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Public Awareness project update: Public Awareness Campaign moves forward.

New Publicity Tool

One of the first pieces of literature developed for the Public Awareness Campaign is entitled "Equipping Children for Success." It appears in camera-ready form on the opposite page.

As camp advocates, you'll want to share this important message with others by pinning it on bulletin boards, including it in camp mailings and brochures, and distributing it to media sources. It also makes a great flyer for public appearances such as camp fairs. Feel free to make copies for your use. One suggestion: Add your camp's name, address and phone number in the lower left-hand corner before duplicating copies.

A two-color version of "Equipping Children for Success" is also available for purchase in minimum quantities of 500, for $27.50 plus shipping. Call 317/342- 8456, ext. 327 to order.

Theme Song

"Camp Gives Kids a World of Goo&' is the theme selected for the Public Awareness Campaign. The message sums up the benefits of camp on children, both presently and in the future. It says:

A. Camp can make a difference in the lives of children by providing them with a positive learning experience in the outdoors, away from daily problems and stresses.

B. The fife skills learned at camp - self-reliance, team work, decision-making, responsibility, social relationships, etc. - help youngsters adapt to and improve their personal world (at home and school) as they grow into adulthood.

C. Using the life skills learned at camp, youngsters can better contribute to their neighborhoods and communities.

D. As more and more youngsters have a camp opportunity, their future and the future of the world can only benefit.

Backing up this campaign theme are the following key messages:

* Kids are at risk; camp is an answer.

* Camp offers kids a supervised, positive environment where they can learn and grow through a variety of activities.

* Camp helps children build values and skills to prepare them to handle the challenges of adulthood.

* Camp is for everyone. Camp programs appeal to a variety of interests, budgets and personal schedules.

* Trained, caring staff at ACA camps help shape campers' experiences.

* ACA-accredited camps offer day and resident programs, which are located in all geographic regions of the United States.

* ACA's rigorous evaluation and accreditation ensures camps have been evaluated against nationally-recognized standards for health and safety and program quality.
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Date:Jul 1, 1994
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