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Psychoanalysis and Pedagogy.

Psychoanalysis and Pedagogy Edited by Stephen Appel Critical Studies in Education and Culture Series, ISSN 1064-8615

"Appel's volume joins the move toward understanding education through embodiment, experience, and intimate relationality, filling in the gaps left by earlier so-called critical and post-structuralist efforts in the field. This work simultaneously rehumanizes teaching and education as a practice and contributes to the creation of new foundations for educational theory."

This edited collection looks at educational through the lens of psychoanalysis and vice versa. Each contribution asks, in effect, what does it mean to be a pedagogue and an educational theorist after Freud? The authors include clinical practitioners (Rivka Eifermann, M. Robert Gardner, Stephen Appel) as well as academics from philosophy (Trevor Pateman, John Wilson, Yael Shalem, David Bensusan), sociology (Deborah Britzman), curriculum studies (William Pinar, Madeleine Grumet), and social and literary theory (Valerie Walkerdine, Jane Gallop, James Donald). The authors do not share any particular theoretical perspective, only a determination to demonstrate some exciting outcomes of understanding that pedagogy is to a crucial extent unconscious, and that psychotherapy is, in Freud's words, an "after-education."

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Title Annotation:Review
Publication:Journal of Instructional Psychology
Article Type:Book Review
Date:Jun 1, 1999
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