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Psychic pets.

Psychic pets I'm slightly sceptical when it comes to believing in anything to do with the psychic and spiritual realm, I desperately want to believe in it but I'm too stubborn to fully accept its existence until something cements it for me personally. However one thing I'm almost certain of is my dog, American bulldog Hogarth's (Hogie for short), psychic abilities. Yes it's mad, but at the same time I'm sure many pet owners will agree their pets possess a certain psychic prowess.

Many will say their pooches' eyes seem to know them, understanding them without words but others will argue that this bond is all in the mind of the owner, that the pets don't understand at all and they're just staring blankly hoping for a walk. This is not what I'm claiming here, I'm talking about weird psychic imagery that my beloved Hogie beams to me. Too often I've been in the kitchen and felt an odd presence, a focus on me that is so strong it's quite disturbing, and then suddenly images of toast will flash into my head. I don't even like toast, but this is no weird craving. I turn around and there's Hogarth sat patiently by the toaster (the provider of his favourite delicacy, a toast crust) staring at me intently. If he didn't just psychically plant that image there I don't know what did!

So yes maybe pets' eyes don't always shine with love, affection and understanding, maybe they're just hungry animals after all... hungry, psychic animals that is!

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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:The People (London, England)
Date:May 4, 2014
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