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Psion on-line.

Small enough to put in your pocket, the Psion Revo holds your diary, a jotter, spreadsheets, word processor, a contacts database and even a map of the world with time zones. It integrates seamlessly with e-mail and mobile phone and connects to the internet. The full keyboard is smallish, but perfectly useable so you can transfer notes to your PC and, if you're bored, a range of games should keep you occupied. It can even wake you with church bells in the morning.

Those who want a bit more memory will find the Psion Series 5 has double the memory of the Revo and a larger screen, application icons, a voice recording system and slightly larger keyboard, along with a jotter pad.


Size: 157x79x17mm

Weight: 200g

Screen: 480x160 pixels

Memory: 8MB

Power: batteries

RRP: 299 [pounds sterling]


Size: 170x90x23mm

Weight: 354g

Screen: 640x240 pixels

Memory: 16MB

Power: batteries

RRP: 364.99 [pounds sterling]
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Date:Sep 1, 2000
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