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Public key crypto.

INFORMATION SECURITY PRODUCTS from Datakey, Inc., incorporate personal hardware cryptographic tokens to protect corporate data access. The SignaSURE line of products features token-based information security that implements a two-level security scheme-something that is owned (a hardware token) and something that is known (a password to activate the token).

The SignaSURE products offer a choice of token formats: the versatile smart card and the environmentally rugged smart key. The smart card or key stores and processes the cryptographic functions necessary for privacy and data integrity. Sensitive security functions are 'off loaded' on the hardware token, adding a layer of security over software-only systems. Also included are a companion reader/writer that plugs into a computer (serial port or PCMCIA slot) and the software that interfaces with the application software.

- Datakey, Inc.
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Title Annotation:Datakey's SignaSURE data security system
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Date:Oct 1, 1998
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