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Differing Views On US Economy Ahead Of State Of The Union. Wesley Dockery Jan 28, 2020 457
Economic confidence bounces in Pakistan in 4Q19: Global survey. Jan 23, 2020 720
Economic confidence sees a bounce in Pakistan for Q4 2019, finds global survey. Jan 22, 2020 733
Press Releases - Signs of stability in Pakistan's economy, but growth to remain very modest: ACCA'S global survey. Oct 20, 2019 697
Optimism in UK financial sector falls as firms fear growth slump. Sep 16, 2019 158
Is the Economy Softening? What the Polls Show. Sep 1, 2019 3493
Texas voters are upbeat about the economy, UT/TT Poll finds. Oct 31, 2018 571
Early-bird holiday shopping may cost you $370 more in the end. Oct 28, 2018 299
Khamenehi apologizes to the Iranian public. Brief article Feb 23, 2018 217
Ship of gold bearing text of Qoran offends many. Jan 26, 2018 419
Businesses see outlook of Slovakia's economy as positive. Jan 24, 2018 601
Kenyans term 2017 a bad year, poll shows. Dec 29, 2017 774
Survey shows most Kenyans eager to bid 2017 goodbye. Dec 28, 2017 899
PASSIVE vs. ACTIVE: Stable Markets Keeping Portfolio Strategy Intact. Hrywna, Mark Oct 1, 2017 639
Slim Majority Approves of Trump's Handling of the Economy. Jones, Jeffrey M. Survey Sep 13, 2017 908
Economic Problems, Corruption Fail to Dent Putin's Image. Ray, Julie; Esipova, Neli Survey Mar 28, 2017 785
Trump vs. Clinton: Poll favors GOP nominee by wide margin. Oct 6, 2016 763
These 6 charts show what American workers really think about the U.S. economy. Apr 9, 2015 430
Investment Managers Optimistic About U.S. Economy and Profit Growth. Survey Jan 16, 2014 528
U.S. Economic Indicators Improve in 2013; Gallup's economic confidence, job creation, and consumer spending measures rise. Moore, Brendan Jan 9, 2014 1497
More Americans say country headed in wrong direction. Brief article Oct 21, 2013 318
U.S. Economic Confidence Lingers at Lower Level in August; Gallup's Economic Confidence Index registers -13, similar to -12 in July. Brown, Alyssa Survey Sep 3, 2013 941
Climate Change And Financial Instability Seen As Top Global Threats. Brief article Jun 28, 2013 186
Cameron tops poll as leader most trusted on crime and the economy. May 18, 2013 357
Most Say Sequestration Hurts Economy, But Don't Think It Will Personally Effect Them: Hill Poll. Mar 11, 2013 333
A Psychologist Views Israel's Bread & Butter Dilemma. Feb 3, 2013 101
A Psychologist Views Israel's Bread & Butter Dilemma. Feb 3, 2013 105
Global survey of accountants points to China slowdown. Jul 30, 2012 890
American economy maybe down, but improving: Poll. Apr 19, 2012 218
44 percent Americans say economy will be better in 2013. Feb 17, 2012 196
Obama's 2012 re-election chances now flip-of-coin 50:50: Poll. Dec 17, 2011 260
Over five in ten Americans disapprove of Obama, 94 percent view economy negatively: Poll. Dec 10, 2011 264
Poll: 57 per cent of Americans say spending cuts will help the economy. Sep 21, 2011 586
Americans' Economic Confidence Weak, but Has Stabilized; Gallup Economic Confidence Index registers -53 for third straight week. Saad, Lydia Survey Aug 23, 2011 865
New Low of 26% Approve of Obama on the Economy; Ratings on Afghanistan and foreign affairs have also declined. Saad, Lydia Survey Aug 17, 2011 814
Sub-Saharan Africans Struggle Financially Even as GDP Grows; Median of 36% found it "very difficult" to live on household income in 2010. Tortora, Bob Survey Jan 26, 2011 549
Europeans Gain Optimism About Their Financial Situations; A median of 29% saw their living standards getting better in 2010. Manchin, Anna Survey Dec 30, 2010 596
Indians' Economic Optimism Rebounds in 2010; Perceptions about the job market lag, getting worse in less developed areas. Crabtree, Steve Survey Nov 19, 2010 843
GEORGE THE 3RD; It's Budget Day.. and a Mirror poll puts Labour 24% ahead on the economy and Osborne the WORST possible Chancellor. Mar 24, 2010 651
More Germans Perceive Improving Economic Conditions; Despite gains, a majority still said economy getting worse. English, Cynthia Survey Feb 1, 2010 585
As Asian Economies Falter, Trust in Gov't Remains High; Export-reliant developing economies still trust financial institutions. Lyons, Linda Survey Jan 28, 2010 669
Yemenis' Economic Situations Among Worst in Region; Seven percent think it is a good time to find a job. Ray, Julie Survey Jan 26, 2010 829
Half of all Americans expect another country to emerge this century as the world's leader in addressing technological challenges that range from the economy to global warming, according a survey of U.S. public opinion released by Duke University, Durham, N.C. Apr 1, 2009 113
Chinese Buck Trend of Economic Negativity; More economic pessimism in Indonesia, South Korea, and Japan. English, Cynthia Survey Feb 20, 2009 851
Ahead of Election, Ghanaians Prioritize Economic Issues; Poverty, new jobs, unemployment top to-do list for new government. Tortora, Bob Survey Dec 4, 2008 462
Back to Square One for Kenyansa[euro][TM] Personal Well-Being? A majority say economic issues must be priorities for the government. Rheault, Magali; Tortora, Bob Survey Nov 10, 2008 740
Q & A ... asks PE readers their views on: job security amid economic turmoil. Oct 15, 2008 966
Personal Financial Assessments Remain at 32-Year Low; Majority, however, say they will be better off next year at this time. Newport, Frank Survey Sep 29, 2008 737
Economic Concerns Simmer Ahead of Indonesia's Election; Rising corruption also troubles citizens. Ray, Julie Survey Jul 17, 2008 639
Farm Protests Underscore Economic Worry Across Argentina; Rural respondents twice as likely to voice their concern. Brown, Ian T. Survey Jul 16, 2008 370
Most Japanese Say Economy Getting Worse; Consumers also pessimistic about nation's future. Ray, Julie Survey Jul 7, 2008 491
Inflation Grips Indonesians, Worries Reach Record High; Roughly 4 in 10 say living standards getting worse. Survey Jun 26, 2008 504
"Modern Myanmar" Tops Burmese Hopes for Nation's Future; Modernization, development, economic improvement mentioned frequently. Survey Jun 11, 2008 725
Fixing Zimbabwe: What Residents Have to Say; A majority think a change in leadership is necessary to heal the economy. Rheault, Magali Survey Mar 24, 2008 401
H.K. people most optimistic about 2008: poll. Jan 5, 2008 273
"In their own words ...". Dec 1, 2007 607
Senegalese Sense Economic Decline; Citizens are less optimistic in 2007 than they were in 2006. Survey Sep 7, 2007 752
Despite Oil Wealth, Most Chadians Dissatisfied With Standard of Living; Land rights and management are critical issues. Rheault, Magali Survey Sep 6, 2007 902
'When the rich catch a cold, the middle class sneezes': Mabasa Sasa went into the streets of Zimbabwe to gauge public feeling about the government's clampdown on price increases. Generally, it was thumbs up for the government. Sasa, Mabasa Aug 1, 2007 768
Economic Stability Helping Indonesians Put Tough Decade Behind Them; 2007 poll detects clear uptick in economic optimism. Lyons, Linda Survey Jul 31, 2007 553
Arizonans' Attitudes toward Science, Technology, and Their Effects on the Economy. Jun 1, 2006 189
Economy lifts Bush's support in latest poll: N.Y. Times/CBS survey. Dec 12, 2005 194
Confident but conservative. Brief Article Oct 1, 2003 147
Finnish consumer confidence in Finland's economy unchanged in August. Brief Article Aug 29, 2003 188
Confidence is building, but worries remain. Aug 1, 2003 582
Optimism continues, study finds. (Timmins Special Report). Wareing, Andrew Jul 1, 2003 688
The Buckeye State Poll. Jun 1, 2002 471

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