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Psychic Barber.

Byline: Gordon Smith

Dear Gordon,

My mum, daughter Jo-Anne and myself were very close. In 1994, mum had a stroke and died a year and a half later. Mum always loved musk perfume. Since her death Jo-Anne has been woken from her sleep by the smell of musk. I have also been woken hearing my name being called. Does this mean anything?

Nan, Shotts

Dear Nan,

I get a strong feeling that your mum is around both you and Jo-Anne, just to let she know she is watching over you both. I sense that she wants Jo-Anne to know that she can see her children and will be looking down on them from the other side. Your mum has a lovely nature and she loved her family and wants only for all of you to be happy. One of your grandson's has sensed her presence, but doesn't say too much about it. Just know, all is well with your mum.

Dear Gordon,

Our father was the best dad any family could have. He was kind and fun and life stopped for us when he died suddenly in July 2005. I would love to get a message from him.

Debbie Strong, Perthshire

Dear Debbie,

When I read your letter, I felt such a strong feeling of your dad coming close to me. I heard the name of Arthur and I also felt your dad passed with a massive heart attack. He wants you to know that he is with Tom in the spirit world and also Jack. He makes me aware that there is to be a wedding in the family next year and says he will be around that day. All this information is his way of confirming to you that his consciousness is still very much alive.

Dear Gordon,

I lost my daughter early this year to cancer. She was my life and soul and I will never get over losing her. Since her death I have tried to do what I think she would want. Can you tell me if I am doing things right?

Frances Jamieson, Carluke.

Dear Frances,

Fiona is fine in the spirit world and out of all her physical suffering. She was a very brave lady and someone who new she could trust her mother to look after things for her. She is so pleased that you have helped her son and says that you mustn't think it is not appreciated. You have thought that you have heard her voice when you were on your own. You did!

Dear Gordon,

My eldest son lost his best friend at the beginning of this year in a car accident and since then he has been so depressed. I really don't know what to do now as he is only seventeen and I'm not sure that I could take him to see a medium. I would love to know what to do on this matter. Can you help?

Mary, Greenock.

Dear Mary,

I don't know that taking your son to a medium right now is the best thing to do. You should maybe try to talk to him about his feelings and also let him know how you felt when you lost loved-ones. There is no danger in seeing a medium, but at his age and how he is feeling, he may come to think that these people can solve his problems every time he is down. He will be fine in time if you just show him love and attention when he needs it most.
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Dec 23, 2006
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