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Psychic Barber.

Byline: Gordon Smith

Dear Gordon It has been two years since my wife died and I still feel the pain as raw as the day she left. I live on my own and don't see many people and all I want to do is join her. Can you spare me some of your time and try to link Susan to me? George, Lancaster Dear George I sensed your wife the moment I looked at her picture. She loves and wants you to know she can feel your pain and understands what you have come through. She was always strong and needs you to be strong now. Remember how precious life is and know she will always be waiting for you. You wear her ring on your little finger and listen to her music. She can hear you.

Dear Gordon I lost my father in 2009 and it was such a blow. I just always thought he would be there. He suffered a massive stroke and died within a week. I pray he is safe on the other-side. Can you tell me anything please? He was my world? Lisa, Glasgow Dear Lisa Your father is close to you all the time and wants you to know he feels your pain and how the loss affected you. He is with his mother and father and others in the spirit world and he says that he is feeling free again. He wants you to talk about him and remember how he made you all laugh. He wants you to get back into life and always carry his memories with you.

Dear Gordon My son was injured in a car crash and his best friend who was driving passed away. It has affected him so badly he has to take sleeping tablets because he is so scared his friend will appear to him in the night. I know he blames himself and I don't know why but he is riddled with guilt. Is there any message from his friend that might help him? Carole, Dumbarton Dear Carole I get a sense that the boy who died was only 17 or 18. He was known by all of your family and they had been friends since early childhood. I feel his friend and he wants me to say your son is not to blame as the road they were on was dangerous and he was travelling far too fast. He must also know his friend would never frighten him and only wants to see him smile again.

Dear Gordon My sister died of cancer when she was only 29. I cry so much when I think of how beautiful and caring she was and how much she loved people. I keep thinking she is around me but never know if she is. Can you please help me? Anna Doyle, Glasgow.

Dear Anna Your sister wants you to know she is around you - when you sense her, try to relax and feel what she is sending to you. She will be very close to you in June on your birthday.
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:May 22, 2010
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