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Parents in Dubai seek expert help for depressed teenagers. Apr 5, 2016 798
Summit in Dubai to help teenagers battle depression. Apr 5, 2016 280
The value of alternative therapies in mental health treatment for incarcerated youths. Williams, Lynn Jan 1, 2016 2783
OJJDP Releases Research on Youth's Mental Health Needs and Long-Term Outcomes After Detention. Sep 8, 2015 572
Movie villains not prototypical. Sep 1, 2015 357
Mental Health and Therapeutic Support Services for Young Offenders. Sep 1, 2015 419
Study: Most Juveniles Mature And Outgrow Delinquent Behaviors. Mar 11, 2015 459
Sherwin-Williams Foundation Awards $50,000 Grant to CHRIS Kids Providing group therapy to at-risk youth struggling with mental health. Feb 5, 2014 830
A focus on childhood maltreatment and comorbid mental health and learning difficulties. Mallett, Christopher A. Dec 22, 2013 9684
PBIS as prevention for high-risk youth in restrictive settings: where do we go from here? Mathur, Sarup R.; Nelson, C. Michael Essay Aug 1, 2013 2224
The Florida experience: creating a safe residential environment for juvenile offenders. Olson, Darryl; Baglivio, Michael Feb 1, 2013 2395
Drive to help our troubled teenagers; Thousands suffer from depression. Jul 24, 2012 525
Counseling is noble and selfless ... but I don't want to save the world. Wheelhouse, Erika S. Jul 1, 2012 479
Providing health care and mental health services to juveniles. Jones, Robert D. Essay Jun 1, 2012 1052
Helping female juveniles improve their on-task behavior and academic performance using a self-management procedure in a correctional facility. Caldwell, Stacy; Joseph, Laurice M. Report Jan 1, 2012 7428
Mental health needs of community based young offenders in a city setting. Marshall, Ruth; Theodosiou, Louise; Pease, Benedict; Kirby, Natalie; Ark, Jade Report Dec 22, 2011 4049
Using the BASC-2 to assess mental health needs of incarcerated juveniles: implications for treatment and release. Grande, Todd L.; Hallman, Janelle; Caldwell, Kristen; Underwood, Lee A. Report Dec 1, 2011 2575
Spending too much on too few too late. May 1, 2011 423
Washington, D.C., uses Missouri model. Ferreira, Jeannelle Brief article Aug 1, 2010 184
Between 75 and 93 percent of children currently incarcerated in the U.S. Have been through at least one traumatic experience, including sexual abuse, war, community violence, neglect and maltreatment. Scafuri, Jenna Brief article Jun 22, 2010 197
Counseling juveniles leads to career satisfaction. Bayliss, Bridget Column Jun 1, 2010 628
Former police officer turns his attention to troubled youths. Bounds, Ryan Jun 1, 2010 612
Kentucky's juvenile mental health services evolve. Heffron, William M. Jun 1, 2010 2276
Responding to girls with PTSD. Ciocco, Deborah Apr 1, 2010 817
Increasing self-empowerment related to depression among court-involved youth: the Moods Matter project. Calley, Nancy G.; Hawley, Lisa D. Report Jan 1, 2010 5372
Targeting problem behaviors: an agency helps troubled youth with Therapeutic Behavioral Services. Lepanto, James Nov 1, 2009 1524
Adopters' experiences of preparation to parent children with serious difficulties. Rushton, Alan; Monck, Elizabeth Report Jun 22, 2009 5093
Juveniles with disabilities in detention and correctional facilities. Waldman, H. Barry; Perlman, Steven P.; Munter, Beverly L. Oct 1, 2008 1825
Three years of teen court offender outcomes. Forgays, Deborah Kirby Sep 22, 2008 4289
The disconnect between youths with mental health and special education disabilities and juvenile court outcomes. Mallett, Christopher A. Sep 1, 2008 4767
Youth, mental health, and the law. Mitchell, Peter Jon Reprint Sep 1, 2008 827
Resiliency in adolescent males in a correctional facility. Feinstein, Sheryl; Baartman, Jyl; Buboltz, Michelle; Sonnichsen, Kim; Solomon, Rebekka Report Jun 1, 2008 4348
Incompetent youth in California juvenile justice. Burrell, Sue; Kendrick, Corene; Blalock, Brian Mar 22, 2008 25764
Juvenile Mental Health Court opens in Cleveland. Gormsen, Lia Brief article Mar 1, 2008 189
Mental health issues burden the juvenile justice system. Kennedy, Patrick J. Dec 1, 2007 1598
Wilderness therapy as a treatment modality for at-risk youth: a primer for mental health counselors. Hill, Nicole R. Report Oct 1, 2007 5239
Mental illness among juvenile offenders--identification and treatment. Hunsicker, Leslee Oct 1, 2007 1964
Developing correctional facilities for female juvenile offenders: design and programmatic considerations. Zavlek, Shelley; Maniglia, Rebecca Report Aug 1, 2007 5165
Promoting an outcomes-based treatment milieu for juvenile sexual offenders: a guided approach to assessment. Calley, Nancy G. Report Apr 1, 2007 8468
Younger juveniles in urban settings are more likely to commit crimes in pairs and groups than are 16- and 17-year-old offenders. Heiserman, Alice Brief article Mar 1, 2006 185
Audioconference to highlight strategies for disconnected youth. Sandoval, Jessica Feb 6, 2006 430
Four steps to emotional healing: helping juveniles reflect on their lives and criminal offenses. Herbst, Dominic P. Jun 1, 2005 1494
Medication use reduces recidivism. Splete, Heidi Brief Article Jun 1, 2005 167
Juvenile arson: the importance of early intervention. Wilcox, David K. Cover Story Apr 1, 2005 4077
Downsizing helps delinquents; Missouri has discovered that showering troubled teens with warmth, respect and concern works well in turning them around. Hammond, Sarah Dec 1, 2004 666
Addressing the needs of Juvenile offenders. Mahoney, Diana Oct 1, 2004 1205
Walk and talk: an intervention for behaviorally challenged youths. Doucette, Patricia A. Jun 22, 2004 6264
Better mental health cuts involvement in juvenile justice--U.S. report. Brief Article May 17, 2004 151
Correlates associated with escalation of delinquent behavior in incarcerated youths. Van Dorn, Richard A.; Williams, James Herbert Oct 1, 2003 5569
Incarcerated adolescent girls: personality, social competence, and delinquency. ter Laak, Jan; de Goede, Martijn; Aleva, Liesbeth; Brugman, Gerard; van Leuven, Miranda; Hussmann, J Jun 22, 2003 5004
More foster children landing in jail. Karp, Sarah Feb 1, 2003 899
Addressing the needs of at-risk and adjudicated youth through positive behavior support: effective prevention practices. Scott, Terrance M.; Nelson, C. Michael; Liaupsin, Carl J.; Jolivette, Kristine; Christle, Christine Nov 1, 2002 8766
Brief motivational intervention for substance-abusing delinquent adolescents: Guided Self-Change as a social work practice innovation. (Practice Forum). Tubman, Jonathan G.; Wagner, Eric F.; Gil, Andres G.; Pate, Kerensa N. Aug 1, 2002 2945
The relationship between personality, anger expression, and perceived family control among incarcerated male juveniles. Coles, Charlton J.; Greene, Anthony F.; Braithwaite, Harold O. Jun 22, 2002 5075
Surprising data find mood disorders prevalent in juvenile murderers. (Maternal Psychiatric History). Sherman, Carl Brief Article Feb 1, 2002 438
Maine bill calls for juvenile psychiatric care. (State to State). Harry, Jennifer L. Brief Article Feb 1, 2002 371
Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder in Korean juvenile delinquents. Chae, Paul Kyuman; Jung, Hyun-Oak; Noh, Kyung-Sun Statistical Data Included Dec 22, 2001 6864
Mental Health Concerns of Adjudicated Youths. Cellini, Henry Brief Article Oct 1, 2001 741
Overcoming the Odds: Qualitative Examination of Resilience Among Formerly Incarcerated Adolescents. TODIS, BONNIE; BULLIS, MICHAEL; WAINTRUP, MIRIAM; SCHULTZ, ROBERT; D'AMBROSIO, RYAN Sep 22, 2001 10455
ARREST MY KID. Cusac, Anne-Marie Jul 1, 2001 3948
FEMALE ADOLESCENT FRIENDSHIP AND DELINQUENT BEHAVIOR. Pleydon, Anne P.; Schner, Joseph G. Statistical Data Included Jun 22, 2001 5543
Mental Disorders Among Incarcerated Youth Often Overlooked. SPLETE, HEIDI Jun 1, 2001 373
Should Juvenile Offenders Be Tried as Adults? STEINBERG, LAURENCE Jan 1, 2001 1908
Addressing Mental Health Needs of Juvenile Offenders. Yee, Adelia Brief Article Oct 1, 2000 801
RESILIENCY: Juvenile Offenders Recognize Their Strengths to Change Their Lives. VASQUEZ, GLORIA Jun 1, 2000 3198
Miami seminar to examine juveniles tried in adult courts. Brief Article Mar 15, 2000 372
Empty lessons: going to lunch on the ruins. Walker, Jesse Jul 1, 1999 1433
Identifying the needs of juveniles with co-occurring disorders. Cocozza, Joseph J. Dec 1, 1997 1324
Victim awareness programs for delinquent youths: effects on moral reasoning maturity. Putnins, Aldis L. Sep 22, 1997 1647
Learning disabilities, crime, delinquency, and special education placement. Winters, Clyde A. Jun 22, 1997 4161
A measurement of delinquency differences between a delinquent and nondelinquent sample: what are the implications? Edwards, Willie J. Dec 22, 1996 5630
A collaborative effort: examining juvenile offenders with mental impairments. Briscoe, Judy Cover Story Oct 1, 1996 2216
Teaching self-management skills to young offenders. Williford, Lori Feb 1, 1996 1054
Adolescent female offenders: unique considerations. Miller, Darcy; Trapani, Catherine; Fejes-Mendoza, Kathy; Eggleston, Carolyn; Dwiggins, Donna Jun 22, 1995 2308
Family correlates of social skill deficits in incarcerated and nonincarcerated adolescents. Matlack, M. Eileen; McGreevy, M.S. Mac, Jr.; Rouse, Robert E.; Flatter, Charles; Marcus, Robert F. Mar 22, 1994 4451
Characteristics of adolescent felons in a prison treatment program. Eisenman, Russell Sep 22, 1993 1719

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