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Public health system in USA "disgraceful." (Health Issues)

The USA's "public health report card" out November 9, 1992 makes us look like the rich kid in class with all the opportunities for success, but not enough will to make passing grades.

The American Public Health Association, which met during the first week of November in Washington, D.C., says the USA has the world's most technologically advanced doctors and equipment, but is flunking in public health because of such factors as poverty, high infant deaths, AIDS, poor immunization rates and violence.

The group compared developed countries on access to medical care, environments, behaviors, neighborhoods and community health services.

The USA ranked:

.19th in infant death rates, behind all of western Europe.

.28th in the rate of babies born too small, behind Jordan and Costa Rica. Such babies often die without costly care.

.8th in percentage of kids vaccinated against polio, behind Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia.

.15th in maternal mortality rates, behind Italy and Spain.

Among individual states, Hawaii, Maryland and New York scored the best marks.

Worst: Alabama, Arkansas and the District of Columbia. --From USA Today, 11/10/92
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Date:Dec 22, 1992
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