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Lawmakers seek hike in DHSUD budget for 2021. Sep 11, 2020 535
Makinde, FHA Management Partner On Development For Public Housing. Sep 10, 2020 494
Entire building in Navotas public housing site under lockdown. Sep 5, 2020 284
Ombudsman concerns over delay in completing government housing projects. Aug 29, 2020 493
Delay in P551-M relocation housing forces 1,406 informal-settler families to continue living in danger areas. Jul 23, 2020 548
Navotas LGU waives fees for public housing project until June. May 26, 2020 282
PKR lawmaker urges DBKL to also exempt public housing rent during Covid-19 shutdown. Mar 19, 2020 345
MRI Software Acquires Lindsey Software to Optimise Management/Compliance Solutions in Public Housing Sector. Jan 14, 2020 169
MRI Software Acquires Lindsey Software to Optimise Management/Compliance Solutions in Public Housing Sector. Jan 14, 2020 169
Public housing to be increased for singles. Dec 19, 2019 435
Ban Smoking In Public Housing Units. Dec 9, 2019 305
Marijuana Legalization: Illinois To Allow Recreational Pot, Not In Public Housing. Kalyan Kumar Nov 12, 2019 506
malomatia, MADLSA join hands to develop Government Housing project. Nov 4, 2019 350
KDA to launch public housing schemes for marginalized sections. Oct 15, 2019 174
RDA approves first government housing society for low paid employees, lower middle class. Oct 13, 2019 161
K?inga Ora to deliver world-class public housing. Sep 20, 2019 375
DBKL identifying public housing, PPR flat tenants to assist them settle rent arrears. Sep 15, 2019 367
Director General KDA Dr. Badar Jameel Mandhro's whirlwind visit to KDA Poly Clinic, Land Department, Public Housing Schemes, Estate and Enforcement, Secretariat and Public Relations Departments - Press Note issued by Karachi Development Authority. Aug 5, 2019 249
Director General KDA Dr. Badar Jameel Mandhro's whirlwind visit to KDA Poly Clinic, Land Department, Public Housing Schemes, Estate and Enforcement, Secretariat and Public Relations Departments - Press Note issued by Karachi Development Authority. Aug 5, 2019 249
Groups decry sharp cut in public housing budget. Jun 24, 2019 496
$560M Queens public housing transformation complete. Jun 19, 2019 568
Labour EU manifesto calls for investment in public housing. May 2, 2019 231
Time to get RAD with public housing. Milestein, Jolie Dec 12, 2018 471
RDA approves Government housing scheme for low-income people in Rawalpindi. Nov 4, 2018 271
DBKL to audit PPR and public housing to see if tenants belong to B40 group. Oct 31, 2018 281
Minister: Public housing and PPR elevators to be comprehensively upgraded or replaced. Aug 6, 2018 530
CROSSING the LINE. Scott, Jim Aug 1, 2018 704
HANO gets grant to help public housing residents improve employment. Jul 26, 2018 192
Feds to oversee $1B NYCHA fix: Calls for drastic action to repair public housing stock. Dutton, Holly Jun 13, 2018 675
Almost 2,000 on waiting list for public housing in Penang, says Chow. Jun 6, 2018 629
Jinjang Utara longhouse residents question public housing delay. May 31, 2018 230
DBKL cancels PPR, public housing repainting contracts worth RM180m. May 30, 2018 218
Taipei City unveils first welfare facilities at public housing complex. May 27, 2018 290
Social and Housing Conditions and Perceived Morbidity of Victims of Internal Forced Displacement Living in Public Housing in Turbo, Antioquia/Condiciones socio-habitacionales y morbilidad percibida de desplazados internos residentes en Viviendas de Interes Social en Turbo, Antioquia/Condicoes sociais, habitacionais e morbidade percebida das vitimas de deslocamento forcado que residem em moradias de interesse social em Turbo, Antioquia. Castano-Pineda, Yeferson; Atehortua-Mira, Sonia Maria; Lopez-Arango, Yolanda May 1, 2018 9203
"It's our form of apartheid": How Galveston stalled public housing reconstruction in the 10 years after Ike. Apr 16, 2018 3204
KDA focuses on launching public housing scheme in Korangi: KDA DG. Mar 29, 2018 151
KDA focuses on launching public housing scheme in Korangi: KDA DG. Mar 29, 2018 141
Seoul to provide 240,000 public housing units by 2022. Mar 23, 2018 628
Why America Needs More SOCIAL HOUSING: Subsidizing market prices to make housing affordable is a losing strategy. There's a better way--on display for a century in Vienna. Dreier, Peter Essay Mar 22, 2018 4868
Seoul's evolving public housing policy. Mar 21, 2018 646
Top Construction Projects 5. New Orleans Public Housing. Feb 26, 2018 692
Penang exco demands Putrajaya provide public housing for state civil servants. Feb 8, 2018 470
New regulations planned to ease redevelopment of public housing. Jan 17, 2018 416
Castleton Technology Acquires Australian Public Housing Software Specialist Kinetic. Dec 12, 2017 245
2. "Buyer's Price" and "Apartment for Rent"--Limited Government Programs. Nov 15, 2017 1372
3. What Does Work? The Public Housing Option. Nov 15, 2017 1404
4. The Public Housing Option: Global Models of Social Housing. Nov 15, 2017 2104
5. Public Housing in Israel: A Status Report. Nov 15, 2017 1778
6. From Limited "National Housing" to Universal, High-Quality Public Housing. Nov 15, 2017 3175
MRI Software Acquires HAB to Expand Position in Multi-Family Public Housing Real Estate Industry. Oct 18, 2017 275
MRI Software Acquires HAB to Expand Position in Multi-Family Public Housing Real Estate Industry. Oct 18, 2017 277
MRI Software Acquires Public Housing, Affordable Housing Management Software Firm Tenmast. Oct 11, 2017 273
The Future Of Public Housing Under Trump Budget Cuts. Reprint Jul 17, 2017 1650
Who has the courage to stand up for public housing? Banks, John Jun 21, 2017 651
HUD adopts smoke-free public housing. Krisberg, Kim Feb 1, 2017 204
Hud bans smoking: in public housing industry responds. Jan 1, 2017 703
The case for permanent supportive housing for persons with serious mental illness: Improved lives, reduced costs, and compliance with federal law. Signer, Mira E. Dec 22, 2016 2548
Permanent supportive housing: Virginia investment and estimated state cost avoidance. Yavorsky, Kristin; Wark, Kaitlyn Dec 22, 2016 901
Carson Explains Why His Family Avoided Public Housing. Dec 9, 2016 509
Some Can't Find New Homes as Demolition of Public Housing Nears. Sep 19, 2016 1765
Public housing workers on learning curve to energy efficiency. Aug 31, 2016 758
Puerto Rico cuts power at public housing amid unpaid bills. Jul 18, 2016 153
KDA officials asked to restore public housing schemes. Jul 1, 2016 146
KDA officials asked to restore public housing schemes. Jul 1, 2016 112
Public housing and crime. Van Doren, Peter Brief article Jun 22, 2016 136
TB spread not linked to public housing. Wahowiak, Lindsey May 1, 2016 156
Why New York brokers should care about public housing. Heller, Karen Apr 27, 2016 707
Local governments need citizen engagement to transform distressed neighborhoods. Brief article Apr 1, 2016 235
Gage East: a two-gen/multi-gen story from the Prairie. Fleissner, Paul Apr 1, 2016 874
Making public housing in US smoke-free predicted to save lives. Wahowiak, Lindsey Mar 1, 2016 915
Public has 60 days to comment on plan for public housing smoking ban. Nov 18, 2015 271
Festival puts focus on farm for public housing. Oct 7, 2015 491
High-Income Texans Find Homes in Public Housing. Sep 30, 2015 1037
Private developers get keys to public housing. Dutton, Holly Sep 16, 2015 638
KMC set to launch low cost public housing projects. Jul 28, 2015 415
KMC setups Executive Board for public housing schemes. Jul 16, 2015 123
Singapore's public housing resale hits 2-yr high. Jul 9, 2015 302
APHA calls for federal smoke-free housing. Wahowiak, Lindsey Brief article Jul 1, 2015 137
Dickensian blocks: East London's contemporary housing landscape: Charles Dickens would recognise many familiar features in twenty-first-century East London. Polsky, Stephanie Jun 22, 2015 4182
Public housing land key to latest de Blasio development plan. Bautista, Christian Brazil May 20, 2015 336
A sense of place: PJ Paparelli and the American Theater Company ponder Chicago's public housing crisis in a new documentary play. Connors, Thomas May 1, 2015 1449
The social imperative. da Conceicao e Silva, Jose Antonio Maria Interview Mar 1, 2015 1886
Sort through affordable housing development acronyms: read how developers and public housing agencies frequently pursue affordable housing development. Korb, Michele R. Yarbrough Mar 1, 2015 2404
Institute of Public Housing secures loan to resume lending. Feb 6, 2015 502
CDT commits $100m to public housing program. Feb 4, 2015 382
What has happened to Australia's public housing? Thirty years of policy and outcomes, 1981 to 2011. Groenhart, Lucy; Burke, Terry Report Dec 22, 2014 7373
Moody's affirms Government Housing Bank's long term foreign currency deposit rating. Dec 15, 2014 577
Let WHA help those in public housing. Letter to the editor Oct 15, 2014 237
Public housing, concentrated poverty, and crime. Hartley, Daniel Oct 7, 2014 2613
Still more public housing underwritten with your $$$. Hudson, Mike Oct 7, 2014 549
Breaking public housing stigma; Chamber, WHA boost work initiative. Petrishen, Brad Sep 12, 2014 649
NIB funds EGP 270m in public housing projects this year: Board Member. Aug 2, 2014 431
Two new roads to link government housing in Sharjah. Jun 23, 2014 236
5 public housing residents referred to prosecution. Jun 12, 2014 292
WHA program for ex-drug users praised; Former convicts obtain public housing. Kush, Bronislaus B. May 16, 2014 502
Galveston project works to involve community in rebuilding after storm. Tucker, Charlotte Jan 1, 2014 424
$732m repair package for NYC public housing. Sep 25, 2013 323
Public Housing Gets New Lease on Life, Transforming an Urban Island Into a Community. Sep 19, 2013 591
New Deal ruins; race, economic justice, and public housing policy. Book review Aug 1, 2013 124
Social housing policy challenges in Tasmania. Francis-Brophy, Ellie; Donoghue, Jed Report Jun 22, 2013 7903
Warning: vultures eyeing NYCHA. Paul, Ari May 1, 2013 1643
Galveston Public Housing Plan Moves Forward. Apr 17, 2013 950
Public housing and the politics of stigma. Jacobs, Keith; Flanagan, Kathleen Report Mar 22, 2013 8223
Minister claims to be hero, not villain in massive public housing scandal. Nov 27, 2012 491
Prime Minister Stresses Importance of Government Housing Program. Nov 1, 2012 109
Sleight of hand: what Joel Klein's misleading autobiography tells us about education reform. Rothstein, Richard Critical essay Nov 1, 2012 5166
Driven from New Orleans; how nonprofits betray public housing and promote privatization. Book review Oct 1, 2012 190
Public housing model broken. Sep 28, 2012 784
De la demolition des taudis a la sauvegarde du patrimoine bati (Montreal, 1954-1973). Drouin, Martin Essay Sep 22, 2012 11248
Barrio, bulldozers, and baseball: the destruction of Chavez Ravine. McCue, Andy Report Sep 22, 2012 2418
Chinese journalist tries to infiltrate London public housing tower with anti-craft missiles. Jul 26, 2012 191
Shakeup in public housing; Regulations aim for accountability, transparency. Jun 22, 2012 1060
The race to get in, and the struggle to get out: the problem of inter-generational poverty in federal housing programs. Shin, Matthew Jun 22, 2012 10936
HRC: Authorities to seek public housing for Syrian refugees. Mar 28, 2012 405
The Paris banlieue: peripheries of inequity. Angelil, Marc; Siress, Cary Report Mar 22, 2012 4493
The deep dive: a plan baked in Atlanta aims to save public housing in New York. Ford, Ruth Nov 1, 2011 3667
Public housing in post-colonial Indonesia: the revolution of rising expectations. Colombijn, Freek Oct 1, 2011 9638
Dismantling families: parents struggle for housing security when children get into trouble. Cinti, Dylan Cover story Sep 1, 2011 916
Understanding alcohol consumption and its correlates among African American youths in public housing: a test of problem behavior theory. Lombe, Margaret; Yu, Mansoo; Nebbitt, Von; Earl, Tara Report Sep 1, 2011 6998
City's maintenance of public housing is unacceptable: survey. Aug 8, 2011 262
Last-ditch bid to save derelict homes; Funds meeting with Government housing bosses. Jul 23, 2011 438
Residents of first public housing complex fight for repairs. May 4, 2011 225
New public housing rule offers LGBT protection. Bradshaw, Mark David Apr 1, 2011 719
-China's CDB issues CNY100bn in public housing loans. Mar 4, 2011 143
Work in progress: residents get more NYCHA jobs: since 1968, public housing authorities nationwide have largely been ignoring a law requiring that they employ residents. Evidence suggests that at NYCHA, at least, that's changing. Scholl, Diana Mar 1, 2011 1858
Gentle nudge; Breaking the habit of public housing. Editorial Feb 20, 2011 345
Back to public housing's roots. Feb 18, 2011 703
$189m in grants available for public housing. Sep 1, 2010 341
Public housing to go smoke-free. Jul 16, 2010 732
Smoking in public housing poses serious health risks to tenants. Jun 18, 2010 355
Rebirth on the Bayou: New Orleans' Columbia Pare has revitalized a former public housing site destroyed by Hurricane Katrina, proving for some that you can go home again. Boston, Lauren Jun 1, 2010 1567
Affordable housing: what role for local government? Tiley, Ian; Hil, Richard Report May 1, 2010 4904
GAM and the Public Housing Corporation Sign a Memorandum of Understanding. Mar 23, 2010 603
GAM and the Public Housing Corporation Sign a Memorandum of Understanding. Mar 22, 2010 603
Fort Lauderdale community rallies to save public housing project from demolition ... and more. Mar 3, 2010 114
Sustained Earnings Gains for Residents in a Public Housing Jobs Program: Seven-Year Findings from the Jobs-Plus Demonstration. Policy Brief. Riccio, James A. Abstract Jan 1, 2010 296
From policies to building: public housing in Canada's Eastern Arctic 1950s to 1980s. Debicka, Elizabeth; Friedman, Avi Report Dec 22, 2009 4637
Gov't to construct massive low-cost houses in Northern Taiwan. Brief article Dec 7, 2009 209
Evaluating tenants' satisfaction with public housing in Lagos, Nigeria/Gyventoju pasitenkinimo komunaliniais bustais Lagose (Nigerija) tyrimas. Jiboye, Adesoji David Report Dec 1, 2009 3916
IDB to set up global fund for housing of the poor. Sep 6, 2009 358
Effectiveness of an integrated pest management intervention in controlling cockroaches, mice, and allergens in New York City public housing. Kass, Daniel; McKelvey, Wendy; Carlton, Elizabeth; Hernandez, Marta; Chew, Ginger; Nagle, Sean; Garf Aug 1, 2009 7526
Public housing: Jakob + MacFarlane architects. Slessor, Catherine May 1, 2009 992
Government of Kyrgyzstan to spend over 1 billion som for public housing. Apr 23, 2009 111
Invest in homelessness Prevention and affordable housing. Cunningham, Mary Brief article Apr 1, 2009 183
The Reporter's Kelly Lowenstein, Loury and Fernando Diaz are featured in "Interrupt the Pipeline," a documentary film by Flavian Prince that explores the impact of public housing's transformation on poor families. Mar 1, 2009 88
Bringing Children Together: Magnet Schools and Public Housing Redevelopment. Tegeler, Philip; Eaton, Susan; Miller, Westra Jan 1, 2009 339
What is the (net) cost to government of homelessness programs? Zaretzky, Kaylene; Flatau, Paul; Brady, Michelle Author abstract Dec 22, 2008 10582
Government briefs. Nov 3, 2008 564
Final regulations for LIHTC utility allowance released. Brief article Nov 1, 2008 297
Housing and Economic Recovery Act signed into law. Brief article Nov 1, 2008 126
Medical-legal partnerships support patients' health. Demott, Kathryn Oct 15, 2008 861
Morgan Stanley leads public housing investment. Wagenheim, Kal Sep 1, 2008 269
Social mix and Canadian public housing redevelopment: experiences in Toronto. August, Martine Report Jun 22, 2008 7655
Aboriginal housing in desperate need of gov't attention. Couture, Joe Jun 1, 2008 1360
Protests continue over government housing allocations. May 1, 2008 503
Won't you be my neighbor? Mixed-income neighborhoods sound good in theory, experts say, but the reality is vastly different. Lydersen, Kari May 1, 2008 2597
There's no place like home: former CHA residents try to feel at home in mixed-income developments. Moore, Natalie Y. May 1, 2008 679
Demolition of public housing approved. Brief article Apr 1, 2008 172
The fight for public housing: New Orleans has become ground zero in the battle for affordable homes. Flaherty, Jordan Mar 1, 2008 558
IREM submits comments on HUD's proposed animal regulations. Brief article Mar 1, 2008 153
Do Better Neighborhoods for MTO Families Mean Better Schools? Brief No. 3. Ferryman, Kadija S.; Briggs, Xavier de Souza; Popkin, Susan J.; Rendon, Maria Author abstract Mar 1, 2008 678
Poor health linked to public housing. Krisberg, Kim Feb 1, 2008 190
House passes public housing reauthorization bill. Wallace, Mike Jan 28, 2008 400
Housing budget. Swirski, Barbara Dec 1, 2007 968
Public housing upgrades to cost US$291 million. Oct 1, 2007 180
House committee moves on public and senior housing. Wallace, Mike Oct 1, 2007 318
Hardships Still Common in Former Soviet Nations; Many citizens say aspects of life are worse now than under the Soviet Union. Guadalupe, Patricia Survey Sep 19, 2007 631
Seniors' public housing changing; Groop tower to become assisted living. Jul 23, 2007 676
Olver seeks energy savings; Bill targets new public housing. May 26, 2007 477
Second fall in Public housing workload. Apr 6, 2007 278
New operating rule transforms public housing: private-sector best practices find place among government housing authorities. Kirk, Nancye Mar 1, 2007 948
Cities offer services to homeless individuals during project homeless connect week. Goldberg, Heidi Jan 29, 2007 747
The smaller footprint: in New Orleans, higher rents destroyed public housing. Flaherty, Jordan Jan 1, 2007 542
An entire 'green' community: Seattle's 21st. Century model. Peirce, Neal Oct 2, 2006 811
Dumping grounds: while they avoided the wrecking ball, some public housing developments are being wrecked by outsiders. Sanchez, Casey Sep 1, 2006 3383
Feeling flat: under the CHA's new flat rents, some working families will have to pay hundreds more to stay in public housing. Sanchez, Casey Sep 1, 2006 1231
The good ol' days: as the Robert Taylor Homes nears its end, many residents and former residents deeply miss the development despite its notorious image. Moore, Natalie Y. Jul 1, 2006 4547
Put up the money. Fraser, Josh Brief article Jun 1, 2006 250
Just moving on: after years of waiting and struggling to meet new requirements, thousands of CHA residents may not return to new mixed-income housing. Sanchez, Casey May 1, 2006 3673
Privatization of public housing: did it cause the 1998 recession in Hong Kong? Ho, Lok Sang; Wong, Gary Wai-Chung Apr 1, 2006 7502
A tale of one suburb. Salter, Rob Dec 1, 2005 735
An exploratory study of neighborhood choices among moving to opportunity participants in Baltimore, Maryland: the influence of housing search assistance. Norris, Donald F. Dec 1, 2005 4499
HUD-owned homes to be restored and resold. Nov 30, 2005 454
Pueblo Del Sol. Kennedy, Shawn Brief Article Oct 1, 2005 212
MetLife finances government quarters. Brief Article Aug 24, 2005 91
Legislation would continue HOPE VI program. Aug 8, 2005 613
Rising values: public housing teardowns have spurred nearly $2 billion in home sales. But officials say the market was already revved up. Kelly, Kimbriell Jul 1, 2005 4338
Rapid change: teardowns bring new residents to once-unappealing areas. Woodward, Whitney Jul 1, 2005 2862
The impact of social stigma: an examination of the public and private housing markets in Hong Kong. Li, Ling Hin Jun 22, 2005 7038
Unnecessary excellence: what public-housing design can learn from its past. Brook, Daniel Mar 1, 2005 1636
Uncertain prospects: displaced Chicago Housing Authority tenants wonder if they will qualify to return to rebuilt public housing. Rogal, Brian J. Mar 1, 2005 3418
Promoting Work in Public Housing. The Effectiveness of Jobs-Plus. Final Report. Bloom, Howard S.; Riccio, James A.; Verma, Nandita; Walter, Johanna Abstract Mar 1, 2005 363
Mayor announces historic $2B city housing overhaul. Feb 16, 2005 405
Privatized management in urban public housing: a comparative analysis of social service availability, utilization, and satisfaction. Bowie, Stan L. Oct 1, 2004 5933
Resident Participation in Seattle's Jobs-Plus Program. Liebow, Edward B.; Reid, Carolina Katz; O'Malley, Gabrielle E.; Marsh, Scott; Blank, Susan Abstract Oct 1, 2004 334
Implementing Financial Work Incentives in Public Housing: Lessons from the Jobs-Plus Demonstration. Gardenhire-Crooks, Alissa Report Jul 1, 2004 350
HUD awards grants to help end chronic homelessness: the grants are aimed at 13 communities and would develop rental housing for the hardest to serve homeless individuals. Mann, Bonnie Apr 19, 2004 505
The continuing crisis in affordable housing: systemic issues requiring systemic solutions. Williams, Paulette J. Jan 1, 2004 31561
Section 8 success: innovative California program helps low-income residents put their voucher dollars toward homeownership. (Northern California Land Trust). Stanley, K. Brief Article Dec 1, 2003 278
MBA endorses moving GSE oversight to treasury. Brief Article Nov 1, 2003 258
Housing Program. Brief Article Oct 1, 2003 93
"Ripped off" by the system housing policy, poverty, and territorial stigmatization in Regent Park housing project, 1951-1991. Purdy, Sean Sep 22, 2003 24714
Better living through forestry. Boykin, Sam Sep 1, 2003 665
Subcommittee reports VA-HUD budget. (Advocacy in Action). Dailey, John Brief Article Jul 21, 2003 258
PFI consortium in risky head start: Cathy Hayward reports on unfinished business at a Mancunian housing project. (Private Finance Initiative). Hayward, Cathy Jul 1, 2003 456
The end of Section 8? (House Blend). Power, Matthew Brief Article Jul 1, 2003 102
Supreme Court upholds Richmond, Va., public housing trespassing ban. Brief Article Jun 23, 2003 188
Bill would reverse elimination of HOPE VI program. (Advocacy in Action). Shrum, Scott May 5, 2003 475
PUBLIC HOUSING UP FOR SALE. Brief Article Apr 1, 2003 209
Minority housing support web site launched by UK Government. Brief Article Mar 12, 2003 122
Watchdog criticizes CHA plan. Rogal, Brian J. Mar 1, 2003 2989
Rethinking public housing. (Comments). Jan 20, 2003 670
Children in Public Housing Developments: An Examination of the Children at the Beginning of the Jobs-Plus Demonstration. Morris, Pamela; Jones, Stephanie; Smith, Jared Dec 1, 2002 325
Using Place-Based Random Assignment and Comparative Interrupted Time-Series Analysis To Evaluate the Jobs-Plus Employment Program for Public Housing Residents. Bloom, Howard S.; Rico, James A. Nov 1, 2002 238
Giant purchase: what does Los Angeles Lakers center Shaq O'Neal want with $70 million worth of Section 8 housing? (What's the Deal?). Power, Matthew Brief Article Nov 1, 2002 267
Philadelphia's story: turning around public housing. (Verbatim). Pekala, Nancy Interview Nov 1, 2002 865
The Special Challenges of Offering Employment Programs in Culturally Diverse Communities: The Jobs-Plus Experience in Public Housing Developments. Kato, Linda Yuriko Sep 1, 2002 293
The Employment Experiences of Public Housing Residents: Findings from the Jobs-Plus Baseline Survey. Martinez, John M. Sep 1, 2002 278
Construction revamps neighborhoods. Walter, Shane Brief Article Aug 5, 2002 285
Drain plugged. (NAHB Briefs). Brief Article Aug 1, 2002 131
$738 million in housing programs cut from 2002 supplemented budget. Dailey, John Brief Article Jul 29, 2002 167
Bush announces strategy to combat Homelessness. Dailey, John Brief Article Jul 29, 2002 504
Elevating the everyday. Jackson, Sarah Brief Article Jul 1, 2002 992
HUD opens doors for religious groups. (In Session). Brief Article Jul 1, 2002 161
No roof over my head: Silja J.A. Talvi explains how and why people of color now represent the majority of those living homeless in the United States. (Race and Recession). Talvi, Silja J.A. Jun 22, 2002 2558
Drugs, terror, and evictions. (In The Contrary). Kaminer, Wendy Brief Article Jun 3, 2002 904
MAD RUSH FOR HOMES. Jun 1, 2002 184
Common assessment tool for Yukon welfare and housing. (Child And Family). Brief Article May 13, 2002 115
Public housing must be open to `faith-based' groups, HUD chief says. (People & Events). Brief Article May 1, 2002 671
What became of 'Mandela's Houses'? he promised one million houses by 1999, but by the time he left office, Mandela's administration had built only 40,000 houses. What happened to the promise? (Feature: South Africa). Kellett, Francisca May 1, 2002 1074
GIANT HOUSING PROJECT. Brief Article May 1, 2002 152
The producers: a bullish, high-profile performance by the public builders positions them to pull away from the pack. Richmond, Iris Statistical Data Included May 1, 2002 3279
Subsidized prices of RS -- RSS houses up 30%. (Infrastructure). Apr 23, 2002 1010
Omnibus housing affordability bill introduced in Congress. Whitman, Cameron Brief Article Apr 8, 2002 625
High court upholds tough anti-drug law for subsidized public housing. Otero, Juan Brief Article Apr 1, 2002 501
Staffing shortage hits CHA families. (Missing Connections). Rogal, Brian J. Apr 1, 2002 4162
Residents lack role in revamped public housing. Oldweiler, Gory Apr 1, 2002 3406
Environmental finance (Policy). (From the Library). Brief Article Apr 1, 2002 256
Quebec and federal government set target for 6500 affordable units. (Shelter). Brief Article Mar 18, 2002 250
Cabrini election caught up in court. Oldweiler, Cory Brief Article Mar 1, 2002 1044
National housing trust fund. (Legislative Update). Brief Article Feb 1, 2002 144
HOUSING, WATER LOANS. Brief Article Feb 1, 2002 125
The Sun-Times reports. (2001 in Review). Mister, Chloe Brief Article Jan 1, 2002 113
Low income housing contracts considered in real estate taxes. (Case in Brief). Brief Article Jan 1, 2002 221
Rent restrictions not considered for low income housing valuation. (Case in Brief). Brief Article Jan 1, 2002 252
Making Work Pay for Public Housing Residents: Financial-Incentive Designs at Six Jobs-Plus Demonstration Sites. Miller, Cynthia; Riccio, James A. Jan 1, 2002 272
Cincinnati: Race in the closed city. (Issues). Hogan, Wesley Dec 22, 2001 3161
The impact of privatized management in urban public housing communities: a comparative analysis of perceived crime, neighborhood problems, and personal safety. Bowie, Stan L. Dec 1, 2001 6803
Promoting Employment in Public Housing Communities: Learning from the Jobs-Plus Demonstration. Policy Brief. Bliss, Steven; Riccio, James Nov 1, 2001 264
New six-story building going up at 351 East 54th Street. Brief Article Oct 31, 2001 233
Misconceptions Associated With Low Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) Valuations. Hawkins, Ronnie J. Oct 1, 2001 3955
Programs To Create Economic Self-Sufficiency for Women in Public Housing. Smith, Cynthia; DeTardo-Bora, Kimberly; Durbin, Latrisha Oct 1, 2001 275
Homeswest versus Aborigines: housing discrimination in Western Australia. Beresford, Quentin Abstract Sep 22, 2001 4642
Section 8 homeownership program in Nashville. Sep 22, 2001 1237
Mark-to-market update. Milner, Michael Sep 22, 2001 1118
HOME SWEET (Unaffordable) HOME. WARSON, ALBERT Cover Story Aug 1, 2001 4987
The Key Is Creativity. MCWILLIAMS, CHARLYNE H. Cover Story Aug 1, 2001 3057
Will Technology Expand Housing Opportunity? HORNBURG, STEVEN Statistical Data Included Aug 1, 2001 3333
Senate Committee Approves VA-HUD Spending Bill. Shrum, Scott Brief Article Jul 30, 2001 654
HUD Announces Section 8 Down Payment Assistance Proposal. Shrum, Scott Brief Article Jun 25, 2001 276
Fixed, Flaw. FARNSWORTH, CHRISTINA B. Brief Article Jun 1, 2001 122
Public Housing Authorities Release Breakdown of Cuts. Shrum, Scott Brief Article May 28, 2001 493
Will HUD Fade Away? STOIL, MICHAEL J. May 1, 2001 1120
Building New Partnerships for Employment: Collaboration among Agencies and Public Housing Residents in the Jobs-Plus Demonstration. Kato, Linda Y.; Riccio, James A. May 1, 2001 267
Salt Lake City Plans Post-Olympic Affordable Housing. Brief Article Apr 23, 2001 282
Vermont City Seeking to Renovate, Increase Downtown Apartment Space. Brief Article Apr 23, 2001 504
MANAGEMENT Who's News PERSONNEL. Apr 18, 2001 1465
The Swango Award for Outstanding Residential Article. Brief Article Apr 1, 2001 304
KITAGATA GARDEN CITY. CHOW, PHOEBE Brief Article Apr 1, 2001 1008
Danish municipalities place people with problems in the same areas - report. Brief Article Mar 8, 2001 129
United States. Department of Housing and Urban Development Documents Improvement in Affordable Housing. Brief Article Mar 1, 2001 124
Analysts Propose Reform of Housing Voucher Program. Shrum, Scott Brief Article Feb 12, 2001 460
California Condo Craze. GUIDO, DANIEL WALKER Brief Article Feb 1, 2001 744
HUD Finalizes Public Housing Rule, Promotes Integration. Shrum, Scott Brief Article Jan 8, 2001 237
AHFC: Getting Alaskans into Homes. SMITH, DAWNELL Jan 1, 2001 1357
Making a PRIVATE CASE for Public Housing. Iwanski, John Statistical Data Included Jan 1, 2001 2808
CHANGE IS IN THE AIR. Dec 1, 2000 92
People's dialogue on land and shelter. Swinburne, Caroline Dec 1, 2000 1621
Cooperative and nonprofit housing in Winnipeg: toward a re-engagement of the provision infrastructure. Skelton, Ian Dec 1, 2000 7292
President Signs VA-HUD Spending Bill. Shrum, Scott Brief Article Nov 6, 2000 506
12,000 LOW-COST HOUSING UNITS. Brief Article Nov 1, 2000 120
Revisiting Tax Policy. BIRBAUM, JOSEPH Nov 1, 2000 4126
The Impact of Public Housing Demolitions on Student Achievement in Chicago. Jacob, Brian A. Nov 1, 2000 264
Koch center stage at BOMA. Brief Article Oct 25, 2000 432
Use surplus for affordable housing, group says. Brief Article Oct 13, 2000 467
Maple Gardens opens in Bedford-Stuyvesant. Brief Article Oct 11, 2000 658
Presidential Timber. GUIDO, DANIEL WALKER Brief Article Oct 1, 2000 919
PARK DUVALLE. Farnsworth, Christina B. Brief Article Oct 1, 2000 131
Around the Nation. Brief Article Oct 1, 2000 280

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