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Provision of Real-Time Aircraft Global Satellite Tracking Service.

Request for EOI of Provision of Real-Time Aircraft Global Satellite Tracking Service For The United Nations Global ...

1. The United Nations (UN) Department of Field Support (DFS) has a requirement for the provision of a single source Aircraft Global Satellite Tracking Solution (AGSTS), which provides third party data integration and dissemination from multiple service providers and as needed, further serve as a Device/Airtime Service provider for Air Assets operating under contract with the UN. These services shall be worldwide deliverable and able to operate 24 hours a day/7 days a week/365 days of the year while guaranteeing and providing 99.97% annual uptime tracking solution services. 2. The UN fleet is composed of an assortment of 200 to 230 Air Assets, a mixture of Civilian and Military fixed wing and rotary wing aircraft. UN aircraft are required to sustain their own active Automatic Flight Following (AFF) compliant aircraft-tracking units and airtime data service. They are required to transmit real-time automatic geospatial tracking flight data with event logging capabilities to the AGSTS service provider in accordance with the United Nations AFF Unit Standardization for AGSTS ( 2014/AFF Unit Standardization for AGSTS Revision 1.pdf). 3. All aircraft AFF units and their services provide regular position reports at a minimum interval of 3 minutes, which are identified by their Satellite Identification (SATID) and Aircraft (AC) Registration. All data is generated by means of Global Positioning System specified as follows; Aircraft Position, UTC Date/Time, Latitude, Longitude, Altitude, Speed, Heading, Fix Type, and at least one Position Quality metric is required for all aircraft position reports. Units are also required to provide event capability such as bi-directional text/email communication, in-cockpit Emergency Alert function, block-start, take-off, landing, and block-end event reports. Detailed technical standards are available online in the UN AFF Unit Standardization for AGSTS. 4. The required AGSTS and its services shall be an existing solution, customizable to meet the Statement of Work requirements, which include uninterrupted services and support from the provider, while providing an integration of a customizable automated and manual flight following data dissemination solution. Initial duration of the contract will be 3 (three) years, with possible extension for additional 2 (two) one-year periods. 5. The solution shall allow the user to monitor and track the aircraft status over a single-screen interface dashboard with multiple views, which depicts the Aircraft flight path and its position/Event reports over internationally approved aeronautical charts and satellite maps with Airport depiction and weather representation of significant weather on the departure, in-route, and arrival with alerts and alarms. The supplied s


Address : New York, NY 10017,

United States

Country :United States

Tender notice number : EOIMG1312644

Notice type : Prequalification

Open date : 2016-07-21

Project name : N/A

Tender documents : T34198211.html

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Publication:Mena Report
Date:Jun 23, 2016
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