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Articles from Psyche (Cambridge, 1874) (January 1, 2018)

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A Preliminary Checklist of the Orchid Bees (Hymenoptera: Apidae: Euglossini) of Ecuador. Padron, Pablo S.; Roubik, David W.; Picon, Ruben P. 9798
A Review of Necrotauliids from the Triassic/Jurassic of England (Trichoptera: Necrotauliidae). Kelly, Richard S.; Ross, Andrew J.; Coram, Robert A. 7546
A Study of the Distributions of Two Endangered Sea Skaters Halobates matsumurai Esaki and Asclepios shiranui (Esaki) (Hemiptera: Gerridae: Halobatinae) with Special Reference to Their Strategies to Cope with Tidal Currents. Ikawa, Terumi; Nozoe, Yuichi; Yamashita, Natsuko; Nishimura, Namiko; Ohnoki, Satoshi; Yusa, Kyoko; H 3646
A Unique Conjunction: Evidence for Gynogenesis Accompanying Haplodiploid Sex Determination in the Australian Ant Myrmecia impaternata Taylor. Taylor, Robert W.; Imai, Hirotami T.; Hasegawa, Eisuke; Beaton, Colin D. 3637
An Annotated List of Auchenorrhyncha and Heteroptera Collected in the Coastal Salt Marshes of the Mississippi Delta in Louisiana. Sokolov, I.M.; Chen, X.; Strecker, R.M.; Hooper-Bui, L.M. 11710
Apis mellifera adansonii Is the Most Defensive Honeybee in Uganda. Patrice, Kasangaki; Gideon, Nyamasyo N.; Paul, Ndegwa N.; Christopher, Angiro; Robert, Kajobe 4246
Assemblage Characteristics and Habitat Specificity of Carabid Beetles in a Japanese Alpine-Subalpine Zone. Hiramatsu, Shinichi; Usio, Nisikawa 10134
Assessing the Proteomic Activity of the Venom of the Ant Ectatomma tuberculatum (Hymenoptera: Formicidae: Ectatomminae). da Silva, Juliana Rocha; de Souza, Aline Zanotelli; Pirovani, Carlos Priminho; Costa, Helena; Silva, 6043
Corrigendum to "Waggle Dances and Azimuthal Windows". Duangphakdee, O.; Radloff, S.E.; Pirk, C.W.W.; Hepburn, H.R. Correction notice 190
Evidence for Interspecific Brood Parasite Detection and Removal in Burying Beetles. Smith, Ashlee N.; Belk, Mark C. 5556
Occurrence of Interspecific Mating between Two Species of Danaus Kluk, 1780 (Lepidoptera: Nymphalidae) in Nature. Baidya, Sarika; Basu, Dipendra Nath; Roy, Souparno; Roy, Arjan Basu 2898
Population Dynamics of Native Parasitoids Associated with the Asian Chestnut Gall Wasp (Dryocosmus kuriphilus) in Italy. Panzavolta, Tiziana; Croci, Francesco; Bracalini, Matteo; Melika, George; Benedettelli, Stefano; Flo 9934
Self-Limiting OX513A Aedes aegypti Demonstrate Full Susceptibility to Currently Used Insecticidal Chemistries as Compared to Indian Wild-Type Aedes aegypti. Patil, Prabhakargouda B.; Gorman, Kevin J.; Dasgupta, Shaibal K.; Reddy, K.V. Seshu; Barwale, Shiris 4855
Toxicity of Anethole and the Essential Oils of Lemongrass and Sweet Marigold to the Parasitic Mite Varroa destructor and Their Selectivity for Honey Bee (Apis mellifera) Workers and Larvae. Sabahi, Qodratollah; Hamiduzzaman, Mollah Md.; Barajas-Perez, Juan S.; Tapia-Gonzalez, Jose M.; Guzm 6079

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