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Analogical Thinking: The Sine Qua Non for Using History Well. Lacquement, Richard A., Jr. Mar 22, 2019 4362
Winnipeg: 1914-1918 and Beyond. Mason, Alan Jun 22, 2018 2355
Time in War. Meilinger, Phillip S. Oct 1, 2017 6328
The transference of war-induced trauma and the collective memory of trauma in Another World'. Humin, Liu Critical essay Mar 1, 2016 6423
The Korean War, Memory, and Nostalgia. Kim, Won-Chung Critical essay Sep 1, 2015 5367
Winnipeg's Great War legacy. Higgins, Tim Essay Sep 22, 2014 2760
Mickey Mouse gas masks and wonderlands: constructing ideas of trauma within exhibitions about children and war. Kofterou, Frosoulla Essay Dec 22, 2013 7623
Meditation helps marines improve mental performance under stress of war. Brief article Mar 1, 2013 247
Responding to the psychological consequences of disaster: lessons for New Zealand from the aftermath of the Georgian-Russian conflict in 2008. Parsonson, Barry S.; Castelfranc-Allen, Jane-Mary Essay Oct 1, 2011 3796
Although a large influx of literature has been published pertaining to the association between mental health problems and combat in Iraq and Afghanistan, few studies have shown the association levels based upon functional impairment. Brief article Sep 22, 2010 148
25 years ago ... Allston James, J. Brief article Jan 1, 2010 155
Mental health consequences of war and civil conflict. Mar 1, 2009 419
Depression. Cancro, Robert Jul 1, 2008 1705
So lonesome I could die: nostalgia and debates over Emotional Control in the Civil War North. Clarke, Frances Dec 22, 2007 16480
Developmental indices among Central American immigrants exposed to war-related trauma: clinical implications for counselors. Asner-Self, Kimberly K.; Marotta, Sylvia A. Mar 22, 2005 8226
The homefront: for many families of U.S. soldiers, the war in Iraq hits home every day. Landauro, Victor Jan 10, 2005 1133
Sexual abuse at Abu Ghraib stemmed from Pentagon policy: photos were part of plan to blackmail prisoners. Ruether, Rosemary Radford Oct 15, 2004 923
From paradigm to parody: war and the shifting sands of American manhood. Miller, Pat Sep 22, 2004 3960
Dissent at the war memorial. Zinn, Howard Column Aug 1, 2004 1398
'Hidden wounds': on killing in combat: society has a moral obligation to reassure those who kill in war that what they did was right and necessary. This is especially so in politically ambiguous wars like Vietnam. Grossman, Dave Aug 1, 2003 2631
Stop making sense: nerve-agent words, shape-shifting facts, and the dangers of clarity: a guide to the mind at war. (Public Domain). Packer, George Critical Essay May 1, 2003 1758
Fragments from a diary: soothed by calm words, we are about to be driven into the flames of hell. Shawn, Wallace Mar 31, 2003 2546
This is worse than war: the strain of living with the constant threat of war hanging over them is beginning to tell on the Iraqi people. While they play no part in political events, it is they who will pay the biggest price if the US launches an attack. (Current Affairs). Feb 1, 2003 1410
Teachers and media violence. (Peace Education Network). Stomfay-Stitz, Aline Sep 22, 2002 668
Lonelier planet. (Travel). Stephenson, Wen Feb 11, 2002 2433
Inside NCR. (Openers). Robert, Tom Brief Article Nov 2, 2001 549
Exempt from the Ordinary Rules of Life: Researching Postwar Adjustment Problems of Union Veterans. MARTEN, JAMES Mar 1, 2001 7168
CONTRACT OR WAR? ON THE CONSEQUENCES OF A BROADER VIEW OF SELF-INTEREST IN ECONOMICS [*]. Garfinkel, Michelle R.; Skaperdas, Stergios Mar 22, 2000 8862
Kipling and the Limits of Healing. Karlin, Daniel Oct 1, 1998 9129
How students coped with the war: the experience of Lebanon. Oweini, Ahmad A. Jul 1, 1998 7342
Iwo Jima: the pains of memory. Rollins, Peter C. Jun 1, 1998 2655
Radio days on America's home front. Horton, Gerd Sep 1, 1996 3762
Stress and coping: the experience of students at the American University of Beirut during the Lebanese civil war. Oweini, Ahmad Jan 1, 1996 9605
"I won't kiss you ... I'll send your English girl": homoerotic desire in 'A Farewell to Arms.' Cohen, Peter F. Sep 22, 1995 4966
At the personal level. Apr 1, 1995 354
Is intervention a thing of the past? Luttwak, Edward N. Oct 1, 1994 1252
War makes people feel so alive. Farrell, Michael J. Feb 19, 1993 1535
The Gulf War as mental disorder. DeMause, Lloyd Mar 11, 1991 3222
Fear of nuclear war and intercountry differences in the rate of saving. Slemrod, Joel Oct 1, 1990 4037

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