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Foster Care Fortnight: Kettering-based charity's foster families share how pets can help a child feel at home; Research has shown that pets improve children's physical and mental health. Stephanie Weaver May 13, 2021 867
Banbury mother launches fundraising campaign to help families at daughter's mental health treatment facility; A Banbury mother has launched a fundraising campaign to help provide comfort for patients and their families at her daughter's mental health treatment facility. Matt Elofson May 12, 2021 713
United in family well-being. Mar 4, 2021 672
Stressful Life Events and Associations With Child and Family Emotional and Behavioral Well-Being in Diverse Immigrant and Refugee Populations. Berge, Jerica M.; Mountain, Samaria; Telke, Susan; Trofholz, Amanda; Lingras, Katie; Dwivedi, Roli; Report Dec 1, 2020 8393
Huge boost to mental health support; PS600,000 to help children, families and ease loneliness. TONY EARNSHAW Local Democracy Reporter @LdrTony Nov 13, 2020 462
Achieving Improved Child and Family Well-Being Through Prevention: A Call for System Adaptation. Weiner, Dana Oct 1, 2020 1592
COST OF VIRUS ON A DIVIDED SOCIETY; Poorer families suffer more as coronavirus cements gap between haves and have-nots Fears for mental health of young people as 250 per cent more admit suicidal thoughts. MARK ANDREWS Aug 25, 2020 308
COST OF VIRUS ON A DIVIDED SOCIETY; Poorer families suffer more as coronavirus cements gap between haves and have-nots ? Fears for mental health of young people as 250 per cent more admit suicidal thoughts. MARK ANDREWS Aug 25, 2020 308
Depressive Symptoms and Father Involvement in Canada: Evidence from a National Study. Shafer, Kevin; Renick, Andrew J. May 1, 2020 10047
Relationship of Work-Family Conflict with Job Demands, Social Support and Psychological Well-Being of University Female Teachers in Punjab. Mahvish Fatima Akram and Abid Hussain Ch Apr 30, 2020 6940
Caregiver Stress, Perceived Stigma and Mental Health in Female Family Members of Drug Addicts: Correlational Study. Report Sep 30, 2019 2827
Gender Inequality Identified as an Underlying Cause of Depression in Thai Women. Rungreangkulkij, Somporn; Kotnara, Ingkata; Rujiraprasert, Nilubol; Khuandee, Napaphat Disease/Disorder overview Aug 1, 2019 6236
Sibling relationship quality and young children's mental health in Chinese two-child families. Yin, Xiayun; Li, Zhihua; Li, Jianhua; Liu, Xiaoqun Jun 1, 2019 4437
The children who need to be treated with extra-special care; KATIE DICKINSON spoke to families whose young ones'well-being depends on the on the immune system specialist at the Great North Children's Hospital, Newcastle. Apr 29, 2019 870
Kane County Health Department receives $200,000 planning grant to improve children's mental health. Sep 1, 2018 510
Preserving families psychological and psychosocial health in PICU: a review on the health professionals role. Johnston, Teaghan Report Sep 1, 2018 2672
Kane County Health Department receives funding to improve children's mental health. Aug 1, 2018 510
FAMILY SEPARATIONS: Some migrant children could face irreversible mental health outcomes. Sood, Aradhana Bela Jul 1, 2018 1228
Vice victim rejects mental health help: Mother-of-two fears for safety of family. Jun 1, 2018 394
Family-Based Youth Mental Health Interventions Delivered by Nonspecialist Providers in Low- and Middle-Income Countries: A Systematic Review. Healy, Elsa A.; Kaiser, Bonnie N.; Puffer, Eve S. Jun 1, 2018 8841
Suicidal children slipping through the net of mental health services; YOUNG PEOPLE'S LIVES BEING PUT AT RISK, SAYS CITY MP AMID GOVERNMENT CUTS ONE CHILD killed A FAMILY PET - BUT WAS turned down FOR EXTRA SUPPORT. May 18, 2018 539
Child who killed family pet then showed no remorse offered no mental health support; Shocking examples of young people on the brink have been revealed as mental health services face a crisis in funding. May 18, 2018 745
Common Issues Seen in Paediatric Diabetes Clinics, Psychological Formulations, and Related Approaches to Management. Deeb, Asma; Akle, Mariette; Ozairi, Abdulla Al; Cameron, Fergus Report Jan 1, 2018 6396
Resonances of a group in the lives of women in a mental health service/ Ressonancias de um grupo na vida das mulheres de um servico de saude mental/ Resonancias de un grupo en la vida de las mujeres de un servicio de salud mental. Rezio, Larissa de Almeida; de Moraes, Priscilla Daleffe; Fortunam, Cinira Magali Jan 1, 2018 3678
Analysis of Family Functioning and Parent-Child Relationship between Adolescents with Depression and their Parents. Chen, Qing; Du, Wenyong; Gao, Yan; Ma, Changlin; Ban, Chunxia; Meng, Fu Report Dec 1, 2017 4339
Clinical findings, child and mother psychosocial status in functional constipation. Appak, Yeliz Cagan; Sapmaz, Sermin Yalin; Dogan, Guzide; Herdem, Ahmet; Ozyurt, Beyhan Cengiz; Kasir Clinical report Nov 1, 2017 4144
The Relationship Between Counseling, Social Support, and Depression In Mothers of Fragile Families. Delaney, Megan E. Oct 1, 2017 7450
Experiences of adolescent crack users and their relatives with psychosocial care and institucionalization. de Paula, Milena Lima; Jorge, Maria Salete Bessa; de Lima, Leilson Lira; Bezerra, Indara Cavalcante Ensayo Aug 1, 2017 5761
Energy imbalance and psychosocial imbalance in the construction of child obesity in a marginalized area of Mexico City. Turnbull, Bernardo; Unzaga, Marco Gonzalez; Andrade, Gloria Oliva Martinez; Garcia, Rocio Sanchez; I Jul 1, 2017 5938
An Art-based Workshop for Families: Learning Emotion Skills and Choosing Creativity. Maliakkal, Nadine; Hoffmann, Jessica D.; Ivcevic, Zorana; Brackett, Marc A. Report Apr 1, 2017 7821
Family burden in alcohol dependence: a study in north-eastern India. Sen, Surajit Kumar; Victor, Robin; Saxena, Kaveri Report Nov 1, 2016 5203
APHSA launches center for child and family well-being. Oct 1, 2016 296
Washington DC-Based Fairlington Dental Supports National Charity Addressing the Psychosocial Needs of Children with Cancer and Their Families. Jul 6, 2016 565
Empowered by nurses. Coleman, Cara L. Report Jul 1, 2016 3506
Preparing children and families for procedures or surgery. Boles, Jessika May 1, 2016 2719
Friends of Karen Endorses New "Standards for the Psychosocial Care of Children with Cancer and Their Families". Apr 15, 2016 347
The federation of families for children's mental health. Directory Jan 1, 2016 4523
Effect of aphasia on the state-trait anxiety and hopelessness levels of the family members of hemiplegic patients/Hemiplejik hastalarin aile uyelerinin anksiyete ve umutsuzluk duzeylerine afazinin etkisi. Akmese, Pelin Pistav; Yuzer, Guldal Funda Nakipoglu; Altinok, Nermin; Ozgirgin, Nese Report Dec 1, 2015 3949
Low-income working immigrant families in Quebec: exploring their challenges to well-being. Pitt, Rebecca S.; Sherman, Jessica; Macdonald, Mary Ellen Report Nov 1, 2015 5939
Working with families who have school-age children with type 1 diabetes. Abozaid, Hani Report Aug 1, 2015 2861
Child discipline and African American parents with adolescent children: a psychoeducational approach to clinical mental health counseling. Adkison-Johnson, Carla Jul 1, 2015 5720
A family guide to children's mental health services. May 1, 2015 4563
Family and Social Network Care, Interaction, and Well-Being: A Case of Chronic Illnesses (Pakistan). Apr 30, 2015 7340
The Federation of Families for Children's Mental Health: State organizations, chapters, and representatives contact list. Directory Jan 1, 2015 4525
NAMI IOWA Children's Mental Health Committee: a voice for families of children with behavioral, emotional, developmental, neurological, or mental health needs. We are Parents Creating Change in Iowa! Dec 1, 2014 2463
The relationship between personality traits (self-differentiation and resilience) and the individual characteristics, family functioning and economic status with mental health among women with diabetes II in Kermanshah. Alikhani, M.; Geravand, S.; Rashidi, A.R.; Janjani, H.; Zakiee, A.; Janjani, P. Report Jun 20, 2014 5392
The distinction of 'psychosomatogenic family types' based on parents' self reported questionnaire information: a cluster analysis. Rousseau, Sofie; Vanderfaeillie, Johan; Desoete, Annemie; Grietens, Hans; Ceulemans, Eva; Hoppenbrou Jun 1, 2014 6280
Shared decision-making, stigma, and child mental health functioning among families referred for primary care-located mental health services. Butler, Ashley M. Report Mar 1, 2014 3362
The federation of families for children's mental health state organizations, chapters, and representatives contact list. Directory Jan 1, 2014 4524
Assessing and responding to infant mental health needs. Cousins, Judy Report Sep 1, 2013 3295
Child neurodevelopmental and mental health disabilities are on the rise. Report Jun 1, 2013 328
Harnessing parents' wisdom to achieve better outcomes: researchers report that parents reduce their stress, feel more competent and engage their children in everyday life more successfully when professional and parents participate in a specific pattern of communication called "coaching.". Cox, Jane; Dunn, Winnie; Foster, Lauren Apr 1, 2013 2028
Families in psychiatry: resilience helps to temper traumatic loss. Alison, M. Heru Report Feb 1, 2013 1243
The impact of self-esteem and social support on college students' mental health. Merianos, Ashley L.; Nabors, Laura A.; Vidourek, Rebecca A.; King, Keith A. Jan 1, 2013 5193
Psychology. Author abstract Sep 22, 2012 2658
The missing link to child safety, permanency, and well-being: addressing substance misuse in child welfare. Traube, Dorian E. Report Jun 1, 2012 3451
Psychosocial aspects of diabetes; children, adolescents and their families. Book review Jun 1, 2012 154
Family factors and peer influence in drug abuse: a study in rehabilitation centre. Foo, Yie-Chu; Tam, Cai-Lian; Lee, Teck-Heang Report Mar 1, 2012 4719
Optimizing home-school collaboration: strategies for school psychologists and Latino parent involvement for positive mental health outcomes. Olvera, Pedro; Olvera, Veronica I. Report Jan 1, 2012 5507
Parenting practices among depressed mothers in the child welfare system. Kohl, Patricia L.; Kagotho, Jacqueline Njeri; Dixon, David Report Dec 1, 2011 7969
Voices from the rubble society: "operation gomorrah" and its aftermath. Apel, Linde Report Jun 22, 2011 7614
Successful UTR program finishes chapter, begins another. Cothran, David Apr 1, 2011 454
Father time key to family's well-being: Study. Feb 13, 2011 227
Hopelessness, family stress, and depression among Mexican-heritage mothers in the Southwest. Marsiglia, Flavio F.; Kulis, Stephen; Perez, Hilda Garcia; Bermudez-Parsai, Monica Report Feb 1, 2011 8173
Predicting Hmong male and female youth's delinquent behavior: an exploratory study. Xiong, Zha Blong; Huang, Ju-Ping Report Jan 1, 2011 9745
Family, Peer Group and Adaptation of Delinquent Behavior. Dec 31, 2010 6246
Identification of domains and measures for assessment battery to examine well-being of spouses of OIF/OEF veterans with PTSD. Hayes, Jeanne; Wakefield, Bonnie; Andresen, Elena M.; Scherrer, Jeffrey; Traylor, Laural; Wiegmann, Report Dec 1, 2010 11247
Eugene researchers to examine well-being of military families. Nov 13, 2010 335
The experiences of nurses in providing psychosocial support to families of critically ill trauma patients in intensive care units: a study in the Durban metropolitan area. Brysiewicz, P.; Bhengu, B.R. Report Nov 1, 2010 4470
Unhealthy family relationships lead to behavior problems in kids. Jul 18, 2010 453
Military families: how to help them maintain continuity and cohesiveness between deployment cycles. Stower, Catherine Jul 1, 2010 1758
Depression and risk behaviors among males attending family planning clinics. Buzi, Ruth S.; Weinman, Maxine L.; Smith, Peggy B. Report Jun 22, 2010 4205
And what about the family back home? International migration and happiness in Cuenca, Ecuador. Borraz, Fernando; Pozo, Susan; Rossi, Maximo Report Mar 22, 2010 7971
PTSD rates higher in relatives than in veterans. McNamara, Damian Mar 15, 2010 464
Intending to marry ... students' behavioural intention towards family forming. Kasearu, Kairi Report Mar 1, 2010 7995
Paternal depressive symptoms and adolescent functioning: the moderating effect of gender and father hostility. Reeb, Ben T.; Conger, Katherine J.; Wu, Ed.Y. Report Jan 1, 2010 4671
Empty nest syndrome: not always a bad thing. Bohi, Heidi Jan 1, 2010 1561
Comprehensive Community Mental Health Services for Children and Their Families Program, Evaluation Findings: Annual Report to Congress 2010. Jan 1, 2010 467
Early childhood service delivery for families living with childhood disability: disabling families through problematic implicit ideology. Breen, Lauren J. Essay Dec 1, 2009 5745
Our daughter should be having the time of her life; Health Minister Edwina Hart last week launched a staunch defence of mental health services for children and young people in the face of a highly critical report. One family at the sharp end of the debate told Health Editor Madeleine Brindley that the report's findings were right. Nov 30, 2009 780
Targeting problem behaviors: an agency helps troubled youth with Therapeutic Behavioral Services. Lepanto, James Nov 1, 2009 1524
Project offers psychotherapy to military families. Wendling, Patrice Sep 15, 2009 564
Partnership between Psychosocial Care Center and Family Health Program: the challenge of a new knowledge construction/Parceria entre CAPS e PSF: o desafio da construcao de um novo saber. Delfini, Patricia Santos de Souza; Sato, Miki Takao; Antoneli, Patricia de Paulo; Guimaraes, Paulo O Report Sep 1, 2009 6329
The psychosocial needs of families during critical illness: comparison of nurses' and family members' perspectives. Kinrade, Trish; Jackson, Alun C.; Tomnay, Jane E. Sep 1, 2009 4539
"Choice" in filial care work: moving beyond a dichotomy. Funk, Laura M.; Kobayashi, Karen M. Essay Aug 1, 2009 7799
Depression and quality of life for women in single-parent and nuclear families. Hernandez, Rene Landero; Aranda, Benito Estrada; Ramirez, Monica Teresa Gonzalez Report May 1, 2009 9741
Promoting Child Safety, Permanence, and Well-Being through Safe and Strong Families, Supportive Communities, and Effective Systems. Policy Matters: Setting and Measuring Benchmarks for State Policies. A Discussion Paper for the "Policy Matters" Project. Apr 1, 2009 426
Sustaining mom's expression of her identity using the well-being picture scale. Gajkowski, Laurine Travel narrative Jan 1, 2009 2421
Rearing the sad or mad: differentiating the family environments of depressed versus conduct disordered youth. Jewell, Jeremy D.; Beyers, Sarah Report Mar 22, 2008 7064
Adjustment problems in the family and school contexts, attitude towards authority, and violent behavior at school in adolescence. Ochoa, Gonzalo Musitu; Lopez, Estefania Estevez; Emler, Nicholas P. Report Dec 22, 2007 5337
Distrust: an adaptive tool. Pedersen, James M. Nov 1, 2007 750
Death by drug overdose: impact on families ([dagger]). da Silva, Eroy Aparecida; Noto, Ana Regina; Formigoni, Maria Lucia O.S. Sep 1, 2007 5033
Risk of PTSD is higher in those with history of family problems. Kirn, Timothy F. Clinical report Jun 1, 2007 382
Childhood anxiety disorders challenge entire family. Schneider, Mary Ellen Oct 1, 2005 300
Anxiety disorders place huge burden on child's entire family. Schneider, Mary Ellen Sep 1, 2005 323
Helping families cope with the death of a child. Jun 1, 2004 351
Parents or prisons. Roback Morse, Jennifer Aug 1, 2003 5045
Psychological reactance in college students: family-of-origin predictors. (Research). Buboltz, Walter C., Jr.; Johnson, Patrick; Woller, Kevin M. P. Jun 22, 2003 5367
Do types influence types? Examining the relationship between stuedents' and parents' Holland codes. Miller, Mark J.; Wells, Don; Springer, Thomas P.; Cowger, Ernest Jr. Jun 1, 2003 1607
Are Married Parents Really Better for Children? What Research Says about the Effects of Family Structure on Child Well-Being. Parke, Mary May 1, 2003 299
Family relations hurt by joblessness. . Apr 1, 2003 421
Joyful mystery: could the joy of our children be the missing ingredient in today's church crisis? Coffey, Kathy Column Feb 1, 2003 1443
Early Head Start Program Strategies: Responding to the Mental Health Needs of Infants, Toddlers and Families. Jan 1, 2003 328
Separation-individuation, adult attachment style, and college adjustment. (Research). Lapsley, Daniel K.; Edgerton, Jason Sep 22, 2002 7624
Are your patient's parents depressed? (Behavioral Consult). Jellinek, Michael S. Sep 1, 2002 794
"We can't expect other people to understand": family perspectives on problem behavior. Fox, Lise; Vaughn, Bobbie J.; Wyatte, Merili Llanes; Dunlap, Glen Jun 22, 2002 7862
Parent Work and Child Well-Being in Low-Income Families. Occasional Paper. Assessing the New Federalism: An Urban Institute Program To Assess Changing Social Policies. Phillips, Katherin Ross Jun 1, 2002 233
Finding a routine that works. (Parenting). Jeffers, Glenn Mar 1, 2002 1183
Kids Count in Michigan Data Book, 2002: County Profiles of Child and Family Well-Being. Zehnder-Merrell, Jane Jan 1, 2002 296
Work-Family Conflict Spurs Burnout. (Major Stressor). Jancin, Bruce Nov 1, 2001 566
Childhood Trauma Leaves Mark on Adult Health. BRUNK, DOUG Jul 1, 2001 913
Astronaut families: a review of their characteristics, impact on families and implications for practice in New Zealand. Aye, Alice M. M. M. T.; Guerin, Bernard Jun 1, 2001 6571
Perspectives on the meanings of symptoms among Cambodian refugees. Stevens, Christine A. Statistical Data Included May 1, 2001 7591
Dimensions of Functioning in Alcoholic and Nonalcoholic Families. Johnson, Patrick Statistical Data Included Apr 1, 2001 4126
The Myth of the "Normal" Family. SILVERSTEIN, LOUISE B.; AUERBACH, CARL F. Jan 1, 2001 2191
Learning from Families: Identifying Service Strategies for Success. Systems of Care: Promising Practices in Children's Mental Health, 2001 Series. Worthington, Janice E.; Hernandez, Mario; Friedman, Bob; Uzzell, Douglas Jan 1, 2001 266
Work-Life Compendium, 2001: 150 Canadian Statistics on Work, Family & Well-Being. Johnson, Karen L.; Lero, Donna S.; Rooney, Jennifer A. Jan 1, 2001 353
Kids Count in Michigan Data Book, 2001: County Profiles of Child and Family Well-Being. Zehnder-Merrell, Jane Jan 1, 2001 320
Results Accountability for Proposition 10 Commissions: A Planning Guide for Improving the Well-Being of Young Children and Their Families. Building Community Systems for Young Children. Friedman, Mark Mar 1, 2000 334
Symposium Overview: Preliminary Report on the Longitudinal Comparison Study of the National Evaluation of the Comprehensive Community Mental Health Services for Children and Their Families Program. Holden, E. Wayne; Osher, Trina W.; Santiago, Rolando L.; Hernandez, Mario; Brannan, Ana Maria Jan 1, 2000 311
Grandparents in the Lives of Grandchildren with Disabilities: Mothers' Perceptions. Baranowski, Marc D.; Schilmoeller, Gary L. Statistical Data Included Nov 1, 1999 8187
Living a Nightmare: Family Experiences of Waiting Following Neurological Crisis. Plowfield, Lisa Ann Aug 1, 1999 5875
The Familial Emotional Expression Scale for Children and Adolescents (FEECHA) and an Exploration of Young Headache Patients' Emotional Expression. OSTERHAUS, S.O.L. Jun 22, 1999 6007
Getting Ready For The New Arrival. Meyerhoff, Michael K. May 1, 1999 1515
Urban families and adolescent mental health. Stern, Susan B.; Smith, Carolyn A.; Jang, Sung Joon Mar 1, 1999 7995
Empowering Families, Helping Adolescents: Family-Centered Treatment of Adolescents with Alcohol, Drug Abuse, and Mental Health Problems. Technical Assistance Publication Series. Snyder, Wendy, Ed.; Ooms, Theodora, Ed. Jan 1, 1999 322
Choosing a Family Level Indicator of Family Function. CHAO, JASON; ZYZANSKI, STEPHEN; FLOCKE, SUSAN Dec 22, 1998 3191
The relationship of family structure and conflict to levels of intimacy and parental attachment in college students. Ensign, Julie; Scherman, Avraham; Clark, Jennifer J. Sep 22, 1998 2447
Family Adjustment to Child Lasts for 1 Year. MOYER, PAULA Brief Article Sep 15, 1998 690
A family systems approach for preventing adolescent runaway behavior. Coco, E. Lane; Courtney, Linda J. Jun 22, 1998 4358
Transitions in family structure and adolescent well-being. Spruijt, Ed; Goede, Martijn de Dec 22, 1997 4951
The influence of familial factors on anxiety and depression in childhood and early adolescence. Nilzon, Kjell R.; Palmerus, Kerstin Dec 22, 1997 2732
Adolescents' perceptions of family responsibility-taking. Taylor, Stephanie; Field, Tiffany; Yando, Regina; Gonzalez, Ketty P.; Harding, Jeff; Lasko, David; M Dec 22, 1997 2336
Courage to be me. Fitzell, Laura Jul 1, 1997 908
Factors behind adolescent well-being. Apr 1, 1997 399
Gender role influences on Turkish adolescents' self-identity. Yildirim, Ali Mar 22, 1997 3547
The relationship between Type A parenting and adolescent perceptions of family environment. Forgays, Deborah Kirby Dec 22, 1996 8580
Family adaptation to a young adult with mental retardation. Lustig, Daniel C. Oct 1, 1996 5114
Adolescents' perceptions of family functioning in the United Arab Emirates. Alnajjar, Ahmed A. Jun 22, 1996 2628
The Circumplex Model and head injury family types: a test of the balanced versus extreme hypotheses. Kosciulek, John F. Apr 1, 1996 4701
Easing The Wait: Development of a Pager Program For Families. Ashenberg, Margaret D.; Maier, Nancy P.; Lambert, Sally A.; McAliley, Lauren G. Mar 1, 1996 4682
What the Literature Tells Us: Relationships between Family Violence, School Behavior Problems, Juvenile Delinquency, and Adult Crime. Rudo, Zena H. Feb 1, 1996 245
The good marriage? Hogan, Mary Ann Interview Jul 1, 1995 1939
The effect of self-esteem, family structure, locus of control, and career goals on adolescent leadership behavior. McCullough, Michael; Ashbridge, Donna; Pegg, Rebecca Sep 22, 1994 2218
Do attitudinal and behavioral ratings of family members vary across familial configurations? Parish, Thomas S.; Necessary, James R. Sep 22, 1994 1203
Perceived parental actions and evaluations of the family and its members. Parish, Thomas S. Sep 22, 1993 743
What makes families happy and stable? Apr 1, 1993 570
Moving: problems when kids object. Apr 1, 1993 427
"I thought moving would help all of us." The problems of moving the family. ~ (Family Life) (Column) Schleifer, Maxwell J. Column Mar 1, 1992 2189
Experiences of family members after a suicide. Van Dongen, Carol J. Oct 1, 1991 4064
Handicapped kids stand up to family stress. Bower, B. Jan 27, 1990 421

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