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Magic mushroom therapy found effective for treating depression. Nov 14, 2020 336
Finding sacramental grace in therapy. Reardon, Patrick T. Oct 2, 2020 926
Consider ketamine and psychotherapy. Ryan, Wesley Sep 1, 2020 554
Acceptance and Commitment Therapy Focused on Repetitive Negative Thinking for Child Depression: A Randomized Multiple-Baseline Evaluation. Salazar, Daniela M.; Ruiz, Francisco J.; Ramirez, Eduar S.; Cardona-Betancourt, Veronica Report Sep 1, 2020 10470
The transitions of COVID-19. Reinstein, Sarah Sep 1, 2020 1261
Assessment of Psychosocial Interventions in Opioid Cessation: A Systematic Review. Anyimukwu, Chizoba; Omondi, Angela Aug 1, 2020 9092
Introduction to core competencies for BESTCO certified sex therapists. Kleinplatz, Peggy J.; Lackey, Neil S.; Dzendoletas, Darlene; Pelletier, Lisa; Holzapfel, Stephen; Ne Aug 1, 2020 3290
Integrated Role of Nonpharmacological Interventions for Rehabilitation of Individuals with Musculoskeletal Disorders. Bernardo-Filho, Mario; Sanudo, Borja; Seixas, Aderito; Sa-Caputo, Danubia; Taiar, Redha Editorial Jul 31, 2020 956
Lion rips off part of man's arm after he woke to find animal in his tent on safari; Patrick Fourgeaud had to endure extensive surgery to reconstruct his left arm and both he and his wife have been receiving psychological treatment for the mental scars from the incident while on safari in Tanzania, Africa. By, John Bett Jul 31, 2020 790
impossible to let go and enjoy sex and Psychotherapy. Dear Coleen THE STRAIGHT-TALKING PROBLEM PAGE email Jul 1, 2020 298
Out of Your Existential Mind: Madonna, relevance and nuance: Presentation given at the Society for Existential Analysis Annual Conference, London, 9 November 2019. Montgomery, Michael R. Conference news Jul 1, 2020 8211
The Use of Imagery Activated by Music Listening in Psychotherapy: 'Listening, receiving and perceiving one's own and others' emotional dimension of sound: Some aspects of listening to music and listening as a treatment': A presentation given at the Society for Existential Analysis Annual Conference, London, 9 November 2019. Orlando, Letizia Conference news Jul 1, 2020 4930
Mindfulness-based Cognitive Therapy for Generalised Anxiety Disorder: a Systematic Review and Meta-analysis. Ghahari, S.; Mohammadi-Hasel, K.; Malakouti, S.K.; Roshanpajouh, M. Report Jun 1, 2020 2588
Leveraging CAM to treat depression and anxiety: Conventional medications and psychotherapy are still first-line treatments, but certain complementary and alternative strategies have value as adjunctive measures. Olagunju, Amanda E.; Gaddey, Heidi Jun 1, 2020 4435
Effectiveness of positive psychotherapy for young adults with depressive symptoms. Mazhar, Arooj Fatima; Riaz, Muhammad Naveed Report May 12, 2020 2228
PTSD break through: MDMA shows promise healing mental trauma in FDA-approved clinical trials. Saintsing, Matt May 1, 2020 1315
Targeting Inflammatory-Mitochondrial Response in Major Depression: Current Evidence and Further Challenges. Visentin, Ana Paula Vargas; Colombo, Rafael; Scotton, Ellen; Fracasso, Debora Soligo; da Rosa, Adria Report Apr 30, 2020 16162
The psychiatric clinic of the future: Advances in technology may soon bring substantial changes to our clinical practice. Peechakara, Basil; John, Vineeth; Faillace, Louis A. Apr 1, 2020 2957
UP offers free tele-psychotherapy for health workers. Mar 20, 2020 170
Addressing negative psychosocial factors linked to severe injury in professional rugby players: An introduction to a group psychotherapy approach. Hall, T.M.; Botha, J.A.; Patricios, J.S. Mar 1, 2020 5192
A Case of Schizophrenia in a Young Male Adult with no History of Substance Abuse: Impact of Clinical Pharmacists' Interventions on Patient Outcome. Opare-Addo, Mercy N.A.; Mensah, Josephine; Aboagye, Grace Owusu Mar 1, 2020 3607
Dunham Counseling in Naperville adds Therapist with Integrative Approach. Deborah Newman Jan 31, 2020 311
Why More Canadians Than Ever Are Taking Up Psychotherapy for Anxiety Counselling. Jan 23, 2020 698
How climate anxiety can affect health. Jan 22, 2020 1180
Complaint upheld over ear service guidelines breach. DEBORAH HARDIMAN Jan 20, 2020 433
Egypt concludes its 4th Group Psychotherapy Conference. Daily News Egypt Conference news Jan 20, 2020 316
Psychedelic drugs show promise for treating PTSD. ANI Jan 19, 2020 498
Common party-drugs show promise in treating PTSD. ANI Jan 18, 2020 479
A Phenomenological Reflection On the Therapeutic Benefits of Kum Nye in the Recovery from Trauma: Presentation given at the Society for Existential Analysis Annual Conference, London, 9 November 2019. Upton, Jason Conference news Jan 1, 2020 6937
Being Toward 2048: The Future Troubles of Dasein and Why Existential Phenomenological Psychotherapy Will Be Important: Parts III and IV: Paper presented at the 30th annual SEA conference in November 2018. Swann, Richard Conference news Jan 1, 2020 6493
Nietzsche and Psychotherapy. Harding, Mike Jan 1, 2020 3640
Editorial. Bain, Katherine Editorial Jan 1, 2020 789
Cancer, persecution and ordeal. Nouemssi, Jean Pierre Mambou; Dumet, Nathalie; Blanquet, Brigitte Jan 1, 2020 9891
New understanding offered of personality development. Milner, Judith R. Jan 1, 2020 661
Nonlinear Analysis of the Dynamics of Criminality and Victimisation: A Mathematical Model with Case Generation and Forwarding. Ugwuishiwu, Chikodili Helen; Sarki, D.S.; Mbah, G.C.E. Jan 1, 2020 9193
InnerSight Psychotherapy Clinic in Vaughan Approaches Each Patient Uniquely. Dec 23, 2019 725
Need for psychotherapy. MUHAMMAD WAQAS KHAN -Dera Ismail Khan Dec 5, 2019 345
Mental Illness: Is There an App for That? Gratzer, David; Strudwick, Gillian; Yeung, Anthony Dec 1, 2019 2426
Innovative Solutions to Psychotherapy and Patient Centred-Approaches Are Readily Available. Nov 25, 2019 584
LA Therapy & Associates Addresses Some of the Most Prevalent Mental Health Challenges in the Country. Nov 4, 2019 367
Therapy and counselling service now offers training for others; Advertising Feature. Oct 16, 2019 386
Therapy and counselling service now offers training for others; Advertising Feature. Oct 11, 2019 381
Psychotherapy for psychiatric disorders: A review of 4 studies. Saeed, Sy Atezaz; Muthukanagaraj, Purushothaman; Pastis, Irene Oct 1, 2019 2871
Medical management, orofacial findings, and dental care for the client with major depressive disorder. Ouanounou, Aviv; Ng, Kester Oct 1, 2019 4028
Can psychotherapy save us from Brexit Anxiety Disorder? - Dr John Marshall. Sep 25, 2019 1010
How Psychotherapy is Providing a Tailored Approach to Diverse Mental Health Conditions. Sep 20, 2019 688
Oman Human Rights Commission praises specialist rehab hospital. Sep 2, 2019 364
The Healing Garden: How traditional architectural and modern therapeutic techniques are combining in Northern Iraq to heal a land and its people traumatised by war. Lowenstein, Oliver Sep 1, 2019 1151
The Effectiveness of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy on Insomnia Patients (A Single-arm Trial Plan)/Insomnia Hastalarinda Kabul ve Kararlilik Tedavisinin Etkililigi (Tek-kollu Calisma Plani). Zakiei, Ali; Khazaie, Habibolah Sep 1, 2019 6305
Is the 3,4-Methylenedioxymethamphetamine assisted psychotherapy a novel approach to managing post-traumatic stress disorder? Aug 31, 2019 658
Samantha M. Ruth, Transformational Psychologist Honored with a Lifetime Achievement Award and as a Woman of Distinction by P.O.W.E.R.. Aug 22, 2019 752
Distress Vital Sign To Monitor In Cancer Patients -Experts. Aug 15, 2019 441
Attachment and Affect Regulation Theories and the Existential/Developmental Model. Georganda, Evgenia T. Jul 1, 2019 3814
Are We Walking in Shoes Too Small? An Enquiry Into How Psychedelic Experiences Relate to Kierkegaard's Analyses of the Self and Despair, and Their R3elevance to Existential Psychotherapy. Sarikhani, Sina Jul 1, 2019 6480
Lost in Impatience: The Relevance of Kierkegaard for the Patient Psychotherapist in an Immediate World. Thornhill, Ben Critical essay Jul 1, 2019 2546
Being Toward 2048: The Future Troubles of Dasein and Why Existential Phenomenological Psychotherapy Will be Important: Parts I and II. Swann, Richard Jul 1, 2019 7708
Psychotherapist or Secret Police... Who Do We Really Work For? Macqueen, Dominic Jul 1, 2019 3869
Using Social Media to Increase Psychological Well-Being of Chinese Immigrants: A Case Study of MySunnysky--an Online Counseling and Therapy Service. Yao, Shuo; Jennings, Samuel; Dai, Zehui Jul 1, 2019 9423
French Oak Wood Extract Eases PTSD. Jul 1, 2019 198
THE ROLE OF SPIRITUALITY IN THERAPEUTIC PRACTICES. Frunza, Mihaela; Frunza, Sandu; Grad, Nicolae Ovidiu Jun 22, 2019 6097
Illusory Diasporas. Almog, Yael Jun 22, 2019 2321
A Preliminary Test of a Social Connectedness Burnout Intervention for Mexican Mental Health Professionals. Ortega, Michel A. Reyes; Kuczynski, Adam M.; Kanter, Jonathan W.; de Montis, Ivan Arango; Santos, Ma Jun 1, 2019 7075
Samantha M. Ruth, Transformational Psychologist Celebrated as Woman of the Month for May 2019 by P.O.W.E.R. (Professional Organization of Women of Excellence Recognized). May 11, 2019 664
Consideraciones critico-poeticas para pensar la clinica sistemica relacional: propuesta metodologica para investigacion en psicoterapia. Besoain Arrau, Carolina; Cuevas Vial, Pilar; Araya Aguirre, Clementina; Angulo Kobilic, Soledad; Mor May 1, 2019 10986
Effects of Homeopathy. Carrico, Noel Letter to the editor May 1, 2019 434
Community mental health symposium highlights development of psychotherapy services. Apr 27, 2019 456
Equine therapy helps in autism treatment. Apr 1, 2019 593
WALK AND TALK THERAPY: 3MDR intervention explored for refractory PTSD. Jancin, Bruce Apr 1, 2019 600
Effectiveness of Kangaroo Care for a Patient with Postpartum Depression and Comorbid Mother-Infant Bonding Disorder. Takubo, Youji; Nemoto, Takahiro; Obata, Yohei; Baba, Yoko; Yamaguchi, Taiju; Katagiri, Naoyuki; Tsuj Mar 31, 2019 4249
In search of the missing pieces of mind. Perkel, Jenny Mar 22, 2019 5055
The Pathological Family System in Saul Bellow's The Adventures of Augie March. Chavkin, Allan; Chavkin, Nancy Mar 22, 2019 7353
Samantha M. Ruth, Transformational Psychologist Showcased on the Reuters Billboard in Times Square by the Professional Organization of Women of Excellence Recognized. Mar 8, 2019 650
CHILDHOOD DEPRESSION: Early parent-child psychotherapy is effective. Bosworth, Ted Mar 1, 2019 707
Investigating Narcissistic Personality Traits in the Context of Positive Psychotherapy. Nurseven Kilic, Ali Eryilmaz Report Mar 1, 2019 6256
Couples' Treatment Preferences for Insomnia Experienced During Pregnancy. Sedov, Ivan; Madsen, Joshua W.; Goodman, Sherryl H.; Tomfohr-Madsen, Lianne M. Report Mar 1, 2019 5465
Depresion en el embarazo. Martinez-Paredes, Jhon Freddy; Jacome-Perez, Nathalia Medical condition overview Mar 1, 2019 6146
In Praise of Autism Surfing Organizations. Carley, Michael John Feb 1, 2019 2312
Repercusiones del tratamiento psicoterapeutico sobre indicadores psicosomaticos en el paciente renal en hemodialisis/Impact of psychotherapeutic treatment of psychosomatic indicators in hemodialysis patients. Munoz, Rosa Maria Salas; Jimenez, Antonio Jose Fernandez Jan 1, 2019 4438
Changes in Child Psychodynamic Psychotherapy According to the Parents' View/Mudancas na psicoterapia psicodinamica de criancas na visao de pais e maes/Cambios en la psicoterapia psicodinamica de ninos en la vision de padres y madres. Ramires, Vera Regina Rohnelt; Carvalho, Cibele; Gastaud, Marina Bento; de Oliveira, Luiz Ronaldo Fre Jan 1, 2019 8728
The efficacy of functional-analytic psychotherapy and acceptance and commitment therapy (FACT) for public employees. Macias, Juanjo; Valero-Aguayo, Luis; Bond, Frank W.; Blanca, Maria J. Jan 1, 2019 5052
Actitudes Estigmatizadoras Hacia el Suicidio por Genero y Edad. Pereira, Adelino A.G.; Cardoso, Francisco M.S. Jan 1, 2019 7754
Facing An Uncertain Future: The Next 30 Years Of Existential Therapy: Keynote address given at the Society for Existential Analysis Annual Conference, London, 10 November 2018. Speech Jan 1, 2019 5154
Blockchain Will Power The Future Of Psychedelic Psychotherapy: Presentation given at the Society for Existential Analysis Annual Conference, London, 10 November 2018. Speech Jan 1, 2019 3786
What's So Existential About Existential Therapy? Keynote address given at the Society for Existential Analysis Annual Conference, London, 10 November 2018. Speech Jan 1, 2019 9124
Simone de Beauvoir: Existential Philosophy And Human Development: Presentation given at the Society for Existential Analysis Annual Conference, London, 10 November 2018. Speech Jan 1, 2019 5988
On The Possibility Of Dialogue Between Existential-Phenomenological And Cognitive Behavioural Approaches To Working With Couple Relationships. Worrell, Michael Report Jan 1, 2019 4980
Psychiatric Drag. Sheppard, Jan Report Jan 1, 2019 2888
Radical Authenticity. Bradford, Ken Report Jan 1, 2019 5360
A Phenomenology Of The Therapeutic After Husserl And Merleau-Ponty. McSherry, Tony; Loewenthal, Del; Cayne, Julia Critical essay Jan 1, 2019 7181
Recognising Echoism As A Phenomenon In Existential Therapy: A Daseinsanalytic Hermeneutic Approach. Savery, Donna Christina Report Jan 1, 2019 4460
Medard Boss: A Memoir (1973). Groth, Miles Biography Jan 1, 2019 13776
Psychotherapy for the Other: Levinas and the Face-to-Face Relationship. Scanlan, Ben Book review Jan 1, 2019 1318
Publications and films received for review. Jan 1, 2019 426
Transgender identity and cryptorchidism: A case study. Quintanar, Tania Real; Garcia, Rebeca Robles; Medina-Mora, Maria Elena; Jorge, Juan Carlos; Perez, L Estudio de caso Jan 1, 2019 5199
Child Psychotherapy in a cultural-historical perspective: The movement of subjectivity in Art Therapy/Psicoterapia infantil na perspectiva cultural historica: o movimento da subjetividade em Arteterapia. Scalise, Lara Nassar; Anache, Alexandra Ayach; Rossato, Maristela Jan 1, 2019 6471
Psychotherapy in the Private Sector: A Survey of Licensed Psychologists and Psychotherapists in Quebec/La psychotherapie dans le secteur prive: sondage aupres des psychologues et psychotherapeutes agrees au Quebec. Bradley, Stacy; Roberge, Pasquale; Service, John; Vasiliadis, Helen-Maria; Drapeau, Martin Jan 1, 2019 11927
Conferences as trauma-specific mentalising spaces: 2018 SAPC Couch and Country Conference. Perkel, Jenny; Bain, Katherine Conference news Dec 22, 2018 3241
Iranian Psychologists and How They Are Promoting A Healthy Life. Dec 10, 2018 512
Intimations of a Spiritual New Age: II. Wilhelm Reich as Transpersonal Psychologist Part 2: The Futural Promise of Reich's Naturalistic Bio-Energetic Spirituality. Hunt, Harry T. Dec 1, 2018 15423
How to Recognize an Anxiety Disorder and Get the Help You Need to Feel Better: Consider talking with a therapist if you have worrisome feelings that linger for weeks, especially without an obvious cause. Disease/Disorder overview Dec 1, 2018 1076
The Application of Ethical Principles in Treating Juju Believing Nigerian Sex Trade Survivors. Spyropoulos, Daphne Catherine Report Nov 15, 2018 5771
The outcomes of psychotherapy in mixed features personality disorders: a systematic review. Silva, Sandra; Donato, Helena; Madeira, Nuno Nov 1, 2018 5453
Dad moved out and the milkman moved in; British artist Grayson Perry 58, on his chaotic upbringing and psychotherapy. Oct 14, 2018 667
Cuddly counselor: Addition of therapy dog in-training brings new source of comfort to patients at Pica & Associates. Oct 13, 2018 356
This mum went to college at 50, and she wasn't the oldest. Oct 12, 2018 382
Homeopathy as Psychotherapy and Props. Reichenberg-Ullman, Judyth Letter to the editor Oct 1, 2018 502
Clearing the Hurdles: How to Overcome Obstacles in Depression Treatment: We sometimes tend to sabotage our efforts to get better. Knowing the warning signs may help you avoid self-inflicted problems. Oct 1, 2018 1059
Young Men's Experiences of Receiving Compassion from Others: A Narrative Exploration/Comment les jeunes hommes accueillent la compassion d'autrui: Une exploration a travers la narration. Van Vliet, K. Jessica; Murdoch, Kenneth C.; Budzan, Brittany N. Oct 1, 2018 9206
Therapist buries patients ALIVE in coffins in shallow forest graves to 'cure psychological problems'; Andrey Zhelvetro's unusual psychological treatment sees him place his patients in coffins before burying them. Sep 25, 2018 427
Behavioral Treatments for Alcohol Use Disorder and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. Flanagan, Julianne C.; Jones, Jennifer L.; Jarnecke, Amber M.; Back, Sudie E. Sep 22, 2018 8555
Psychological Psychotherapy service starts at KTH. Sep 11, 2018 159
Take Steps at Home to Improve Your Mood: Simple remedies for sadness or depression can help, but they can't replace treatment by a mental health professional. Sep 1, 2018 898
When to stop therapy. Etingin, Orli R. Brief article Sep 1, 2018 250
Psychosocial and behavioural interventions towards HIV risk reduction for serodiscordant couples in Africa: A systematic review. Mashaphu, Sibongile; Burns, Jonathan K.; Wyatt, Gail E.; Vawda, Naseema B. Sep 1, 2018 6369
Don't worry about anxiety in kids after summer break: HMC expert. Aug 29, 2018 345
Say all that you want.. this league is excellent. Aug 24, 2018 500
Ecofeminist Therapy: From Theory to Practice. Pompeo-Fargnoli, Alyson Report Aug 1, 2018 7883
Validation of Derogatis' Questionnaire of 90 Symtoms (SCL-90-R) in a Colombian clinical sample/Validacion del cuestionario de 90 sintomas SCL-90-R de Derogatis en una muestra clinica colombiana/Validacao do teste dos 90 sintomas SCL-90-R de Derogatis em uma amostra clinica colombiana. Londono, Nora Helena; Agudelo, Diana Maria; Martinez, Efren; Anguila, Deissy; Aguirre, Daniel Camilo Aug 1, 2018 8074
Therapists Say Anxiety Rising in US Under Donald Trump. Jul 29, 2018 379
QUANTUM PHYSICS ON FREUD'S COUCH. Careggio, Andrea Essay Jul 1, 2018 4482
Caracterizacion de la atencion psicoterapeutica en la IPS CES Sabaneta, Colombia, 2014-2015. Jaramillo Estrada, Juan Carlos; Espinosa Duque, Daniel; Ocampo Lopera, Diana; Arango Garcia, Alejand Jul 1, 2018 7265
Common Factors of a Transtheoretical Model of Autism Spectrum Disorder-Informed Psychotherapy/ Facteurs communs du modele transtheorique d'une psychotherapie fondee sur les connaissances des troubles du spectre autistique. Strunz, Ruth M. Jul 1, 2018 11808
Trans. Justice Commission proposes therapy center for Taiwan's 'White Terror' victims. Jun 25, 2018 371
A SHORTER SHORT VERSION OF BARRON'S EGO STRENGTH SCALE. Kelly, William E.; Daughtry, Don Jun 22, 2018 2478
How and Why Some Therapists Are Better Than Others: Empirical Evidence and clinical Applications from a Christian Perspective. Tan, Siang-Yang Report Jun 22, 2018 3790
9-year-old girl skips toilet breaks while playing Fortnite; gets therapy for video game addiction. Jun 11, 2018 498
A Naturopath's View of Homeopathy or Psychotherapy with Props. Lobay, Douglas Viewpoint essay Jun 1, 2018 2217
Learning from the Past, Looking to the Future. Calendar Jun 1, 2018 318
The effect of poetry therapy on the level of anxiety in patients with myocardial infarction. Mirzaee, Mohammad Saeed; Mozafari, Nasrin; Iranpoor, Darkish; Motamed, Niloofar; Jahanpour, Faezeh Report Jun 1, 2018 4253
Career Counseling With Black Men: Applying Principles of Existential Psychotherapy. Bell, Tyronn J. Report Jun 1, 2018 7321
Techniques used in the psychological therapeutic sessions in Modern Center for Psychotherapy at Khartoum State. Bakhet, Souad Mousa Ahmed Jun 1, 2018 2194
Moral and ethical features regarding integrating religion and spirituality in psychotherapy. Bolos, Alexandra; Catrinescu, Loredana; Macovei, Georgiana; Chirifa, Roxana; Szalontay, Andreea Silv Report Jun 1, 2018 5961
Aspects of Specular reflection. Anitoi, Galina Essay Jun 1, 2018 1820
Complementary and Alternative Medicine Used by Infertile Women in Turkey. Ozkan, Filiz Suzer; Karaca, Aysel; Sarak, Kader Report Jun 1, 2018 5508
Use of Mirror Therapy to Treat Psychogenic Tremors. Duymaz, Tomris Jun 1, 2018 1783
Parenting, prison and pups with a purpose: How dog-assisted therapy can improve inmates as mothers. Collica-Cox, Kimberly; Fagin, Bruce May 1, 2018 4361
On your marks, get set, ride! Retired racehorses aid inmates in reentry efforts. Joey, Hedger May 1, 2018 1605
VIP Innovations is Incorporating "Neuroscience" Techniques to Improve Coaching Effectiveness. Apr 25, 2018 890
Derby Day Fundraiser at St. Julien Hotel, Boulder, CO to Support Medicine Horse Program. Apr 23, 2018 613
'Taking photos is part of meditation'. Apr 10, 2018 800
Consensually Nonmonogamous Clients and the Impact of Mononormativity in Therapy/Les clients non monogames consensuels et l'impact de la mononormativite en therapie. Cassidy, Taya; Wong, Gina Apr 1, 2018 9266
Domestic Violence in Latin American Literary Texts: Thinking Through the Idea of 'Toxic Couples'. Harris, Chris Ensayo Mar 22, 2018 4810
Psychotherapy in the age of technology: The ethical challenges of online treatments for South African clinicians: South African Psychoanalytic Confederation Ethics Advisory Committee of 2016. Kadish, Yael; Schon, Joan; Green, Julie; Hanson, Sheri; Kuhn, Julia Report Mar 22, 2018 6041
Effective therapies for the treatment of complex posttraumatic stress disorder: A qualitative systematic review. Fillol, Carmen Fernandez; Serrano-Lbanez, Elena Rocio; Ruiz-Parraga, Gema Teresa; Maestre, Carmen Ra Mar 1, 2018 6815
Functional Analytic Psychotherapy Enhanced Behavioral Activation for Depression: A Concurrent and Non-Concurrent Between-Participants Study. Montano, Oscar M.; Montenegro, Marcos A.; Munoz-Martinez, Amanda M. Report Mar 1, 2018 6175
A Reticulated and Progressive Strategy for Developing C1inical Applications of RFT. Villatte, Matthieu; Villatte, Jennifer L.; Hayes, Steven C. Report Mar 1, 2018 3912
Reflecting on RFT and the Reticulating Strategy: a Response to Villatte, Villatte, and Hayes. Barnes-Holmes, Yvonne; Kavanagh, Deirdre; Barnes-Holmes, Dermot; Finn, Martin; Harte, Colin; Leech, Mar 1, 2018 2534
Pediatric Primary Care Psychologists' Reported Level of Integration, Billing Practices, and Reimbursement Frequency. Riley, Andrew R.; Grennan, Allison; Menousek, Kathryn; Hoffses, Kathryn W. Report Mar 1, 2018 2357
The use of Griffonia Simplicifolia and Rhodiola Rosea l. in obese women with eating compulsion/A UTILIZACAO DA GRIFFONIA SIMPLICIFOLIA E RHODIOLA ROSEA L. EM MULHERES OBESAS COM COMPULSAO ALIMENTAR. da Silva, Cintia Costa; Silva, Lais Santos; Carvalho, Rosa Virginia Oliveira Mar 1, 2018 4836
Evidence-based psychotherapy for treatment of anorexia nervosa in children and adolescents: systematic review. Alckmin-Carvalho, Felipe; Vega, Juliana Bergamo; Cobelo, Alicia Weisz; Fabbri, Alessandra Donzelli; Bibliografia Mar 1, 2018 7251
Israeli Academic Supports BDS Because Yad Vashem Doesn't Commemorate Palestinian Suffering. Leibovitz, Liel Feb 15, 2018 171
IN THIS ISSUE. Wang, Liwei; Chen, Jinghong Report Feb 1, 2018 1658
Dr. Shirley Schaye, Ph.D., F.I.P.A. Recognized as a VIP Member by Strathmore's Who's Who Worldwide Publication. Jan 24, 2018 423
Helping kids shake the post-holiday blues. Jan 15, 2018 743
Depression in black teenagers require different treatment: Study. Jan 7, 2018 362
Validacion convergente de un auto informe de valores prototipicos del trastorno histrionico de la personalidad. Ramirez, Leonardo Yovany Alvarez Jan 1, 2018 7671
The Public Intellectual as Agent-Egoist: Sherry Turkle's Ethnography. Breen, Marcus Critical essay Jan 1, 2018 9025
ANCIENT SHAMANISM AND MODERN PSYCHOTHERAPY: FROM ANTHROPOLOGY TO EVIDENCE-BASED PSYCHEDELIC MEDICINE. Bragazzi, Nicola Luigi; Khabbache, Hicham; Vecchio, Ignazio; Martini, Mariano; Perduca, Marco; Zerbe Jan 1, 2018 2422
Treating anxiety and depression of cancer survivors: Behavioral activation versus acceptance and commitment therapy. Gonzalez-Fernandez, Sonia; Fernandez-Rodriguez, Conception; Paz-Caballero, Maria Dolores; Perez-Alva Jan 1, 2018 5267
Patterns and Predictors of Depression Treatment among Older Adults with Parkinson's Disease and Depression in Ambulatory Care Settings in the United States. Bhattacharjee, Sandipan; Vadiei, Nina; Goldstone, Lisa; Alrabiah, Ziyad; Sherman, Scott J. Jan 1, 2018 4632
Changes in Pain Perception following Psychotherapy: The Mediating Role of Psychological Components. Zanini, Susanna; Voltolini, Alessandra; Gragnano, Gaia; Fumagalli, Emilia; Pagnini, Francesco Jan 1, 2018 2590
The Effect of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality on Inducing Anxiety for Exposure Therapy: A Comparison Using Heart Rate Variability. Tsai, Chai-Fen; Yeh, Shih-Ching; Huang, Yanyan; Wu, Zhengyu; Cui, Jianjun; Zheng, Lirong Jan 1, 2018 5822
Common Issues Seen in Paediatric Diabetes Clinics, Psychological Formulations, and Related Approaches to Management. Deeb, Asma; Akle, Mariette; Ozairi, Abdulla Al; Cameron, Fergus Report Jan 1, 2018 6396
Using the Revised Bloom Taxonomy to Analyze Psychotherapeutic Games. Haring, Priscilla; Warmelink, Harald; Valente, Marilla; Roth, Christian Report Jan 1, 2018 6760
Doctors Urge Mental Health Group Not to Meet in Israel (FULL LETTER). Dec 28, 2017 1186
GS Caltex expands CSR drive. Dec 28, 2017 362
When a therapist's therapy implodes: Relational reflections on a case of terminal impasse. Laurenson, Helen Dec 22, 2017 9652
On being human: The power of specificity in psychotherapy in the South African context. Hartley, Mary; Kruger, Lou-Marie Dec 22, 2017 11255
Many Little Deaths. Hofer, Shawn; Bland, Earl D.; Tisdale, Theresa Clement Dec 22, 2017 8068
Treating PTSD in Primary Care: One Small Step Is One Giant Leap. Pomerantz, Andrew S. Report Dec 1, 2017 1461
Psychotherapy: Playing the Three Monkeys in Mental Health Service Provision? Dereboy, Cigdem; Senel, Hakan; Ozturk, Cennet Safak; Sakiroglu, Mehmet; Eskin, Mehmet Report Dec 1, 2017 5798
Bipolar Disorder 2017 (Advances in Psychotherapy: Evidence Based Practice). Reiser, Robert P.; Thompson, Larry W.; Johnson, Sheri L.; Suppes, Trisha Report Dec 1, 2017 416
Counseling Theories for Alcohol and Drug Education. Cottone, R.R. Report Dec 1, 2017 703
Web-Based Supportive Psychotherapy to Prevent Posttraumatic Stress Disorder: A Cross Sectional Study on the Iranian National Under-14 Girls' Football Team After Nepal Earthquake in 2015. Hassanmirzaei, Bahar; Soltani, Salman Khalifeh; Haratian, Zohreh; Moghadam, Navid Report Dec 1, 2017 4052
Doctors grapple with how to treat depression. Nov 29, 2017 1141
VR-Based Psychotherapy For PTSD Can Help Reduce Stress Levels: Experts. Nov 24, 2017 527
The placebo effect in psychiatric practice: This well-known effect can be harnessed to improve treatment. Bernstein, Michael H.; Brown, Walter A. Nov 1, 2017 3921
Providing psychotherapy? Keep these principles in mind. Bhatia, Richa Nov 1, 2017 1154
Current psychological therapeutic approaches for gambling disorder with psychiatric comorbidities: A narrative review. Echeburua, Enrique; Amor, Pedro J.; Gomez, Montserrat Nov 1, 2017 4542
Whai tikanga: The application of a culturally relevant value centred approach. McLachlan, Andre D.; Wirihana, Rebecca; Huriwai, Terry Report Nov 1, 2017 6850
HMC strives to make emotional support part of cancer care. Oct 30, 2017 495
Emotional health important too in treatment of cancer. Oct 30, 2017 388
Emotional Health as Important as Physical Treatment in Cancer Care. Oct 28, 2017 558
Kathryn D. Keithley, Psy.D. Recognized as a Professional of the Year by Strathmore's Who's Who Worldwide Publication. Oct 25, 2017 333
Newport schools service first in Wales. Oct 19, 2017 389
Postpartum depression likely to recur with future pregnancies. Oct 7, 2017 670
'Jiffy Lube model of care' won't work. Hartley, Sara Letter to the editor Oct 1, 2017 427
Psychometric properties of the Aggression Questionnaire: A replication in a sample of partner-assaultive men in psychological treatment. Redondo, Natalia; Pena, M. Elena; Grana, Jose Luis; Andreu, Jose Manuel Oct 1, 2017 4878
Improving the recognition of borderline personality disorder: Using questionnaires and identifying a gate criterion may lead to an earlier diagnosis. Zimmerman, Mark Report Oct 1, 2017 4624
Evidence-based Practice and Single-case Designs in Psychotherapy. Georgoulakis, James M.; Zollmann, Johanna G.; Pate, Christopher L.; Hallett, Amy J. Report Oct 1, 2017 5454
Narrative Practices in Medicine and Therapy: Philosophical Reflections. Hutto, Daniel D.; Brancazio, Nicolle Marissa; Aubourg, Jarrah Essay Sep 22, 2017 6418
An unfortunate comparison of apples to oranges: comment on Jensma (2016). Rosik, Christopher H. Report Sep 22, 2017 1975
Apples or oranges--does the fruit remain? A response to Rosik (2017). Jensma, Jeanne L. Report Sep 22, 2017 3195
VERY BRIEF INTERVENTIONS: Little treatments show big promise for youth psychiatric problems. Jancin, Bruce Sep 1, 2017 991
Medication or psychotherapy for depression? patient preferences can influence adherence, but outcomes did not vary significantly between medications or psychotherapy. Blazer, Dan G. Sep 1, 2017 1003
Psychotherapeutic Self-Healing in Buddhism. Singh, Lallt Kumar; Srivastava, Kiran Report Sep 1, 2017 3434
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Darul Sakoon centre established. Apr 21, 2017 157
Darul Sakoon centre established. Apr 21, 2017 157
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Could this tablet help cure your insomnia? New research reveals that a digital sleep aid can not only treat insomnia, but also alleviate symptoms of depression and anxiety. KATIE WRIGHT looks at the apps that can boost your mental health. Sep 3, 2016 562
Could this tablet help cure your insomnia? New research reveals that a digital sleep aid can not only treat insomnia, but also alleviate symptoms of depression and anxiety. KATIE WRIGHT looks at the apps that can boost your mental health. Sep 2, 2016 565
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Could this tablet help cure your insomnia? New research reveals that a digital sleep aid can not only treat insomnia, but also alleviate symptoms of depression and anxiety. KATIE WRIGHT looks at the apps that can boost your mental health. Sep 1, 2016 568
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I don't want others to go through it; teenager puts others first after mental illness battle. Jul 2, 2016 475
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