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Pub Brewing Co. pours it on.

Pub Brewing Co. pours it on

Al Geitner, president and spokesman for The pub Brewing Co., recently announced that the company has signed contracts to fabricate and install brewing systems in Syracuse, NY; Napa, CA; Davis, CA; Phoenix, AZ; and Long Beach, CA. These brewing systems are in addition to the seven already installed in 1989.

Founded in 1988, The pub Brewing Co will exceed its goal of gaining orders for over a million dollars in sales in 1989, according to Geitner. The company offers a complete selection of services ranging from the early stages of planning, business plant development, system design, product development, start-up training, quality control and marketing.

Each system and installation is different. Currently, Ralph Eibert, vice president of the East Coast office, is assisting with installing Hungry Charlies in Syracuse, NY. It has a seven-barrel electric kettle and is the first extract system with attendant fermenters/serving tanks, Geitner said.

The Back Alley Brewery and Bistro in Davis, CA will be installed in January. It has a seven-barrel full-grain copper-clad brewhouse with a unique copper domed top. There are four, seven-barrel fermenters and five, seven-barrel serving tanks. This pub will also have some tankage devoted to making hard ciders. Another bonus for the Back Alley will be hands on brewing training, conducted by Prof. Michael Lewis, PhD, "The Dean of Pub Brewing."

Other systems to be installed early this year include All Saints Brewery in Phoenix, AZ, which will have a full-grain system featuring a 14-barrel stainless steel kettle and combi-vessel with brass ring appointments. The brewhouse will be supported by several 14-barrel fermenters, and serving tanks as well as some seven-barrel serving tanks for specialty beers.

"We're offering the classic onion-shaped dome tops with our copper-clad equipment," said Geitner. "Our goal is to provide not only the most dependable system but also the most attractive. Our standard system was designed by Prof. Lewis and is unique to the industry. It features a two-vessel brewhouse which reduces the amount of space needed for brewing and is easily operated by a single brewer."
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Title Annotation:The pub Brewing Co. microbrewery expands
Publication:Modern Brewery Age
Date:Jan 8, 1990
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