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Provision of Unfpa personal lubricant systematic review.

Request for quotation for supply of the service of Unfpa personal lubricant systematic review.

The objective of this process is to identify an expert to conduct a systematic review of the relevant literature to determine the safety of the ingredients used in personal lubricants.

For water based personal lubricants specific attention needs to be given to the following:

1. The safety/toxicity of glycols when used in personal lubricants (specifically propylene glycol and glycerol)

2. Whether any limits should be applied to the levels of propylene glycol and glycerol in personal lubricant formulations

3. When considering the role of glycols components, attention should be given to both the osmolality effects of the glycol as well as any intrinsic toxicity and potential for trans-epithelium absorption of the glycol and other lubricant ingredients.

4. The safety and use of other common lubricant ingredients including humectants, moisturisers, fragrances, etc.

5. The safety of the commonly used preservatives such as the parabens esters and whether any general limits should be applied to their use.

6. Any other aspects of personal lubricant formulation and use that should be considered from a safety standpoint.

Deadline: 05-Mar-2015 17:00


Address : Procurement Services Branch, PSB

Marmorvej 51, 2100 Copenhagen O,


Country :Denmark

Email :

Tender notice number : RFQ/DNK/15/005

Notice type : Tender Notice

Open date : 2015-03-05

Tender documents : T26037658.html

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Date:Feb 21, 2015
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