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Public health numbers for El Paso County, Colorado, March 2009.

Public Health Numbers for El Paso County, Colorado, March 2009

Population, 2000                               516,929
Population, 2007                               587,272
Percentage change                              +13.6%
2001 funding from county                       $5,102,699
2007 funding from county                       $3,810,948
2008 funding from county                       $3,303,948
2009 funding from county                       $3,803,948
2001 per capita funding from county            $6.40
2009 per capita funding from county            $4.63
Health department funding cuts since 2001      $2,298,751
Percentage cut                                 45%
Total annual health department budget (2009)   $15,164,492
Percentage from grants and contracts           57%
Percentage from county funding                 18%
Percentage from licenses, fees, and permits    15%
Percentage from state per capita funding       6%
Percentage from Medicaid fees                  3%
Percentage from miscellaneous                  3%
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