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Psycho Psychic.

Psycho Psychic

Betsy Gallup

PublishAmerica, LLLP


ISBN: 1413787614, $19.95, 194 pp.

This story is about a young psychic woman, Princess Eva, who predicts the death of Lily Banks, Kate Libson's friend. There are two deaths connected by Princess Eva's predictions and notes left at the crime scenes. Homicide Detective Matt Prescott, who grew up and has a rueful history with Kate, works the case and his chances of getting closer to Kate. Montana Blake, Eva's protective manager, romances Lily for financial reasons. There are several little romances twisting and turning and then another death. We know early on "who done it" but that is secondary to the reasons why. Do we think the killer is justified and therefore, should be allowed to continue?

I enjoyed this book very much! Betsy does an excellent job on many levels-plot, characters, settings and style. Her characters are interesting and certainly come alive. I thought she did an exceptional job of moving back and forth between Kate's first person point of view (POV) and a third person point of view, which can be a bit tricky. The romances added some fun and lightness. Will the strong-willed Kate Libson give in to her sensual attraction for Matt? The ending ... I would say is unique, possibly controversial, and I was left wondering about the story that Eva told Montana which had such a terminal effect upon him.

If you like fun--not too gross and suspenseful-mystery thrillers, then you'll probably like this book, and I promise ... Betsy's style and quality of writing will not disappoint you. It was, indeed, an enjoyable surprise. Thanks! Betsy Gallup is a freelance writer who resides with her family in Kansas.
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Author:Trout, Kaye
Publication:Reviewer's Bookwatch
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Date:Jul 1, 2006
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