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Public Security Chief unveils Muqsha blast circumstances.

Manama, Apr27(BNA) The Interior Ministry takes seriously its responsibility to inform the public of newsworthy events. The following information is provided in order to notify the public of actions taken by the Ministry to protect the security and general order of Bahrain. The Chief addressed two separate topics at the press conference:

First: The Chief provided an update regarding the investigation into the car bomb explosion in Muqsha on April 19 in which 2 persons were killed and a third was injured

Second: The Chief provided an update regarding the April 23 arrest of two escapees from the Reformation and Rehabilitation Center. 8 other wanted individuals were also arrested at the same location. The investigation was conducted in partnership with the National Security Agency (NSA).

Muqsha Car Explosion:

At approximately 1:00 PM on Saturday April 19, the police operations room received a call reporting the sound of an explosion and a burning car in Muqsha village. One person, who was injured in the blast, was driven from the scene in a private car.

Police, including the crime scene team and the bomb squad, and Civil Defence arrived at the scene to extinguish the fire, secure the area and examine the crime scene. The Public Prosecution was also notified.

The investigation revealed that the fire was caused by a homemade bomb that detonated inside the car. Police found two bodies inside in addition to shrapnel from a bomb made with explosives and a fire extinguisher.

The third passenger in the car sustained second-degree burns and was moved from the private hospital were he had initially been taken to the Salmaniya Medical Complex. He underwent several surgeries and is now in a stable condition. Investigators have determined that he was the driver of the car.

The two bodies, identified by DNA tests, are:

o Ali Abas Ahmed Abdullah, 19, who was a resident of Muqsha and was involved in rioting and vandalism in 2012 and,

o Ahmed Mohammed Abdulrasool Ibrahim, 17, who was a resident of Muqsha and who was involved in an arson case in 2012

The injured person is Abdullah Ali Abdullah Al Samom, 23, who resides in Karbabad and has been sentenced in absentia to 3 years and 3 months in two separate cases of vandalism and attacks against policemen.

The investigation also revealed:

The driver, Abdullah Al Samom borrowed the car from Hussain Ibrahim Kadhem on the day of the blast in order to transport the bomb to the Budaiya highway where it was to be planted as a trap to target policemen. Both of the deceased were involved with Al Samom in these activities.

Investigators have identified 7 additional persons involved in the making of the bomb. 5 of them were arrested after police obtained arrest warrants from the Public Prosecution. They are:

Abas Hassan Abdullah, 20, from Muqsha

Hussain Ibrahim Kadhem, 22, from Karanah

Hussain Abdulamir Abdullah, 20, from Jid Al Haj

Yacoub Abduljalil Yousif, 20, from Muqsha

Hussain Ibrahim Mullah Ahmed, 17, from Jid Al Haj

The investigation continues in order to locate and arrest the additional suspects.

Arrest of 2 Escapees and an Additional 8 Other Wanted Persons:

In cooperation with the NSA, investigators located and arrested two persons who escaped from the Reformation and Rehabilitation Center (Jau Prison) along with 8 other wanted individuals on April 23.

At approximately 7:50 am on Monday April 21, the police operations room received a call reporting the escape of two convicts, Redha Abdullah Al Ghasra, 26 and Hussain Jassim Al Bana, 24, from Jau Prison.

An immediate investigation was launched to ensure that the escapees did not leave the country. Security was intensified in the area of the prison and police check points were deployed in key areas.

Photos and relevant information regarding the escapees were circulated among police patrols, at security points and at the border.

Through cooperation with the NSA, the Interior Minister arrested the two escapees along with 8 additional wanted persons at a house in Sr on April 23. Guns, ammunition and bomb-making materials were confiscated from the arrestees.

As a result of the prisoners' escape, His Excellency Interior Minister ordered the formation of a committee, headed by the Deputy Chief of Public Security, to investigate the case and to identify shortcomings and any potential negligence on the part of prison employees. (MOI-Police Media Centre).


BNA 1636 GMT 2014/04/27

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Publication:Bahrain News Agency
Date:Apr 27, 2014
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