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Psychological impact and awareness of androgenetic alopecia among Filipino male patients: an observational study in the Ospital ng Maynila Medical Center. Santoso, Fenny Leets; Carpio, Benedicto dL.; Morales, Eileen R.; Torres, Armelia Andrea L. Report May 1, 2020 3771
The Assessment of Sexual Dysfunction in Male Patients with Multiple Sclerosis. Omer Odabas, Faruk; Gumus, Haluk; Akkurt, Halil Ekrem; Uca, Ali Ulvi; Yilmaz, Halim Report Dec 1, 2018 4599
Do Not Take These Boys Home. Atlas, Alexander Jul 1, 2018 1643
Psychological and sexual effects of circumcision in adult males. Aydogmus, Yasin; Semiz, Murat; Er, Okan; Bas, Okan; Atay, Irfan; Kilinc, Muhammet Fatih Report May 1, 2016 3476
The integrity model: working with men, their intimacy issues, and their search for community. Nahon, Danielle; Lander, Nedra R. Report Mar 1, 2016 14484
Early psychological distress is a precursor to college men's later academic and social adjustment. Olmstead, Spencer B.; Roberson, Patricia N.E.; Fincham, Frank D. Report Mar 1, 2016 2358
Depression higher in men with borderline testosterone levels. Brief article Nov 1, 2015 284
Research reveals men's sense of grief and helplessness in response to woman's abortion. O'Bannon, Randall K. Oct 1, 2015 992
Association between PNPLA8 gene polymorphism and schizophrenia in male patients. Yu, Q.; Yu, Y.; Shi, J.; Sang, H. Report Aug 1, 2013 1233
Quality of life among dually diagnosed and non-substance-using male schizophrenia outpatients. Aras, H.I.; Yazar, M.S.; Altinbas, K. Report Jun 1, 2013 4228
A qualitative exploration of men's experiences of an integrated exercise/CBT mental health promotion programme. McArdle, Siobhain; McGale, Nadine; Gaffney, Paul Report Dec 22, 2012 9101
Brief report on men's bodies and mood: correlates between depressive symptoms and muscle dysmorphia symptoms. Grieve, Frederick G.; Shacklette, Michael D. Report Dec 1, 2012 1624
Males' impressions of masculine and feminine female sport fans vs. non-fans. Galyon, Courtney; Wann, Daniel L. Report Dec 1, 2012 4246
Who's more stressed? Brief article Nov 1, 2012 101
Is Normative Male Alexithymia associated with Relationship Satisfaction, Fear of Intimacy and Communication Quality among men in relationships? Karakis, Emily N.; Levant, Ronald F. Report Sep 22, 2012 3038
Men, masculinities and constructions of self in panic discourse. Olstead, Riley; Bischoping, Katherine Report Sep 22, 2012 6628
How pervasive are your sexual thoughts? Brief article Jan 1, 2012 284
Are men being neutered by society? Jan 1, 2012 560
Playing violent video games altered men's brain function. Birk, Susan Report Jan 1, 2012 506
Boys don't cry ... and other lies we tell men. Why developing an inner life is essential to healing men from the explosive violence bottled up within. Rohr, Richard Cover story Jul 1, 2010 1992
Assessing trauma, substance abuse, and mental health in a sample of homeless men. Kim, Mimi M.; Ford, Julian D.; Howard, Daniel L.; Bradford, Daniel W. Report Feb 1, 2010 6731
Misfortune and men's eyes: voyeurism, sorrow, and the homosocial in three early Brian De Palma films. Greven, David Critical essay Jun 1, 2009 9681
Missing men: more male workers are needed to promote men's engagement with health. Watson, Paul Report Apr 1, 2009 1058
Getting out there: finding innovative ways to make services more accessible to men. DeVille-Almond, Jane Column Apr 1, 2009 873
Men's mental health: fatherhood and psychotherapy. Madsen, Svend Aage Report Jan 1, 2009 6902
Falling markets lead to rising stress levels. Brief article Nov 1, 2008 175
The influence of men's self-objectification on the drive for muscularity: self-esteem, body satisfaction and muscle dysmorphia. Grieve, Rick; Helmick, Adrienne Report Sep 22, 2008 4920
Recruitment and engagement in men's psychotherapy groups: an integrity model, value-based perspective. Nahon, Danielle; Lander, Nedra R. Report Sep 22, 2008 8793
Do male and female accountancy chairs perceive ethics and communication the same? Schmidt, Jacqueline J.; Madison, Roland L. Survey Mar 22, 2008 2857
Are men 'cleverer' than women? Deconstructing the dogma of female intellectual inferiority. Pereira, Mauro Ramos D.J. Jan 1, 2008 4648
Who's Smarter? Brief article Oct 1, 2007 160
'Watchful waiting' proves the path less traveled. Lowry, Fran Mar 15, 2007 645
Organizational citizenship behavior and gender: expectations and attributions for performance. Farrell, Sara K.; Finkelstein, Lisa M. Mar 1, 2007 5974
Go ahead, be a snob. Brief article Oct 5, 2006 236
Gene may predict aggression in healthy men. Wendling, Patrice Oct 1, 2006 586
The Saint John's experience project: challenging men's perceptions of normative gender role conflict. Beatty, Adam; Syzdek, Matthew; Bakkum, Alex Sep 22, 2006 5964
Compassion Rx. Pembroke, Galina Sep 1, 2006 1310
Nature and media's nurture spawn girl violence. Kirn, Timothy F. Sep 1, 2006 673
Male voices on body image. Ste-Marie, Diane M. Clinical report Jun 22, 2006 10832
Gender differences in social representations of aggression: the phenomenological experience of differences in inhibitory control? Driscoll, Helen; Zinkivskay, Ann; Evans, Kelly; Campbell, Anne May 1, 2006 6970
Men may be 'natural avengers'. Mar 13, 2006 101
Men and women are from earth. Barnett, Rosalind; Rivers, Caryl Mar 1, 2006 1942
Spousal violence signaled in man's behaviour. Brief article Nov 21, 2005 187
Changes in Kanaka Maoli men's roles and health: healing the warrior self. Berry, Shaun P. Jun 22, 2005 7407
The male biological clock: is time running out for your? Chappell, Kevin Jun 1, 2005 1280
Interviewing men: gender and the collection and interpretation of qualitative data. Pini, Barbara Jun 1, 2005 7004
The responses of male and female managers to workplace stress and downsizing. Maki, Nancy; Moore, Sarah; Grunberg, Leon; Greenberg, Edward Jun 1, 2005 7054
Psychosocial intervention with men. L'Heureux, Pierre Mar 22, 2005 7954
Treating men's depression. Silverman, Jennifer Brief Article Jan 15, 2005 117
Gender matters: working with adult male survivors of trauma. Mejia, Ximena E. Jan 1, 2005 9908
Men gone wild. Brief Article Jan 1, 2005 87
Men and women smokers: what startle responses show. Finn, Robert Brief Article Dec 1, 2004 268
Eating disorder Tx: men and women not equal. Evans, Jeff Brief Article Oct 1, 2004 252
Taking science seriously: conservative dogma about sex roles ignores inconvenient realities. Young, Cathy Critical Essay Aug 1, 2004 1294
Beating back the blues. Charney, Dennis May 1, 2004 867
Measuring masculine body ideal distress: development of a measure. Mahalik, James R. Mar 22, 2004 4085
Mirror, mirror on the wall ... are muscular men the best of all? The hidden turmoil of muscle dysmorphia. Clark, Nancy Jan 1, 2004 1110
The crisis of maleness: men today behave as if they're dispensable, maintains Tim Muirhead--but they're not. Muirhead, Tim Dec 1, 2003 1559
Macro and micro dynamics of male sexual anxiety: theory and intervention. Allen, Katherine R. Sep 1, 2003 8820
Better suicide prevention outreach urged for men: novel campaign advocated. Jancin, Bruce Aug 1, 2003 703
Women can "smell" thin to men. (Aroma). Brief Article Jun 1, 2003 231
Men getting real? A study of relationship change in two men's groups. Singleton, Andrew Jun 1, 2003 6946
Men and depression. (Policy & Practice). Finn, Robert Brief Article May 1, 2003 111
"It made me think, seeing myself like that": affective literary representations of the inferior masculine self, or good-bye, Billy Pilgrim. Lee, Terry Jan 1, 2003 7198
Masculinity, social support, and sense of community: the men's group experience in Western Australia. Reddin, Julie A.; Sonn, Christopher C. Jan 1, 2003 7218
Rough manhood: the aggressive and confrontational shop culture of U.S. auto workers during World War II. Meyer, Steve Sep 22, 2002 12214
"I've never thought about it": contradictions and taboos surrounding American males' experiences of first ejaculation (semenarche). Frankel, Loren Sep 22, 2002 6116
Social connectedness, social appraisal, and perceived stress in college women and men. Lee, Richard M.; Keough, Kelli A.; Sexton, Janel D. Statistical Data Included Jun 22, 2002 5719
Comparison of self-esteem, body satisfaction, and social physique anxiety across males of different exercise frequency and racial background. Russell, William D. Statistical Data Included Mar 1, 2002 6715
Family Turmoil Affects Children into Middle Age. (Human Development). Lang, Susan S. Brief Article Dec 1, 2001 553
Studying men and masculinity. (Articles). Connell, R.W. Sep 22, 2001 5410
Part objects, infantile fantasies, and intrapsychic boundaries: an object relations perspective on male difficulties with intimacy. Blazina, Christopher Sep 22, 2001 4649
Updating Your Dating Skills. Hughes, Zondra Sep 1, 2001 2057
Body Dysmorphic Disorder Is Common in Men. SHERMAN, CARL Aug 1, 2001 573
Reconstructing Masculinity and Sexuality. PHILARETOU, ANDREAS G.; ALLEN, KATHERINE R. Mar 22, 2001 9225
Pessimism, Paralysis, and Possibility: Crisis-Points in Profeminism. GOLDRICK-JONES, AMANDA Mar 22, 2001 7934
The Playboy Rabbit Is Soft, Furry, and Cute: Is This Really the Symbol of Masculine Dominance of Women? BEGGAN, JAMES K.; ALLISON, SCOTT T. Mar 22, 2001 14199
Negotiating Masculinities in American Drinking Subcultures. WEST, LOIS A. Mar 22, 2001 10005
The (Un)Emotional Male: Physiological, Verbal, and Written Correlates of Expressiveness. ROBERTSON, JOHN M.; WOODFORD, JOYCE; LIN, CHI-WEI; DANOS, KIMBERLY K.; HURST, MARK A. Mar 22, 2001 9467
An Exploration of Perceptions of Masculinity among Gay Men Living with HIV. HALKITIS, PERRY N. Mar 22, 2001 7353
Gender-Role-Conflicted Men's Poor Parental Attachment and Separation/Individuation Difficulties: Knights without Armor in a Savage Land. BLAZINA, CHRISTOPHER Jan 1, 2001 3451
IT'S O.K. TO BE A REGULAR GUY. Leavy, Walter Brief Article Nov 1, 2000 988
Lessons Learned about Working with Men: A Prison Memoir. Sternbach, Jack Oct 1, 2000 7305
The Beauty Myth. Lancaster, Laura Randolph Brief Article Sep 1, 2000 738
WHERE HAVE ALL THE GOOD MEN GONE? Brief Article Sep 1, 2000 200
Why are men violent? Mitchell, Teresa Aug 1, 2000 223
Testosterone poisoning. Vaid, Urvashi Brief Article Jun 6, 2000 702
Relationships of employment status, gender role, insult, and gender with use of influence tactics. Mar 22, 2000 150
(Etre rugby): jeux du masculin et du feminin. Book Review Jan 1, 2000 705
Male Depression Distinctive, Often Underdiagnosed. DeMott, Kathryn Nov 15, 1999 276
The coping strategies men and women employ while encountering unpleasant stimuli. Tung, Suninder Report Jun 22, 1999 2026
Bragging, boasting and bravado: male banter in a brokerage house. Decapua, Andrea; Boxer, Diana Mar 22, 1999 16442
Book reviews (Researching culture: qualitative method and cultural studies by Pertti Alasuutari; Marrying and burying: rites of passage in a man's life by Ronald L. Grimes). Greenhill, Pauline Jan 1, 1999 2695
Violent love: hunting, heterosexuality, and the erotics of men's predation. Luke, Brian Sep 22, 1998 10559
Where have all the men gone? Stewart, Alan Apr 1, 1998 801
For Brothers Only: from boys to men to menopause. Chappell, Kevin Apr 1, 1998 920
Negotiating the male body: men, masculinity, and cultural ideals. Wienke, Chris Mar 22, 1998 12435
"Even a woman can do this job now": reflections on technological changes and male subcultures in the modern factory. Glenday, Daniel Mar 22, 1998 8038
The fear of the feminine in the western psyche and the masculine task of disidentification: their effect on the development of masculine gender role conflict. Blazina, Chris Sep 22, 1997 5968
Squares live longer. Bower, Bruce Brief Article Jun 7, 1997 422
Into the eyes of Medusa: beyond testosterone, men, and violence. George, Malcolm J. May 1, 1997 7844
Tips on training women to shoot. Parsons, Lisa Column Mar 1, 1997 1117
The masculinity crisis. Levant, Ronald F. Feb 1, 1997 4509
Masculinity, men's bodies and the Great War. Bourke, Joanna Feb 1, 1996 2165
Perceptions of AIDS Risk and Severity And Their Association with Risk-Related Behavior Among U.S. Men. Klepinger, Daniel H.; Billy, John O.G.; Tanfer, Koray; Grady, William R. Statistical Data Included Jan 1, 1996 12382
Demographic Characteristics of Heterosexuals with Multiple Partners: The National AIDS Behavioral Surveys. Dolcini, M. Margaret; Catania, Joseph A.; Coates, Thomas J.; Stall, Ron; Hudes, Esther S.; Gagnon, J Statistical Data Included Jan 1, 1996 8387
National Survey of Men: Design and Execution. (Technical Note). Tanfer, Koray Statistical Data Included Jan 1, 1996 4115
Does fortune favour the bald? Psychological correlates of hair loss in males. Wells, Pamela A.; Willmoth, Trevor; Russell, Robin J.H. Aug 1, 1995 3922
Testeria: the dis-ease of black men in white supremacist, patriarchal culture. Saint-Aubin, Arthur Flannigan Sep 22, 1994 11619
Men's bodies, men's selves. Updike, John Nov 1, 1993 1375
Time to cry "auntie!" (influence of women in society) (Column) Kreyche, Gerald F. Column Mar 1, 1993 948
The embattled American male. Renaurd, William, Jr. Jan 1, 1993 1172
Notes and observations: changing concepts of manhood. Joseph, Ray Jan 1, 1993 942
Is this a man's world? Queenan, Joe Nov 1, 1992 961
Rooting out male violence. Editorial Mar 1, 1992 750
Dances with guilt.... Diemer, Ulli Jan 1, 1992 2275
A man's place. Austin-Smith, Brenda Jan 1, 1992 737
Redefining masculinity. Seidler, Vic Dec 1, 1991 3121
The weighting game: a male version. Jan 9, 1988 268
Might estrogen prevent memory loss? Fillit, Howard M. Dec 1, 1986 2148

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