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Psygnosis Website boasts over 11 million hits in six months; unique interactive games and contests set the stage for this innovative site.

are tired of hitting websites that only amount to boring advertisements, have discovered Psygnosis' online site, offering unique interactive entertainment like live-action, 3-D games, plus the chance to win high-end prizes, including a trip to the Indianapolis 500.

Over the last six months alone, more than 11 million hits have been recorded on the Psygnosis website at

"We've averaged 553,539 hits per week, which says were doing something right," explains Jim Drewry, webmaster for the Psygnosis website. "We wanted to design a variety of interactive games and promotions to entice netsurfers to get a real feel for our PlayStation(TM) game console and PC CD-ROM products as well as give them an opportunity to win something cool."

By clicking on the "games" icon and heading to Sony Interactive Studios, online users are accessing Psygnosis' new world of interactive fun and games, including the Destruction Derby "Smash and Win" game, where users can smash an old beater car to bits for the opportunity to win a trip the Indianapolis 500 race in May. Capturing the flavor of the futuristic, three-dimensional world of Wipeout, the site also offers users the chance to explore parts of the game using VRML (virtual reality modeling language), an advanced real-time, 3-D technology that is gaining popularity on the web. Once the user has explored the world of WipeOut he or she may win a WipeOut T-shirt.

The third interactive site is Eastern Mind: The Lost Souls of Tong Nou where users can explore the fascinating environments that set the stage for this unique graphic adventure game and have a chance to win a free PC or Mac CD-ROM Eastern Mind game, signed by the game's designer, artist and composer, Osamu Sato.

In addition to the special interactive mini-sites, company news, product information, press releases, customer support and Psygnosis recruitment information are also found on the website. Psygnosis plans to continue developing more of these innovative mini-sites as its new game titles are released. Meanwhile, due to the popularity of the Destruction Derby and WipeOut

PlayStation game console and PC CD-ROM titles, the related interactive mini-sites may be up for a while longer -- just for the fun of it.

Psygnosis employs over 300 people with publishing and development offices in the US, UK and across Europe. Working with over 30 development teams across the world and six internal development sites, the company is now the largest development house in Europe. Psygnosis is a wholly owned subsidiary of Sony Corporation of America. -0-

Note to Editors: Psygnosis' interactive entertainment products are available at most mass merchants, computer and software specialty stores, or can be obtained directly by calling 800/438-7794. Reviewer's copies and screen shots can be obtained from Dana Oertell, 415/655-8060 or Mark Day, 415/655-5679.

Visit us on the Net. Psygnosis' latest offerings -- including current and future titles, game tips, contests, press releases and company information -- are accessible at

CONTACT: Psygnosis

Dana Oertell, 415/655-8060


Faiola Davis Public Relations

Norma Velvikis, 213/933-4959
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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Feb 16, 1996
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