. Survey Apr 17, 2009 723
Americans Most Confident in Obama on Economy; Democratic leaders in Congress fare better than Republican leaders. Newport, Frank Survey Apr 13, 2009 583
Satisfaction Ratings Continue Slow, Steady Climb; Percentage satisfied with conditions in U.S. is double pre-Obama reading. Jones, Jeffrey M. Survey Apr 8, 2009 501
Obama Hopes for Approval Turnaround With Turkish Public; Turks not hopeful about improving U.S. policies toward their country. Brown, Ian T.; Nyiri, Zsolt Survey Apr 3, 2009 571
Michelle Obama's Favorable Rating Eclipses Her Husband's; Both president and first lady are quite popular. Jones, Jeffrey M. Survey Apr 2, 2009 536
Obama Working With 61% Approval on Foreign Affairs; President does less well on the economy and the deficit. Newport, Frank Survey Apr 1, 2009 560
View of prez a lot different outside D.C. bubble. Johnson, Ted Mar 30, 2009 993
Amid Budget Battle, Americans' Views Hold Steady; Views are more positive than negative but diverge according to party lines. Morales, Lymari Survey Mar 26, 2009 618
Obama Offer & Khamenei Response. Mar 23, 2009 1876
The future is happening now: people of every culture were engaging in guerrilla iconography, creating images of Obama that rendered visible their own aspirations and mirrored their own dreams. Martinez, Demetria Column Mar 20, 2009 661
Obama's Approval Equal To or Better Than Bush's, Clinton's; Biggest change since inauguration has been decline among Republicans. Newport, Frank Survey Mar 16, 2009 607

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