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Provision of schedule kit suitable for prog polymers air dryer.

Tenders are invited for M-48 Schedule Kit Suitable For Prog Polymers Air Dryer:Coalescer Filter Element Kit:1 Coalescer Filter Element Pt.No.4106120Qty1,2 O Percent U2019ringpt.No4107050 Qty2,3 Gasket Part No.4107030Qty1,4 Gasket Part No.4106160 Qty2, Desiccant Canister:5 Desiccant Part No.4113070 Qty 08Kgs,6 O Percent U2019ring Part No.4113040 Qty2,7 Sleeve Desiccant Part No.4113060 Qty2, 8 Redaining Ring A Part No.4113031 Qty4, 9 Retaining Ring B Part No.4113032 Qty4, Purge Valve Assembly Kit:10 O Percent U2019 Ring Pt.No 4109060 Qty 2, 11 O Percent U2019 Ring Pt No. 4109090 Qty 2,12 Cup Washer Pt No. 4109080 Qty 2, 13 Seat Pt No.4109130 Qty 2,14 Lock Nut Pt.No. 4109111 Qty 2,15 Spring Pt No. 4109070 Qty 2, Drain Valve Assembly Kit:16 O Percent U2019 Ring Pt No. 4108030 Qty 1,17 O Percent U2019 Ring Pt No. 4109060 Qty 1,18 Cup Washer Pt No. 4108040 Qty 1,19 Seat Pt No 4108110 Qty 2,20 Spring Pt No. 4108060 Qty 1, Outlet Check Valve Assembly Kit:21 O Percent U2019 Ring Pt No 4104050 Qty 2,22 O Percent U2019 Ring Pt No. 4110090 Qty 2,23 O Percent U2019 Ring Pt No4104100 Qty3,24 Cup Washer Pt No. 4109080 Qty 2,25 Seat Pt No.4106080 Qty2, Inlet Check Valve Assembly Kit: 26 O Percent U2019 Ring Pt No4104050 Qty 2, 27 O Percent U2019 Ring Pt No.4110090 Qty 2,28 O Percent U2019ring Pt No. 4104100 Qty 2,29 Cup Washer Pt No.4109080 Qty2,30 Seat Pt No4106080 Qty2,Compactor Assembly Kit:31 O Percent U2019 Ring Pt No. 4109090 Qty 2,32 O Percent U2019 Ring Pt No. 4110070 Qty2,33 O Percent U2019ring Pt No.4110090 Qty2,34 Cup Washer Pt No. 4109080 Qty 2,35 Gasket Pt No. 4104250 Qty1,36 Gasket Pt No. 4104200 Qty 1,37 Seal Pt No. 4104142 Qty 2,38 Gasket Pt No.4107030 Qty 4,Tower Assembly Kit:39 O Percent U2019ring Pt No.4110020 Qty4,40 O Percent U2019ring Pt No.4104100 Qty2,After Filter/Mr Assembly Kit Optional :41 After Filter Element Pt No 4115010 Qty1,42 O Percent U2019ring Pt,No.4110020 Qty1,43 Gasket Pt No.4107030 Qty1,44 O Percent U2019ring Pt No. 4104100 Qty2,

Quantity: 2.00 Set

Bidding System: Single Bid System

Inspection Agency: Consignee

Payment Terms: 100 Percent Payment On Receipt And Acceptance By Consignee.

Instructions/Remarks: 1 Only Rdso/Dlw Approved Sources Firms As Per Participated.

Tender Closing Date Time: 30/04/2015 11:00

Delivery Schedule: Ex-Stock.

Major organization : SOUTH CENTRAL RAILWAY

Address : HQ : Secunderabad,

Pin 500071,

Andhra Pradesh,

Attn. : Mahesh Chandra,

Controller of Stores

Country :India

Email :

Url :

Tender notice number : LP145114A

Notice type : Tender Notice

Open date : 2015-04-30

Tender documents : T26823094.html

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Publication:Mena Report
Date:Apr 14, 2015
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