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Psalm 148.

Was strings Unfurled. Was string Unfurled foamed the
Heady is: Was hymn wind the flights.
Is strings them, pale whisp bangles: Was strings
Them, small is dose. Was strings them,
Eon's and bloom: Was them, strings heady is of head is, and's

Bring afters that sea of bough the heady is. Wet hum was the flame of
Unfurled: flare weed compatriot, that criminal conversation.
Sea heat all's sow stared whisp flared fever sand's fever:
Heat heat's mot a degree whisp shoal nautical
Yes. Was the Unfurled from the

After, sea day groans, and small reaps: Err, and's flail, now, and's
Stirring mind full fulling is world: Mot's twins, and's
Trill alls; fruit's full free, and's lull seizure:
Eons, and's wake rattle;
Reaping sings, and fly sings cow: Achings of the after, and's awe
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Author:Staples, Heidi Lynn
Publication:Chicago Review
Article Type:Poem
Date:Sep 22, 2006
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