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Psygnosis' G Police, a Stunning 3D Flight Shooter and Technology Showcase Title for Playstation and PC, Takes to the Skies in October.

FOSTER CITY, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Aug. 4, 1997--A stunning futuristic 3D flight shooter set apart by its intriguing storyline, strategic gameplay and incredible looks, G Police(TM) was first unveiled by Psygnosis at E3 '97.

The title is truly a technology showcase as a third generation PlayStation(TM) game and highlights Psygnosis' advanced development expertise using the latest PC technology. Set to release in October on Sony's PlayStation game console and for PC computer systems (from P133 to Pentium II), G Police will blow away gamers with its fast and furious 3D graphics, unrestricted flight dynamics and target-rich, interactive missions.

"Our objective was to place the gamer at the center of action as dynamic as any Hollywood blockbuster special effects extravaganza, and give the player total control," explained Graham Davis, head producer at Psygnosis' UK Stroud office. "With G Police, we think we've delivered the whole package."

"A futuristic city is the perfect location for a game like this-- it lends itself to spectacular, movie-style action, flying between skyscrapers and under bridges, blowing up enemy craft and street-level traffic, whatever gets in the way of your mission," confessed Davis. "G Police has a very believable flight model, without being inaccessible to the average gamer. But the emphasis is on action, in a well-constructed, densely populated world, with a plot line that's very involved using mission briefings."

With 360 degree, fly-anywhere freedom in new world urban environment, this all-action flight-shooter lets you patrol the skies of futuristic domed cities as a member of the newly created G Police law-enforcement agency. As veteran pilot, Jeff Slater, you fly a fully armored DASA-Kamov Havoc jet gunship, having at your disposal an awesome supply of combat weaponry.

You'll need it, as more than 35 varied missions test both flight skills and battle instincts to the fullest. The action is set in four campaigns throughout more than 50 bio-domed cities -- some urban, some industrial, some agricultural -- on a colonized moon of Jupiter named Callisto.

The plot line, which unfolds in fully computer-generated FMV sequences and via interactive, in-game radio briefings controlled by the advanced artificial intelligence in the game, involves multi-national corporate espionage, sabotage and murder. Earth's resources are completely depleted and a race is on to claim every ore-bearing rock in the Solar System.

After a war between nations, military resources are wiped out and the powerful multinational corporations unite to take control and exploit other resources in the galaxy. As the 'Corporations' begin to demilitarize the colonies, the G Police, essentially a crew of war veterans, are born to keep the greedy bunch in check.

G Police's true 3D flight model allows for awesome inner-city, mid-air shoot-outs and lots of strategic 'copter action. This, combined with spectacular lighting effects, a highly specialized collection of ballistic weaponry and multiple selectable camera views, create a game that is rich with gritty 'urban jungle' ambiance and electrifying, seat-of-your-pants action.

The PC version of G Police will be compatible with most Pentium computers with a minimum recommended spec of P133 and up to Pentium II. Although the game runs non-accelerated, it will also be optimized for a wide variety of 3D accelerator cards through Microsoft(R) Direct 3D(TM).

To play G Police, players will need to download Microsoft Direct X 5 which will be provided in the game. A two-CD game, G Police is also one of the first PC titles to take advantage of Intel(R)'s AGP (Accelerated Graphics Port) interface on the same sku, which will soon be available on new PC computer systems.

Both the PlayStation and PC skus will have an approximate retail price of $50. More information on the game can be found on the G Police webpage at .

Psygnosis employs over 600 people with publishing and development offices in the United States, United Kingdom, and across Europe. Working with over 30 development teams and six internal development sites, the company is now the largest development house in Europe. Psygnosis is a subsidiary of Sony.

CONTACT: Psygnosis

Tracy Egan, 415/655-6084

Dana Oertell, 415/655-8060

Mark Day, 415/655-5679
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Date:Aug 4, 1997
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