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Psst ... can you keep a secret? Are you the girl your buds come running to for a good gossip fix? Or do you keep those lips zipped when it comes to other people's biz?

Knowing who the most popular girl in school is crushing on can be super cool, right? But keeping that kind of scoop from slipping can do a girl in. Are you the kind of gal people can totally trust with their personal stuff, or do you always seem to accidentally spill the goods? Find out if you're a girl who can keep her strawberry-glossed lips firmly zipped.

1 You pop into the bathroom to find your lab partner Ashley, leaning her head against the paper towel dispenser and crying She tells you she's just broken up with her boyfriend Josh. This is huge--they've been the hot item for three whole months. You ...

A) get her to dish all the details of the breakup--is she seeing someone, did he cheat, what's the deal? B) slip into a stall and text-message your best friend to meet you in the bathroom right away. This is one scene she should definitely not miss! c) announce to all your friends who've been drooling over him for months that Josh is available. D) console Ashley but don't ask questions. She'll talk when she's ready.

2 Your two best buds Stephanie and Amber are at war with each other and keep putting you in the middle, each with a story of how the other is so stuck-up and immature. You decide to ...

A) give each of them a good hearing-out session. You listen while they spare no details about what's bugging them. B) tell Stephanie that Amber thinks she's a big baby and that's why she did not invite her to her party next ... um, oops! C) forward all Amber's e-mails to Stephanie, especially the ones that say Steph is mean and snotty. Hey, she has a right to know. D) stay out of it until things cool off, then encourage them to sort things out.

3 Gossip guru Danielle corners you in the cafeteria and asks you what the scene is between your BFF and that hottie Gavin. Are they officially a couple or what? You ...

A) offer her a trade--you'll tell her if she gives you the lowdown on who her cute older brother is dating. B) laugh and say, "You'll have to ask them about that," with a wink. C) spill each and every juicy tidbit. It's just too good to keep to yourself. D) don't tell Danielle a thing. She has no business being all up in your BFF'S, um, business.

4 Last night, your BFF and her BF Brian had their first kiss. This morning, you overheard Brian boasting about it to his buds and describing the whole scenario. What do you do?

A) Listen closely. Maybe you'll get all the good details your BFF left out. B) Quickly pass the group by, stopping only for a sec to blow a little sarcastic kiss in their direction. C) Duh. Join in, of course. Hey, you might as well round out the convo with your BFF's version of events. D) Find your friend and tell her everything you heard, then go into hallway gossip-control mode.

5 Your pal Laurie's parents are divorcing. She's very upset and has made you promise not to tell anyone. Another close friend hears the news and asks you straight up, "Are Laurie's folks splitting?" What do you say?.

A) "Why, what have you heard about it?" B) "Well I don't really know ... but maybe, yeah." C) "Yes, that's what she told me. And what's more ..." D) "I guess she'll tell us when she's ready."

6 You overhear your history-project partner Chloe tell her BFF about her crush Brad, who happens to be a dork of the highest order. What do you do?

A) Tell Brad that Chloe likes him and find out firsthand what he thinks of her. B) Mention casually to your gal pals that Brad and Chloe would be cute together. C) Blab to the first friend you see. This is like your school's version of Beauty and the Geek! D) Huh? You're actually supposed to do something?

7 During a girls'-night-out chat sesh, you're the one who's usually ...

A) all ears. B) filling in the blanks. C) broadcasting the latest developments. D) trying to catch the previews as the girls gab before the movie starts.


When it comes to juicy tidbits, you're more interested in hearing the news than spreading it. Though you don't mind adding a few missing details you may have overheard, you're generally not the gabby type. As long as you know all there is to know, you're quite satisfied. Be warned, though. Being too-too hungry for info isn't always good. It can stem from the need to find drama in other people's lives so you can see the normalcy in your own. What's so bad about that? Well, that's the kind of insecurity that gets people hooked on Jerry Springer. Not good! Instead of focusing on other people's lives, tune in to yours.


While you try to pretend you'd never deliberately let a secret slip, we see the true you, girlfriend. What's good is that you know it's wrong to spread gossip. What's bad is that you love doing it anyway. That's why you drop subtle (and sometimes not-so-subtle) hints about late-breaking "news." Ya know what? That's still gossiping!


We don't really need to tell you which category you fall under, do we? No secret is safe with you! Whatever you hear gets a shout-out to the entire school ... often within a matter of minutes. In fact, you're such a gossip monger, that you'll toss and turn at night until you can pick up the phone and tell a friend or two what you found out today. And why shouldn't you? Juice is for sharing, isn't it? But, eventually, your friends might see your spread-the-word ways as less than trustworthy. Tone it down a bit--maybe turn your daily bulletins into weekend updates. And, please, be sure at least the most sacred secrets are safe with you.


You're the queen of keeping secrets! You're understanding, compassionate, and considerate of other people's feelings. You're loyal to your friends and don't indulge in spilling about their private lives. Your friends trust you, come to you for advice and wouldn't even mind sharing their deepest secrets. Right on!
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Author:Khullar, Mridu
Publication:Girls' Life
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Date:Oct 1, 2005
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