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Psychosocial issues of hearing impaired school children: a psychometric approach. Ul-Ain, Qurat; Saleem, Sadia; Sarwar, Anila; Mahmood, Zahid Report Jan 31, 2021 1053
Children urged to speak out on mental health. GEORGE MAKIN Local Democracy Reporter Jan 18, 2021 347
Students' Social Self-Image and Engagement with Studies within the Classroom: A Qualitative Multimethod Research on Teachers' Pedagogical Activities in Inclusive Education. Lakkala, Suvi; Uusiautti, Satu; Kyro-Ammala, Outi; Gronfors, Perttu Report Jan 1, 2020 8356
Teacher Praise-to-Reprimand Ratios: Behavioral Response of Students at Risk for EBD Compared with Typically Developing Peers. Caldarella, Paul; Larsen, Ross A.A.; Williams, Leslie; Wills, Howard P.; Wehby, Joseph H. Report Nov 1, 2019 6959
Happiness apps: how schools are joining the fight for better student mental health. Fleming, Sean Oct 27, 2019 921
Schoolchildren Struggle to Ignore Distractions. Oct 1, 2019 309
Low Vitamin D Linked to Childhood Behavior Problems & Poor Mental Health: Blood vitamin D levels suggestive of deficiency were almost twice as likely to develop externalizing behavior problems. Oct 1, 2019 363
Evaluation of efficiency of puppet show in decreasing fears of school-age children against medical procedures in Zonguldak (Turkey). Report Jun 30, 2019 3994
Children as young as three suffering mental health issues; Ambassador scheme supports Walsall school children suffering stress and anxiety. May 15, 2019 827
Effects of Gamified Comparison on Sixth Graders' Algebra Word Problem Solving and Learning Attitude. Sun-Lin, Hong-Zheng; Chiou, Guey-Fa Report Jan 1, 2019 7029
Mathematics teachers: Dealing with difference. Cheeseman, Jill; Klooger, Michele Essay Sep 22, 2018 2447
The Impact of Academic Failure on the Self-Concept of Elementary Grade Students. Aug 31, 2018 4968
Children affected by Jolo fire get psychosocial support. Jul 28, 2018 285
One in three pupils in every classroom in Wales have a mental health issue; Tackling emotional and mental health issues among children and young people must be made a national priority, say AMs. Apr 28, 2018 659
Yoga, Mindfulness Aid Anxiety in Elementary School Children; Improvements in emotional, psychosocial quality of life seen with eight-week classroom intervention. Apr 13, 2018 235
Household Food Insecurity and Psychosocial Dysfunction in Ecuadorian Elementary Schoolchildren. Weigel, M. Margaret; Armijos, Rodrigo X. Jan 1, 2018 5576
Causes of Social Anxiety among Elementary Grade Children. Inam, Attiya; Mahjabeen, Adeela; Abiodullah, Muhammad Report Dec 31, 2017 3123
The Probable Prevalence and Sociodemographic Characteristics of Specific Learning Disorder in Primary School Children in Edirne. Gorker, Isik; Bozatli, Leyla; Korkmazlar, Umran; Karadag, Meltem Yucel; Ceylan, Cansin; Sogut, Ceren Report Dec 1, 2017 6545
Emotional Intelligence And Academic Achievement. Moreno, Lorie Anne Socorro R. Report Dec 1, 2017 4577
Education in an Unfamiliar Language: Impact of Teachers' Limited Language Proficiency on Pedagogy, a Situational Analysis of Upper Primary Schools in Kenya. McCoy, Bernard Report Sep 1, 2017 7655
Exploring Elementary Students' Scientific Knowledge of Agriculture Using Evidence-Centered Design. Brandt, Molly; Forbes, Cory; Keshwani, Jenny Report Jul 1, 2017 7286
Energy imbalance and psychosocial imbalance in the construction of child obesity in a marginalized area of Mexico City. Turnbull, Bernardo; Unzaga, Marco Gonzalez; Andrade, Gloria Oliva Martinez; Garcia, Rocio Sanchez; I Jul 1, 2017 5938
How does Mozart's music affect children's reading? The evidence from learning anxiety and reading rates with e-books. Su, Yen-Ning; Kao, Chih-Chien; Hsu, Chia-Cheng; Pan, Lu-Chun; Cheng, Shu-Chen; Huang, Yueh-Min Apr 1, 2017 7288
Massage and Storytelling Reduce Aggression and Improve Academic Performance in Children Attending Elementary School. Gonsalves, Lia Lopes; Voos, Mariana Callil; de Almeida, Maria Helena Morgani; Caromano, Fatima Apare Report Jan 1, 2017 4200
Threshold Effects of Creative Problem-Solving Attributes on Creativity in the Math Abilities of Taiwanese Upper Elementary Students. Lin, Chia-Yi Report Jan 1, 2017 7082
Children Adopt the Traits of Characters in a Narrative. Dore, Rebecca A.; Smith, Eric D.; Lillard, Angeline S. Report Jan 1, 2017 13112
Developing Critical Thinking through Questioning Strategy among Fourth Grade Students. Rashid, Sumaira; Qaisar, Shahzada Case study Dec 31, 2016 5646
A Comparative Study between the Learning Style of User and Non User Students of Social Media at Elementary School Level. Ch, Abdul Qayyum; Hussain, Tariq; Mahmood, Zaid; Rasool, M. Shafqat Report Dec 31, 2016 2169
Grades K - 6: helping calm the traumatized, anxious brain in the classroom. Dec 1, 2016 373
Effects of a Tier 3 self-management intervention implemented with and without treatment integrity. Lower, Ashley; Young, K. Richard; Christensen, Lynnette; Caldarella, Paul; Williams, Leslie; Wills, Report Nov 1, 2016 9311
Prevalence of internalizing and externalizing behavioural problem among school going children in relation to their level of intelligence. Roy, Bharati Report Sep 1, 2016 2193
Multi-informant scores and gender differences on the strengths and difficulties questionnaire for New Zealand children. Sargisson, Rebecca J.; Stanley, Peter G.; Hayward, Anna Report Jul 1, 2016 5786
The effects of word box instruction on acquisition, generalization, and maintenance of decoding and spelling skills for first graders. Alber-Morgan, Sheila R.; Joseph, Laurice M.; Kanotz, Brittany; Rouse, Christina A.; Sawyer, Mary R. Report Feb 1, 2016 7081
Differences between Estimation and Real Performance in School-Age Children: Fundamental Movement Skills. Almeida, Gabriela; Luz, Carlos; Martins, Rui; Cordovil, Rita Report Jan 1, 2016 4764
Ingroup/Outgroup Attitudes and Group Evaluations: The Role of Competition in British Classroom Settings. Lam, Virginia L.; Seaton, Jodi-Ann Report Jan 1, 2016 8368
OPERATION OCCUPATION: A COLLEGE AND CAREER READINESS INTERVENTION FOR ELEMENTARY STUDENTS. Mariani, Melissa; Berger, Carolyn; Koerner, Kathleen; Sandlin, Cassie Report Jan 1, 2016 6802
Academic Failure at Grade Four: A Quantitative Approach to the Self-Concept of Students. Chohan, Bushra Iqbal; Khan, Rehana Masrur Report Dec 31, 2015 5914
High probability of equivalence class formation with both sample-S+ and sample-S- controlling relations in baseline. Arantes, Ana; de Rose, Julio C. Clinical report Dec 1, 2015 4986
Policy forum on mental health issues of school children held in Peshawar. Nov 13, 2015 361
Mental health issues in school children needs proper attention, Atif Khan. Nov 13, 2015 331
Blame mom or dad for math anxiety! Brief article Oct 1, 2015 264
Effectiveness of an afterschool-based aggression management program for elementary students. Staecker, Emma; Puett, Eli; Afrassiab, Shayda; Ketcherside, Miranda; Azim, Sabiya; Wang, Anna; Rhode Report Sep 1, 2015 4740
Confirming the structural validity of the my class inventory--short form revised. Mariani, Melissa; Villares, Elizabeth; Sink, Christopher A.; Colvin, Kimberly; Kuba, Summer Perhay Report Sep 1, 2015 7084
EFFECTIVENESS OF AN AFTERSCHOOL-BASED AGGRESSION MANAGEMENT PROGRAM FOR ELEMENTARY STUDENTS. Staecker, Emma; Puett, Eli; Afrassiab, Shayda; Ketcherside, Miranda; Azim, Sabiya; Wang, Anna; Rhode Report Sep 1, 2015 4739
Effects of a ubiquitous mentoring program on self-esteem, school adaptation, and perceived parental attitude. Lee, Kyunghee; Kim, Mi Jung; Park, Tae Hee; Alcazar-Bejerano, Ivy Lynne Report Aug 1, 2015 6317
Social Skills as Predictors of Problem Behavior in School Children/Habilidades Sociais como Preditoras de Problemas de Comportamento em Escolares. Casali-Robalinho, Ivana Gisel; Del Prette, Zilda Aparecida Pereira; Del Prette, Almir Jul 1, 2015 8271
An exploration of the impacts that experiencing domestic violence can have on a child's primary school education: view of educational staff. Holt, Sarah Louise Report Jun 22, 2015 6970
Experimental evidence on the effects of financial education on elementary school students' knowledge, behavior, and attitudes. Batty, Michael; Collins, J. Michael; Odders-White, Elizabeth Report Mar 22, 2015 10952
Effects of worked examples using manipulatives on fifth graders' learning performance and attitude toward mathematics. Lee, Chun-Yi; Chen, Ming-Jang Report Jan 1, 2015 6568
Implementing social-emotional skills training in primary students. Karimzadeh, Mansoureh; Ajilchi, Bita; Oskoei, Arezoo Shomali; Tahmasebi, Siyamak Report Dec 15, 2014 5003
Green and blue spaces and behavioral development in Barcelona schoolchildren: the BREATHE project. Amoly, Elmira; Dadvand, Payam; Forns, Joan; Lopez-Vicente, Monica; Basagana, Xavier; Julvez, Jordi; Report Dec 1, 2014 8231
La violence indirecte : une recension des ecrits avec des implications pour le milieu scolaire primaire. Verlaan, Pierrette; Besnard, Therese Report Oct 1, 2014 11111
Children's misinterpretation of today's designs: a case study of how children interpret registered safety signs. Siu, Kin Wai Michael; Wong, Yi Lin; Lam, Mei Seung; Ng, Annie W.Y. Report Oct 1, 2014 4156
A pilot study with the incredible years parenting training: does it work for fathers of preschoolers with oppositional behavior symptoms? Homem, Tatiana C.; Gaspar, Maria Filomena; Seabra-Santos, Maria Joao; Canavarro, Maria Cristina; Aze Report Sep 22, 2014 9999
Pre-reading activities and reading comprehension. Alipanahi, Fatemeh; Mahmoudi, Rana Report Jul 23, 2014 3638
The effect of computer plays on the she-students' creativity of Marvdasht primary schools. Mahjoob, Neda; Hassanshahi, Mahshid; Peyman, Marjan Report Jun 1, 2014 2720
Study the relationship between classroom management styles and pupils' exam anxiety. Nejad, Mohammad Ali Taleghani; Asadzadeh, Hassan Report Jun 1, 2014 2732
Nutritional status, academic performance and parental feeding practices of primary school children in a rural district in Kelantan, Malaysia. Lee, Y.Y.; Manan, Wan Abdul W.M Report Jun 1, 2014 5231
Children's reactions when ignored and rejected: a second look. Chiffriller, Sheila H.; Kangos, Kelsey A. Report Jun 1, 2014 4367
The influence of authoritarian and authoritative parenting on children's academic achievement motivation: a comparison between the United States and Japan. Watabe, Akiko; Hibbard, David R. Report Jun 1, 2014 9016
Parents, teachers asked to understand psychology of children. May 26, 2014 297
Preschool course effect on students' adaptive behavior according to the intelligence control. Omidian, Faranak; Khosravinejad, Shahrzad; dezhan, Abdoreza; Kamarzarrin, Hamid; khaledian, Mohamad Report May 1, 2014 4029
Pupils' attitudes for physical education lesson and science lesson at primary schools: a comparative example of Ankara Province. Korkmaz, Murat; Yucel, Ali Serdar; Kilic, Bulent; Catikkas, Fatih; Tuna, Dilek Cesim Report May 1, 2014 8418
Effectiveness in improving behavior problems and social skills training, anger management, third and fourth grade students in Faryab. Moradi, Ebrahim; Afsha, Jahangir Mehr; Nejad, Abbas Anari Report May 1, 2014 1761
Descriptive assessment of the impact on reducing behavioral disorders, sixth-grade students of Elementary Schools Ghaderabad. Khosravanian, Omid; Afsha, Jahangir Mehr; Sattar, Reza Report May 1, 2014 2350
The relationship between negligence and academic performance second grade and third grade students in city Jahrom. Ramezanli, Majid; Afsha, Jahangir Mehr; Rezaei, Mohammad Hasan Report May 1, 2014 1644
Family compliance with the use of alarm devices in the treatment of monosymptomatic nocturnal enuresis: Monosemptomatik nokturnal enurezis tedayisinde ailelerin alarm cihazi ' Oguz, Ural; Sarikaya, Selcuk; Ozyuvali, Ekrem; Senocak, Cagri; Halis, Fikret; Ciftci, Mehmet; Yildir Report Mar 1, 2014 2952
Re: family compliance with the use of alarm devices in the treatment of monosymptomatic nocturnal enuresis. Editorial Mar 1, 2014 605
Developmental and cultural aspects of field-dependence in 11 and 12 years old Estonian and Finnish students. Thomson, Kaivo; Watt, Anthony; Liukkonen, Jarmo Author abstract Mar 1, 2014 5315
Much or more? Experiments of rationality and spite with school children. D'Almeida, Andre F.; Teixeira, Ricardo C.; Chalub, Fabio A.C.C. Report Mar 1, 2014 5348
The investigation relationship between perfectionism and mothers' employment on social-emotional adjustment of pre-school children (3-6 ages) in Tehran and Karaj cities. Omidinejad, Mahboobeh; Salibi, Jacenthe Report Feb 1, 2014 3890
Dolls are for girls and not for boys: evaluating the appropriateness of the implicit relational assessment procedure for school-age children. Renato, Laura; Rabelo, Z.; Souza, Bortoloti, Debora H. Report Jan 1, 2014 4802
The effects of square-stepping exercises on cognitive skills for kindergarten age children. Ramah, Nada Report Jan 1, 2014 3265
The Effects of the SENG Parent Education Model on Parents and Gifted Children. Saranli, Adile GA1; Metin, Emine NilgA1 Jan 1, 2014 336
Comprehensive influence model of preschool children's personality development based on the Bayesian network. Sun, Yan; He, Mingying; Yang, Lizhu Report Jan 1, 2014 4182
Results of the parent-rated strengths and difficulties questionnaire in 22,108 primary school students from 8 provinces of China. Gao, Xin; Shi, Wenhui; Zhai, Yi; He, Liu; Shi, Xiaoming Report Dec 1, 2013 5968
The comparison of critical thinking based on the degree of the application of the internet between girl students of first grade of high school at Meshkin Shahr City during 2012-2013. Monfaredi, Niloufar; Ranjdoost, Shahram; Yari, Jahangir Report Nov 1, 2013 4660
Gender differences in the reading of e-books: investigating children's attitudes, reading behaviors and outcomes. Huang, Yueh-Min; Liang, Tsung-Ho; Chiu, Chiung-Hui Report Oct 1, 2013 7241
Self-concept among primary school students according to gender and academic achievement variables in Jordan. Srour, Nadia Hayel Al-; Ali, Safa Mohammad Al- Report Sep 22, 2013 6599
Study of personal hygiene, nutritional and morbidity profile of school children in rural area of Khammam district, Andhra Pradesh. Berad, Aditya S.; Reddy, B. Chandra Sekhar; Kumar, B.P. Ravi; Bolisetti, Venu Report Aug 26, 2013 1735
Analyzing Academic Performance and Mental Health of Elementary School Students through Parenting Practices. Sultan, Sarwat; Hagger, Martin; Hussain, Irshad Report Jun 30, 2013 3364
An Exploratory Study of the Relationship between Self-Esteem and Academic Performance of the Students. Chohan, Bushra Iqbal Report Jun 30, 2013 4392
Depression among teenage school children worries health authorities. Jun 20, 2013 356
Investigation of people's knowledge and attitudes towards childhood psychiatric disorders and specialists who work in this field/Cocukluk cagi psikiyatrik hastaliklari ve bu alanda calisan uzmanlar hakkinda halkin bilgi ve tutumlarinin incelenmesi. Gokcen, Cem; Sahingoz, Mine; Savas, Haluk Asuman Report Jun 1, 2013 5171
Understanding fear in school children. Kalar, Musleh Uddin; Mustahsan, Syed M.; Ali, Maroof; Fatima, Kiran; Farooque, Khalil; Batool, Marzi Survey May 1, 2013 3947
Using Collaborative Testing to Reduce Test Anxiety in Elementary and Middle School Students. Balkam, Brittany E.; Nellessen, Jenny A.; Ronney, Heather M. Report May 1, 2013 590
Increasing Motivation and Engagement in Elementary and Middle School Students through Technology-Supported Learning Environments. Godzicki, Linda; Godzicki, Nicole; Krofel, Mary; Michaels, Rachel Report May 1, 2013 696
The Effects of Differentiated Instruction on Motivation and Engagement in Fifth-Grade Gifted Math and Music Students. Martin, Merissa R.; Pickett, Matt T. Report May 1, 2013 531
Action Research: The Development of Critical Thinking Skills. LaPoint-O'Brien, Tammy Report Feb 17, 2013 269
A son's fears and a father's response: starting to feel safe again after the Sandy Hook tragedy. Eller, Ian Feb 1, 2013 1032
Tools for Getting Along. What Works Clearinghouse Intervention Report. Report Jan 1, 2013 322
The Importance of Positive Self-Concept for Islamic Education Teachers as a Role Model. Muhamad, Nurul Asiah Fasehah; Hamzah, Mohd Isa; Tamuri, Ab. Halim; Ja'afar, Noornajihan; Ghazali, No Report Jan 1, 2013 320
High Ability and Learner Characteristics. Hindal, Huda; Reid, Norman; Whitehead, Rex Abstract Jan 1, 2013 390
Anxiety in students: a hidden culprit in behavior issues: identifying the triggers for inappropriate behaviors and teaching children more desirable responses can be part of intervention plans in any classroom. Minahan, Jessica; Rappaport, Nancy Essay Dec 1, 2012 3552
Tier 2 supports to improve motivation and performance of elementary students with behavioral challenges and poor work completion. Oakes, Wendy Peia; Lane, Kathleen Lynne; Cox, Meredith; Magrane, Ashley; Jenkins, Abbie; Vanderbilt, Report Nov 1, 2012 13916
The effects of environment on children's executive function: a study of three private schools. Bagby, Janet; Barnard-Brak, Lucy; Sulak, Tracey; Jones, Natalie; Walter, Mary Report Oct 1, 2012 4441
A function-based classroom behavior intervention using non-contingent reinforcement plus response cost. Nolan, Julene D.; Filter, Kevin J. Case study Aug 1, 2012 3972
Depression and anxiety among Grade 11 and 12 learners attending schools in central Bloemfontein. Strydom, M.A.A.; Pretorius, P.J.; Joubert, G. Report Aug 1, 2012 3332
Open Court Reading[c]. What Works Clearinghouse Intervention Report. Report Aug 1, 2012 388
Understanding Patterns and Precursors of ELL Success Subsequent to Reclassification. CRESST Report 818. Kim, Jinok; Herman, Joan L. Report Aug 1, 2012 298
Early Risers. What Works Clearinghouse Intervention Report. Report Jun 1, 2012 431
Implementing Guided Reading Strategies with Kindergarten and First Grade Students. Abbott, Lindsey; Dornbush, Abby; Giddings, Anne; Thomas, Jennifer Abstract May 1, 2012 471
"It's me. I'm fixin' to know the hard words": children's perceptions of "good readers" as portrayed in their representational drawings. Cobb, Jeanne B. Report Apr 1, 2012 5558
Mathematics difficulty with and without reading difficulty: findings and implications from a four-year longitudinal study. Vukovic, Rose K. Report Mar 22, 2012 11217
Effects of a Tier 2 supplemental reading intervention for at-risk fourth-grade students. Ritchey, Kristen D.; Silverman, Rebecca D.; Montanaro, Elizabeth A.; Speece, Deborah L.; Schatschnei Report Mar 22, 2012 9385
It's okay to care: caring's place in the music classroom. Noftall, Alana Essay Mar 22, 2012 3471
Does a Summer Reading Program Based on Lexiles Affect Reading Comprehension? Final Report. NCEE 2012-4006. Wilkins, Chuck; Gersten, Russell; Decker, Lauren E.; Grunden, Leslie; Brasiel, Sarah; Brunnert, Kim; Abstract Mar 1, 2012 839
Middle school children's career aspirations: relationship to adult occupations and gender. Schuette, Christine T.; Ponton, Michael K.; Charlton, Margaret L. Mar 1, 2012 5393
Word identification, metacognitive knowledge, motivation and reading comprehension: an Australian study of Grade 3 and 4 pupils. van Kraayenoord, Christina E.; Beinicke, Andrea; Schlagmuller, Matthias; Schneider, Wolfgang Report Feb 1, 2012 7037
Elementary school students' perceptions of the new science and technology curriculum by gender. Gomleksiz, Mehmet Nuri Report Jan 1, 2012 6763
Cluster Randomized Trial of a Large-Scale Education Initiative in the Democratic Republic of Congo: Baseline Findings and Lessons. Aber, John Lawrence; Torrente, Catalina; Annan, Jeannie; Bundervoet, Tom; Shivshanker, Anjuli Report Jan 1, 2012 264
Relationships of homework motivation and preferences to homework achievement and attitudes in Turkish students. Iflazoglu, Ayten; Hong, Eunsook Report Jan 1, 2012 8138
Introduction to the Special Issue: Building Capacity to Improve Student Outcomes through Collaboration--Current Issues and Innovative Approaches. Stormont, Melissa; Thomas, Cathy Newman; Van Garderen, Delinda Report Jan 1, 2012 199
Special Education Teachers' Perceptions and Beliefs Regarding Homeschooling Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders. Hurlbutt, Karen Report Jan 1, 2012 278
Tiered models of integrated academic and behavioral support: effect of implementation level on academic outcomes. Noltemeyer, Amity; Sansosti, Frank J. Report Jan 1, 2012 6122
Development of a Scale for Assessing Emotional and Behavioral Problems of School Children. Report Dec 31, 2011 5044
Reasons of aggressive behaviour against school fellows, its frequency, forms: reaction of schoolchildren, teachers and parents/Agresyvaus elgesio pries bendramokslius priezastys, daznumas ir formos: mokiniu, mokytoju ir tevu vertinimas. Pruskus, Valdas; Tuziene, Gerda Report Dec 1, 2011 5647
A different approach. Davis, Crystal D. Brief article Nov 24, 2011 146
The Relationship between Prosodic Oral Reading Assessments and Standards-Based Reading Assessment in a 2nd Grade Classroom. Kariuki, Patrick; Baxter, Andrew Abstract Nov 2, 2011 210
An investigation of the impact of function of problem behavior on effectiveness of the Behavior Education Program (BEP). Hawken, Leanne S.; O'Neill, Robert E.; MacLeod, K. Sandra Report Nov 1, 2011 7969
Exposure to school bullying and the social capital of sixth-grade students. Carney, Jolynn V.; Jacob, Charles J.; Hazler, Richard J. Sep 22, 2011 7697
Using an iPod Touch to teach social and self-management skills to an elementary student with emotional/behavioral disorders. Blood, Erika; Johnson, Jesse W.; Ridenour, Lindsey; Simmons, Karen; Crouch, Starline Report Aug 1, 2011 7720
Household Chaos, Attention and School Problems in Primary School Children. Report Jun 30, 2011 3503
Effects of Social Skill Instruction. Calhoun, Trish Abstract May 1, 2011 232
What it means to be 'manly': gender, sport, and primary school students. Bartholomaeus, Clare Report May 1, 2011 8190
Unity in the Elementary School Classroom: Building Community Through Increasing Positive Social Interactions Between and Among Students. Piatt-Jaeger, Sally Abstract May 1, 2011 276
Theatre Arts Programs: Impact of Cognitive Development in Elementary School Students. Miller, Lauren. Report May 1, 2011 206
Observing Emotional Interactions Between Teachers and Students in Elementary School Classrooms. Lacina, Jan Report Apr 27, 2011 372
Perceived Social Support from Friends as Determinant of Loneliness in a Sample of Primary School. Kalkan, Melek; Epli-Koc, Hatice Report Apr 1, 2011 332
Focus and Motivation: Two Contributing Factors That Lead a Student to Academic Success. McQuown, Adrienne Report Apr 1, 2011 229
Play therapy in elementary schools: a best practice for improving academic achievement. Blanco, Pedro J.; Ray, Dee C. Report Mar 22, 2011 6596
Response to Intervention as a vehicle for powerful mental health interventions in the schools. Froiland, John Mark Report Jan 1, 2011 4500
An analysis of the writing disposition of fourth and fifth grade elementary school pupils. Unal, Emre Report Dec 22, 2010 4606
Funny business: Tina Fey's been working on her one-liners since grade school ... proving that even spontaneity takes practice. Brief article Oct 1, 2010 328
Teacher views on social skills development in primary school students. Samanci, Osman Report Sep 22, 2010 4312
Identification of Learning Difficulties among Children Studying in Public Sector Schools. Report Jun 30, 2010 5340
The effect of educational game over attention in children. Akandere, Mehibe; Bastug, Gulsum; Asan, Recep; Bastug, Kahraman Report Jun 1, 2010 3447
Students with Learning Disability in Math Are Left Behind in Multiplicative Reasoning? Number as Abstract Composite Unit Is a Likely "Culprit". Tzur, Ron; Xin, Yan Ping; Si, Luo; Kenney, Rachael; Guebert, Adam Report Apr 4, 2010 218
Effecting affect: developing a positive attitude to primary mathematics learning: Len Sparrow and Chris Hurst remind us of the importance of helping students to develop positive attitudes to mathematics and provide practical suggestions as to how to engage students in a variety of stimulating activities. Sparrow, Len; Hurst, Chris Mar 22, 2010 2706
Using functional behavioral assessment data to infer learning histories and guide interventions: a consultation case study. Parker, Megan; Skinner, Christopher; Booher, Joshua Report Mar 22, 2010 5098
Using self-assessments in elementary classrooms: elementary students aren't too young to use self-assessment. With the teacher's help, it can boost motivation and achievement. Bingham, Gary; Holbrook, Teri; Meyers, Laura E. Essay Feb 1, 2010 1189
Learning Outcomes between Socioscientific Issues-Based Learning and Conventional Learning Activities. Wongsri, Piyaluk; Nuangchalerm, Prasart Report Jan 1, 2010 339
Factors Influencing Mathematic Problem-Solving Ability of Sixth Grade Students. Pimta, Sakorn; Tayraukham, Sombat; Nuangchalerm, Prasart Abstract Dec 1, 2009 289
Chinese American parental attitudes toward seeking help for children's emotional/behavioral problems in school. Lowinger, Robert Jay Report Dec 1, 2009 8189
Cognitive Development, Analytical Thinking and Learning Satisfaction of Second Grade Students Learned through Inquiry-Based Learning. Nuangchalerm, Prasart; Thammasena, Benjaporn Report Oct 1, 2009 287
Relationship Between Emotional Intelligence of Primary School 4th and 5th Grade Students and their Teachers. Polat, Soner; Ulusoy-Oztan, Yildiz Report Sep 1, 2009 265
Does school connectedness help to protect school-aged children from anger and stress? Rice, Marti Sep 1, 2009 983
"FRIENDS for Life": the results of a resilience-building, anxiety-prevention program in a Canadian elementary school. Rose, Heather; Miller, Lynn; Martinez, Yvonne Aug 1, 2009 4903
The impact of gender-fair versus gender-stereotyped basal readers on 1st-grade children's gender stereotypes: a natural experiment. Karniol, Rachel; Gal-Disegni, Michal Report Jun 22, 2009 5766
Think like a scientist: a class of curious sixth-graders arguing over moist, mucky jars may represent the future of science education. Bower, Bruce Jun 20, 2009 2361
NIDA Study Shows School-Based Prevention Program Reduces Problem Behaviors in Fifth-Graders by Half. Jun 18, 2009 168
Biblio-therapeutic book creations by pre-service student teachers: helping elementary school children cope. Haeseler, Lisa Ann Report Jun 1, 2009 2760
Psychosocial implications of obesity in school children from 7 to 12 years in a city in the south of Brazil/Implicacoes psicossociais da obesidade infantil em escolares de 7 a 12 anos de uma cidade serrana do Sul do Brasil. Feldmann, Lidiane Requia Alli; de Mattos, Airton Pozo; Halpern, Ricardo; Rech, Ricardo; Bonne, Crist May 1, 2009 4983
Elementary organizational structures and young adolescents' self-concept and classroom environment perceptions across the transition to middle school. Parker, Audra K. Report Mar 22, 2009 6824
Short Communication: preferences of dentist's attire in a group of Istanbul school children related with dental anxiety. Kuscu, O.O.; Caglar, E.; Kayabasoglu, N.; Sandalli, N. Report Mar 1, 2009 2486
Student Perceptions of Interactive Whiteboards in a Third Grade Classroom. Genesi, Deanna Joy Abstract Mar 1, 2009 200
Children's self-concept: a multicultural comparison. Kenny, Maureen C.; McEachern, Adriana Report Feb 1, 2009 4458
Moving on. Douglas, Maureen Report Feb 1, 2009 1343
School mobility impacts academic success. Brief article Jan 1, 2009 183
One-to-One Tutoring for Reading in Grade One: Is It Beneficial for All Students? Incorvaia, Aubrey Report Jan 1, 2009 361
Using Developmental Science to Transform Children's Early School Experiences. Issues in PreK-3rd Education. Number Four. Maxwell, Kelly; Ritchie, Sharon; Bredekamp, Sue; Zimmerman, Tracy Report Jan 1, 2009 171
Study examines why some children are chronically abused by peers. Brief article Dec 1, 2008 191
The relationship between levels of perceived respect and bullying in 5th through 12th graders. Langdon, Susan W.; Preble, William Sep 22, 2008 6915
Development and validation of the computer technology literacy self-assessment scale for Taiwanese elementary school students. Chang, Chiung-Sui Sep 22, 2008 3951
Behavioral problems among children attending private and community schools in Karachi, Pakistan. Hussein, Sajida Abdul Report Jun 22, 2008 3538
The Effect of Book Blogging on the Motivation of 3rd-Grade Students. Swanson, Kristen N.; Legutko, Robert S. Author abstract Jun 10, 2008 159
Children's perceptions of parental attitude affecting breakfast skipping in primary sixth-grade students. Cheng, Tereza S.Y.; Tse, Lap A.H.; Yu, Ignatius Tak-Sun; Griffiths, Sian Report Apr 1, 2008 4262
A Paradox between IRT Invariance and Model-Data Fit When Utilizing the One-Parameter and Three-Parameter Models. Custer, Michael; Sharairi, Sid; Yamazaki, Kenji; Signatur, Diane; Swift, David; Frey, Sharon Report Mar 28, 2008 192
Gender schema and prejudicial recall: how children misremember, fabricate, and distort gendered picture book information. Frawley, Timothy J. Report Mar 22, 2008 6187
The differential impact of mothers' and fathers' discipline on preschool children's home and classroom behavior. Jewell, Jeremy D.; Krohn, Emily J.; Scott, Victoria G.; Carlton, Martha; Meinz, Elizabeth Mar 1, 2008 6244
Beating the butterflies. Sidrane, Michelle Mar 1, 2008 929
Relationship of anger, stress, and coping with school connectedness in fourth-grade children. Rice, Marti; Kang, Duck-Hee; Weaver, Michael; Howell, Carol C. Report Mar 1, 2008 5830
Factors affecting hopelessness levels of Turkish preteenagers attending primary school: a structural equation model. Yilmaz, Veysel; Turkum, Ayse Sibel Report Feb 1, 2008 2603
The Challenge of Improving Children's Writing Ability: A Randomized Evaluation of "Writing Wings". Puma, Michael; Tarkow, Allison; Puma, Anna Report Dec 1, 2007 549
A little bit of rhythm & 'rithmatic. Dec 1, 2007 334
Group Anxiety Reduction with Sixth Grade Students. Miller, Nichole; DeLapp, Renee; Driscoll, Richard Author abstract Nov 1, 2007 317
Detecting Effects of Positively and Negatively Worded Items on a Self-Concept Scale for Third and Sixth Grade Elementary Students. Chen, Yi-Hsin; Rendina-Gobioff, Gianna; Dedrick, Robert F. Report Nov 1, 2007 317
Storytelling as a learning trigger in educational drama. Chaine, Francine Report Sep 22, 2007 3241
Perceived athletic competence, sociometric status, and loneliness in elementary school children. Dunn, Janice Causgrove; Dunn, John G.H.; Bayduza, Angela Sep 1, 2007 7869
The effects of implementing a classwide peer tutoring model on social approvals and disapprovals emitted during unstructured free time. Lawson, Tracy Reilly; Trapenberg, Gabrielle Report Jun 22, 2007 4828
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