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Psychic Sandra.

Byline: Sandra Ramdhanie

Dreams are made of this


EVERY night we all have at least one dream, even if we cannot remember it.

While many of these dreams have no special significance, any dream that is particularly vivid, memorable, or colourful is worth interpreting. Most dreams feature strong images which usually have a symbolic significance.

For example, a dream about a snake may refer to your sexuality, the snake representing the male sex organ, while at the same time warning you that someone around you is not to be trusted - literally, a 'snake in the grass'.

The same symbol may be telling you, on a spiritual level, that you are undergoing positive change on a personal level, just as the snake sheds it's skin.

On a psychic level, the dream may actually be a prediction, warning you of an encounter with a snake - possibly in the zoo or on TV.

Vague or half-rem-embered dreams or those after over-eating or over-indulgence in alcohol or drugs are unlikely to have any significance.

Dreams of falling, flying or floating in space are all symptoms of astral projection.

These dreams, as well as those about being fully or partially undressed or being unable to move or cry for help in a situation of danger, are common anxiety dreams and have no psychic significance.

Dreams which occur during illness, shock or any negative conditions in your life seldom mean anything, nor will those concerning people, situations or things connected to your life during the preceding day.

Many common dreams are known as 'dreams of contrary', that is they predict the opposite of what occurred in the dream.

A dream of a death can often predict a birth, while a funeral may indicate an engagement, wedding or other form of celebration. To dream of being very wealthy - if you are not - may foretell a time of financial hardship.

To dream of being lonely or alone predicts a new friendship or relationship, while to dream of fighting predicts a time of harmony with friends and family.

Many of the more frightening or negative dream symbols signify the reverse.

Other dreams are straightforward in their interpretation. To dream you are smiling or to see others smiling means you will soon have good luck.

To dream of your relatives indicates an increase in financial or emotional security, while to dream of going on holidays signifies an increase in finance.

These examples point to the trends you can expect in your life after such a dream, but for more in-depth interpretation, a good dream book is essential.

Should I leave love cheater?

Dear Sandra,

Five years ago my youngest child died and within six months my mother had a heart transplant but she died two years later.

I miss them so much and would dearly love to know are they together and if they are happy.

Myself and my husband run our own small business, but it is doing badly. I want to sell it and leave my husband but it will probably involve a legal battle.

I always suspected he was unfaithful but a few weeks ago he betrayed me with my child minder.

He took her into my bed while I was away. Now I have lost my childrens' nanny as well as my husband.

It's all playing on my mind, I dreamt I was living all alone, broke and lonely in a shabby little room.

Is this a psychic dream? Do you think things will work out if I leave him and give up the business.

Catriona, Virginia.

Dear Catriona,

You certainly deserve some happiness in your life, having been through such a hard time.

You are a true survivor, a strong and special lady. Your loved ones are together, at peace, and very happy in the spirit world.

Your dream reveals your hidden fears, but I see it as a "dream of contrary", predicting the exact opposite for you.

I feel you have made a wise decision regarding your marriage. You are right to sell the business I feel it will benefit you in the long run.

Go for it with confidence, this is a very good time for you to make major life changes and focus on your own needs and wants.

Love is on it's way for you too with someone who will love you and treat you as you deserve.

You will meet him in a social setting towards the middle of next year. I wish you the best of luck as you take your first steps to a new life.

Does he still want me?

Dear Sandra,

I'm worried my husband may not love me anymore as he has trouble getting an erection.

We have been married for nearly 12 years and had a very active sex life, but we haven't had proper sex for months since he changed jobs.

He was under a lot of stress at the time because he injured his leg in a car crash.

Can you tell me, is he having an affair?

Anon, Co Antrim.

Dear Anon,

I'm sure your husband is not having an affair and does still find you attractive.

Most men have trouble getting an erection at some stage during their lives, and it's usually a short-term thing.

I feel the stress of your husband's job change, and the shock of the accident, have contributed to this.

From what you describe, the desire is still there, but he's embarrassed by his inability to perform. It's a vicious circle, each time this happens, it will make him more stressed.

He should take a Vitamin E supplement (but not if he's on a blood thinner).

Beta Carotene, Zinc and Manganese will also help as the body needs these to produce sex hormones and chemicals for sexual arousal.

Forget about intercourse for the moment and concentrate on giving pleasure to each other without penetration.

This is far more fun than "failed attempts", and will restore his confidence.

I predict things will be back to normal by New Years Day!


FLIGHT OF FANCY: Other dreams are signs of astral projection; JOYFUL TIME: Some dreams can predict the future
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Publication:Sunday Mirror (London, England)
Date:Dec 14, 2003
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