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Provision of Network Upgrade.

Tenders are invited for Network Upgrade.

PROJECT DESCRIPTION The Library is upgrading their existing network infrastructure by replacing end-of-life equipment with newer switches, and by extending network infrastructure to utilize fiber connections between each network closet. The outcome will be an upgraded, fully-functioning and future-proof network infrastructure that includes a total of at least 1257 ports on our switches; the network will integrate with an existing Aruba wireless network, firewall and 300 mg internet line coming into the building. The network will be flexible and will allow for future growth and expansion. The library is planning VOIP, VDI, and IP security camera projects in the near future. We currently have five network closets located in the lower level of the main library building, and one network closet across the street from the main library building at 1020 SW Washburn Ave. With the network upgrade, we are adding an additional network closet, which will be located on the 2nd floor of the main building.


Trunk our existing fiber together to lOGbs singlemode between each closet and use a hub-and-spoke design utilizing existing fiber runs. All existing singlemode fiber runs have been tested and certified. At least one (current) multimode connection between closets will be maintained. If a chassis is recommended, the following features will need to be supported

*Redundant Power

*Redundant supervisors All hardware will provide the following features/protocols

*Rj-45 10/100/1000 POE (IEE 082.3af) /PoE+ (IEEE 802.3at)

* 10, 40, & 100 Gbps multimode and singlemode fiber & ethernet

* Dynamic routing (OSPF, BGP)

*Layer 2 CoS, Layer 3 QoS (802.lp), AutoQoS

* Port Aggregation (PAgP) /Link Aggregation (LACP) (802.lad)

*VLAN / Voice VLAN (IEE 802.1Q)

*Jumbo Frames Implement Cisco Anyconnect Secure for VPN access on existing Cisco ASA-5525 Firewall New fiber runs for additional 2nd floor network closet and 2nd floor network ports re-terminated to new closet. Rack mount, UPSs, HVAC and power required to support the closet will need to be included. (Please price this separately)

Client connectivity requirements. All ports must RJ-45 1000 capable ports. Please provide pricing for POE and non-POE options. If current power capabilities are not sufficient in each area for the recommended hardware, bid should include running additional power to each closet.

*Closet A: 192 ports + 24 mandatory PoE

*Closet B: 192 ports + 24 mandatory PoE

*Closet C: 336 ports + 48 mandatory PoE

*Closet D: 336 ports + 48 mandatory PoE

*Closet E: 72 ports

*Closet F: 48 ports Training will be provided to System Administrators

Tender documents : T24673055.pdf

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Publication:Mena Report
Date:Nov 13, 2014
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